May 29, 2017

Happy Birthday to Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Happy Birthday to me!
Happy Birthday to me!
Happy Birthday dear Berry..........
Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeeeee!!!

Since I couldn't do a photo shoot, please manage these photos from my phone :)

May 27, 2017

BERRY VLOG: Invade My Privacy Tag

Within the last few weeks, I've seen a couple of other Youtubers do this tag, and I thought it would be fun to do it as well. I enjoy Youtube tags because they are very easy to do - which makes for easy editing!

I hope you enjoy the video, and please don't forget to LIKE the video (push the thumbs up icon) and subscribe to my channel!!! Tenks a bunsh!

You can always check out my other videos via the Youtube tab above :)

BTW it's my birthday on Monday!!!! To my Nigerian, UK and US readers, as usual, you're welcome for the holiday I've given to you for my birthday :D Feel free to have a glass of wine since I can't have any :p

May 22, 2017

Blogging Anonymously or Not

A couple of months ago, someone emailed me asking for blogging advice. In our back and forth emails, I was asked my thoughts on blogging anonymously or not. I think I gave a neutral response, giving one or two reasons why I don't blog anonymously, but also stating some drawbacks it has for me. I thought I should expand on my response and get your thoughts, especially if you're a blogger...

May 19, 2017

Berry Lovely Links

Hey hey,

I'm sorry I didn't put up my lovely links last week - I was completely out of it and exhausted. But there was no way I was going to miss this week's edition!

May 17, 2017

Maternity Style - Blues

This year I've been trying to make sure my finances are in order - saving a lot (for emergencies), and spending only where necessary (mostly). One of the pieces of advice I got was not to spend too much on maternity clothes, as I'll wear them for only a short amount of time - a few months. I did get some maternity pants that I started wearing from my first trimester - I think those were a good investment. But for the majority of this pregnancy, I've been wearing my same old clothes. A lot of them are stretchy and have been able to carry me so far.

May 15, 2017

What I would Have Done Differently for my Wedding

It's been almost 3.5 years since we got married in our beautiful Lagosian Beach Wedding. As much as I loved it, and was on such a high for a while, there are some things that I would change if I had to go back to that time.

May 14, 2017

Mother's Day

Today's Mother's Day in America and while I was originally going to put up a post about motherhood, and all the joys surrounding it, my heart is going out to the multitudes of women who have lost children. It's when you're trying for a child and having difficulties like we did, that you realize just how many women have gone or are going through the same thing. Not just trying to conceive but those who have miscarriages, and even lose infants or small children. Because of our African hush-hush culture, most women don't talk about these things. It's the advent of social media and a few courageous women who are bringing a light to these matters.

I will not lie and tell you I haven't had scary thoughts about my pregnancy - every bad story I hear, makes me a little nervous. I thank God for family and friends that continually pray and have faith though.

Anyways, on this Mothers Day, I want to send thoughts and prayers to any woman near or far, who has dealt with loss of their children. I cannot imagine the amount of pain. I cannot put myself in your shoes. I don't know why God allows such things. But I can say a prayer for you from the bottom of my heart.

Dear Lord, God Almighty and All-Knowing. I humbly come into your presence and ask for your special grace and comfort to these mothers who have grieved or are grieving. I cannot imagine their pain, but You know their pain and are the only one who can give them true comfort. I pray that you wrap them in Your arms and let them know that even in the darkest of times, YOU ARE! You are there with them, and You are watching over them, and their blessed angels who are now with you in heaven. Give them love, give them peace, and turn their tears into dancing. I pray that you put a smile on their faces and give them cause to give you glory. May they be that woman in Psalm 113:9 - Happy Mother of Children. This is my prayer, and I ask for all of this in Jesus' name. Amen.

Happy Mothers Day to You.

May 13, 2017

BERRY VLOG - Mama Berry Chit Chat

Tomorrow is Mothers Day in America, and I thought it was a nice time to share this chat I had with my mum about Motherhood and Pregnancy. I know you guys will be distracted by my mum's dazzling beauty :p My dad really picked well. I hope you enjoy the video!

I hope you have a lovely weekend!

May 10, 2017

Weird Pregnancy Advice I've Gotten

I'm finding that pregnancy is much like marriage. Before you get married, you have bunches of people on your case asking "When will you get married?" And when you do get married, you get all kinds of advice like, "Never go to bed angry... make time for dates... never ever go out to eat." I legit heard that last one at a bridal shower, and the girl was dead serious, because in her upbringing, going out to eat meant the husband would start to crave outside food *yes, blank stare, I did.* Anyways, with pregnancy, it's the same thing - been getting all kinds of advice like, "Drink lots of water... don't wear heels... definitely stop having sex until after the baby comes." I literally laughed out loud at the last one, but erm... if a doctor tells you not to after examining you, please o. It's no longer a laughing matter. But today I want to share the top 3 weirdest advice I've gotten since people found out I was pregnant.

May 8, 2017

Book Review - Happy Wives Club

I came across this book, titled Happy Wives Club, while perusing a local Christian bookstore. I won't lie - the main reason why I bought it was because it was on sale - less than $3. But reading the premise of the book "One woman's worldwide search for the secrets of a great marriage" also caught my interest. These are very interesting times. Social media has allowed a lot of information to be shared, and very often, sadly, the stories about marriage are negative. You don't have to look far to read stories of separations, divorce, infidelity, abuse, and more in marriages all over the world. Whereas our parents typically kept quiet about such issues, our generation is more open. And if we're being truthful, marriage honestly doesn't seem like such a great idea anymore. Even in marriages without major issues, a lot of spouses are just simply "managing." It's particularly painful because God created marriage, and anything He creates is inherently good - but as humans, we have allowed it to become bad.

May 5, 2017

Berry Lovely Links


This week has been pretty good, hasn't it? Everyone, myself and Cakes included, was pleasantly surprised at the engagement news of Banky W and Adesua. If you're not Nigerian, Banky is a musician/actor and Adesua is an actress, and they both starred in the Nigerian box-office shattering, Wedding Party (which is available on Netflix now, I heard). Congratulations to the happy couple!

May 3, 2017

WCW - Daboju aka Naija Hair Can Grow

Hey there!

For my second interview on women who inspire me, I chose none other than healthy hair enthusiast/guru turned multi-businesswoman, Dabs aka Naija Hair Can Grow. I can't remember what year I met her - possibly 2013, but since then we have become blogger friends, and collaborated together. When I first met her, she just had her Naija Hair Can Grow blog, and was selling hair products monthly, as well as organizing intimate meet-ups (which eventually grew to the massive Salon Day Out events that a lot of hair enthusiasts in Lagos know about). Between when I met her and now, she has started a hair salon, a range of shea butter hair care products, a satin cap/pillowcase line, a range of brushes and combs, and will soon release a journal for children's hair care. All this, and she only just turned 30!!! And she's married with 3 children!!!!! And she has a job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you see why I'm inspired by her? Let's get to know more about Dabs, shall we?

May 1, 2017

Maternity Style - All Black and Leather

WELCOME TO MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! Birthday loading in 4 weeks!!!

One of my favorite blogs I follow is Moss Onyi's blog. If I don't go there for anything else, I can tell you that her and her husband's photography always captivates me. They frequently share photo posts that are just black and white. And I promised myself I would do a B/W photo post too, so here we are! And a maternity style shoot too. I've been sitting on these photos for months now, but I absolutely love them! Baby Cocoa obviously likes them too cos as I type this (currently April, because I schedule my posts ahead of time these days) I can feel plenty kicks :p

April 29, 2017

BERRY VLOG: Conversations With My Grandpa - Episode 1

Hey there,

I mentioned in my midweek post that my siblings and I chatted with my grandfather, and he told us the reasons and meanings behind our names. If you're already subscribed to my Youtube channel, then you got the notification already. If you're not subscribed, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy not?!?!?!?!? Please subscribe, if not, I'll hide #BabyCocoa's photos from only you when I share them :p

Anyways, check out the first episode of my Conversations with my Grandpa below.

I hope you're having a great weekend so far! YAY, May is around the corner and you know what that means... my birthday is in exactly 1 MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April 28, 2017

Berry Lovely Links

Thank God April is almost over!!! And my favorite month in the whole year is upon us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a darling weekend everyone :D

April 26, 2017

What's In a Name?

I'm the kind of person that always wonders about people's names and the reasons behind those names. I'm also the person who notices names of companies or brands and tries to figure out why their brand names were chosen. For instance, driving around Nigeria, I would notice a store called Mex Solutions and deduce (correctly or not) that the owner of the business was named Emeka, and he provides solutions of some sort. Or I look at people's email addresses and wonder how they chose them. I have a former friend who gave herself a nickname along the lines of Psycho or Crazy. I eventually had to cut her off because she was in fact a little on the psycho side, and our friendship was more toxic towards to me.

Before Cakes and I met, he already knew how many children he wanted and had a name for his first child. When he told me the name, I was just like "NOPE. NOT HAPPENING TO MY CHILD. AIN'T NO WAY!" And let me tell you, I stood my ground, so much so that he even started wavering at a point and we decided to come up with different names for our future children. Fast forward to a few weeks before I even found out I was pregnant, and God spoke to me - long story short, He told me the name Cakes originally wanted came from HIM! I'll share the details eventually, but when I say God works in mysterious ways, I don't mean just because our friends hooked up and got married through us. God really works in the background and the revelation is all the more powerful!

When my siblings and I chatted with my grandfather, he told us how he came up with each of our names - according to the circumstances and situation at the time, he named all his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I really can't wait to hear his chosen name for #BabyCocoa

Have you guys asked your parents why they named you whatever your name is? And if you have children, what inspired the names you gave them?

P.S. I have 4 names on my birth certificate, plus one extra that my mum nicknamed me as a baby. If I'm in a place with my immediate family, grandparents, and friends, it's possible to hear 4 different names for just me! Well, my inlaws gave me a name, so if they're there, it could be 5 different names. And that doesn't include my Itsekiri name, Misan, which I LOVE!!!!!

April 24, 2017

Mummy Bloggers and Pregnancy Reveals

Announcing that Cakes and I were pregnant almost a month ago, was something we discussed for a little while. As Africans, and due to a lot of cultural superstitions, most women typically don't reveal their pregnancies... some even go as far as denying they're pregnant when you can clearly see their 8-months baby bump. Cakes told me one of his closest friends didn't tell him his wife was expecting until he invited him for his baby's dedication! Of course, it's such a personal journey and everyone is entitled to how they choose to handle pregnancy announcements (or not). 

In today's post, I've asked 4 bloggers who are mothers how they approached pregnancy announcements when they were pregnant. They're all African women, whose blogs (and vlogs) I'm subscribed to. I hope you enjoy the interviews below :)

April 21, 2017

Berry Lovely Links


As I type this now, I'm looking out my bedroom window and just thanking God for such a beautiful view. It always makes me feel refreshed and calm and I'm appreciative of the beauty that God made in flowers, trees, the beautiful blue sky. I hope you're able to sit still once in a while and recognize the beauty around you.

Let's get into the links!

April 19, 2017

Brunch at Henry's Louisiana

WARNING: If you are hungry, go and get something to eat BEFORE reading this post. If you don't, you can't blame me for whatever happens to your tummy :)

One of the things I planned for this year was to have a quarterly brunch outing with my sister and cousins. At this point in our lives, everyone's busy with families, growing families, careers and more, so it can get difficult to really catch up with one another. It's not as if we don't see or even chat regularly on Whatsapp. But I also wanted for us to be able to get away from the husbands and children and just be girls (or women). It's nice to "escape" for an hour or two, innit?

For this outing, we stayed close to home and went to Henry's Louisiana Grill.

April 17, 2017

Berry and Cakes Conversations - Lost in Translation

I miss putting up these kinds of posts! Remember how I used to share some of the funny conversations Cakes and I used to have (Car, Kitchen, Foot Massages, Training)? I went down memory lane last week and read some posts from a couple of years ago, and they made me smile inwardly. Anyways, the main reasons why we were lost in translation in our early days was the whole UK versus US English. 

April 15, 2017

Easy Makeup with ZARON!

Finally back on Youtube! Because of you know, I stopped making videos until I was ready to announce you know. I'm still not on track to post on a weekly basis like I'd want to, but I'm reaching into my archives and putting up some old videos I made from before.

In this post, I played around with makeup (check out some of my beauty posts), and what's different about this is I used mostly Zaron Cosmestics products. If you're not aware of Zaron, it's a Nigerian beauty brand and I really like the products I've used from them so far. Y'all know I'm not a beauty guru o, so please don't be expecting some Dimma Umeh wonder here.


Sooooo, you like? Did I not try small? Oh btw, this was from the same day I did my Vixen Crochet Hairstyles.

April 14, 2017

Berry Lovely Links

Happy Easter everyone!

I hope you've all had a good week. I know y'all in Nigeria have a looooooooong weekend this weekend - another thing I miss about Nigeria. Well, hopefully you have some time to check out the interesting round up of links I found this week.

April 12, 2017

Individual Crochet Locs Hair Styles

Do you ever get bored with your hair like I do? I'm the kind of person who will wish and hope and pray and cry about getting a particular hairstyle done (like my Vixen Crochet Braids), and then barely 2 weeks later I'm itching for something else. If I had the money, I'm very sure I'd be like those women who go to the salon on a weekly or biweekly basis to get their hair done! [Un]fortunately, I don't have that kind of money, or time actually. Plus, y'all know getting your hair done in America is expensive! If I had any sense I would learn how to do hair properly and use it earn an extra income. This is one of the things I miss about Nigeria too, even though I didn't include it in my list (maybe I should update it). I digress.
black hair, protective styles, crochet braids, faux locs, crochet locs, crochet faux locs, berry dakara, team natural

April 10, 2017

Individual Crochet Faux Locs

At the beginning of the year, my mind was set on wearing my natural hair out more often than not. I was getting a little tired of wearing wigs and hiding my own hair, so I made a mental decision to have my natural hair out as often as possible. Well, it was easy up until I saw a video on Individual Crochet Locs. While I like crochet braids, I haven't been the biggest fan of doing them with cornrows. I know it makes it easier and faster, but sometimes I want access to every part of my scalp. Anyways, I saw the video and was determined to replicate it. I didn't do the most awesome job, but I tried, right?

April 7, 2017

Berry Lovely Links

Yo yo!

How's your week been?! Mine has certainly been interesting, but in God I trust! Anyways, I hope you enjoy the links I've scooped up this week. Have a beautiful weekend!

April 5, 2017

WCW - Freky Andy

I mentioned about a month or so ago, that I would like to start putting up posts and interviews from women I find inspirational. It's actually something I thought of last year, but with my blogging break, I put the idea to wayside. Anyways, since I'm back to my blogging grind, and because I enjoy reading interviews on other blogs (like on Cassie and Kachi's blogs), I think it's a great time to kick-start mine. Hopefully, I get to put up one post a month, so let's see how it goes.

Today's feature is on an old friend of mine. We actually grew up together and her younger sister was my best friend in Primary School. Her name is Ndifreke, and she's an advocate for disability in Nigeria and beyond. I hope you enjoy her interview below.

April 3, 2017

Yellow Iro and Buba

If you missed my announcement on Saturday, kindly STOP, go back to that post, then come back here :)

April 1, 2017


Okay I'll admit it, I haven't been on my best blogging game. Going from posting 4 to 5 times a week regularly, to just managing 2 or 3 a week. It's time for me to realize my shortcomings. I did mention while thinking about taking a blogging break that I considered shutting down the blog. The response I got made me realize that I would be doing you a disservice if I went silent forever. So I've decided to try a different tactic that will ensure that I'm posting constantly and keeping you entertained.

March 31, 2017

Berry Lovely Links

Whoa! Quarter 1 of the year is already over! Where did the time go to? I for one, am happy it's going by cos I'm looking forward to the summer! I've rounded up some pretty good links this week - the first 3 are all about finances BTW. I hope you enjoy the links and learn something new.

March 29, 2017

5-Point Monthly Blogging Checklist

Blogging these days means serious business. Bloggers are definitely on the rise, and it's shifted quite a bit from doing it as a hobby to creating businesses. More and more bloggers are adapting to Blogging 4.0, which I read about on Quora. Basically blogs have become platforms to build businesses - I dabbled in it a little bit myself, and you don't have to go far to see others who are making serious money from blogging.

That being said though, just as you have regular audits in your businesses, there should also be checks in your blogging. Doing these things which I will get to below, will help you stay on top of your blog.

March 27, 2017

Japanese Hibachi Dinner at Shogun

Two weeks ago, Uncle Cakes turned 70, and to celebrate, the family decided to head to Shogun Restaurant. It is a Japanese restaurant not too far from home, and they have different offerings from sushi to hibachi grill food. Cakes had never been to a Hibachi restaurant before, so I thought it would be a nice treat for him.

FUN FACT: My sister and her hubby got engaged one night after having dinner there. I think.

March 24, 2017

Berry Lovely Links

It's the end of another week and boy am I happy for this weekend. I finally have a whole weekend off work! Tomorrow I'm heading to brunch with my girls... hoff kerse I shall share photos at a later date. What do you have planned?

March 22, 2017

Gourmet Puffs a la Cakes!

We all know cooking and baking are NOT my forte. But we also know that I like food. In this foodie love, every now and then I try to come up with different recipes or different ways to eat regular foods. That's how I was dreaming about fried dough one day, and it occurred to me that puff puff is fried dough! And if we can have fried dough with powdered sugar, why can't we have puff puff with powdered sugar as well?! DING DING DING! I asked Cakes if he wouldn't mind making some for a small meetup, and decided to try another topping as well. I actually have a whole list of different toppings we will be experimenting with. So Atlanta people, or people that have Atlanta people, WE HAVE GOURMET PUFFS O!!!!!!!!!!!! I've told you now. 

Without further ado, here are a few photos of the extremely yummy gourmet puffs we had, and will be offering as well :)

March 20, 2017

Till Snoring Do Us Part

Cakes and I have been married now for over three years. In these three short years, we've gotten to know each other better. It ranges from different things like the way each person feels about privacy (no comment on that), to what kind of foods we like, to much deeper stuff that I can't share on here. But one thing I can talk about is the fact that we both snore!

March 17, 2017

Berry Lovely Links

Hi there!

I hope you've had a pretty week so far. Thank you for all your kind wishes towards Cakes for his birthday on Wednesday. He appreciates all the love! I'll share photos from his birthday dinner either next week or the week after. Now that the weekend is here, make sure to check out some of the links below when you have some downtime.

March 15, 2017

Happy Birthday Cakes!

Today is my hub-bub's birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! My Cakesy-Wakesy! Should I tell you guys how old he is? Let's just say he's in his mid-thirties, which means he's closer to 40. And we all know that 40 is really 50. And after 50 is 70. So HAPPY 70TH BIRTHDAY MY LOVE!

March 13, 2017

God Works in Mysterious Ways

In 2010, I was in my late twenties, working an okay job in Atlanta and wondering whether I should move back to Nigeria. You see, I left Nigeria at 15 years old and I didn't know what it was like to experience Nigeria as an adult. Lots of young Nigerians like me had moved back and seemed to be having these great, awesome lives. I really wanted to find out what opportunities there were out there for me, so after praying for a bit, I made the decision to move back right after my sister's wedding and my birthday in 2011.

March 10, 2017

Berry Lovely Links

Hey there!

I'm back with my weekly Lovely Links. I'm feeling fresh and rejuvenated again, and ready to start blogging consistently again. Thanks for your patience and sticking by moi. Without further ado, here are my links below!

March 8, 2017

International Women's Day - The Proverbs 31 Woman

Today, March 8th, all over the world, International Women's Day is being recognized. It's not an official holiday but it's a day within Women's History Month when women are celebrated. I wondered how to get myself involved via my blog. I considered doing a Woman Crush Wednesday post, but then couldn't decide who to write about (FYI, I thought about doing a monthly WCW post to highlight women that I've come across who inspire me. Would you be interested in such posts?). I also thought about posting a bunch of quotes about being a Woman, but then I wondered how many quotes to post. And then finally, I decided to go to the Bible and share my thoughts on the passage that talks about the Woman specifically.

March 7, 2017

One Year Update!

Can you believe that today, March 7th, makes it one whole year since I left Nigeria and moved back to Hamrika?!?!?! Like where did the time go?!?!??! Okay, I won't lie. Time has felt very draggy at different times, but mehn, just like that one year has passed! I contemplated putting up a video to talk about the past year, but I'm opting to write things down instead. I think I'll share the year in Highlights, Lowlights, and Medium-lights :p

March 6, 2017

Ringling Brothers Circus

The first time I went to a circus was when I was about 7 years old. I can't actually remember what age I was but I was pretty young. I vividly remember one of the acts coming out looking like a lion, but it turned out to be two people. I asked my mum and she said it was a Russian circus that toured at the time, and we attended the showing in Port Harcourt. Just FYI, Port Harcourt used to be a very bubbling town with lots of cool and artsy events. If it wasn't for the security situation, I know PH would have been as good as, if not better than Lagos.
ringling brothers, circus, greatest show on earth, barnum bailey, atlanta

February 21, 2017

Brunch at The Public House

Brunches in Atlanta seem to the be THE THING to do on weekends. Titi, who I went to brunch with, has a list of some of her favorite brunch spots in Atlanta. I haven't been a big bruncher, but what I do like about going is the perfect combination of breakfast and lunch items. That and the boozy cocktails, which to be honest are perfect at any time of day(minus mimosas, which I don't like at all). Anyways, this time around I met up with another friend, who blogs here.

February 18, 2017

Natural Hair - Shrinkage Styles

I've had natural hair for over 10 years now. I think I've shared my natural hair story here before. I went natural thinking I wouldn't have to put in any work to take care of my hair, and that it woudl magically grow. It didn't and I had to learn how to take good care of my hair properly. Unfortunately, sometimes I'm lazy with my routine and end up not dutifully keeping my hair adequately moisturized and stretched to avoid tangles. In those times, dealing with my hair and the shrinkage that occurs can be painful and even stressful.

I decided though, that sometimes, having shrinkage isn't the worst thing in the world. In fact, it might be time for some of us to embrace shrinkage every now and then. And that's precisely what I did. All I needed to do was pretend I was around the TWA stage again, and voila! I came up with these styles below.

Unfortunately, I didn't do a step-by-step process for them, but I think they're pretty easy to figure out. If you want to see some step-by-step picture tutorials on some of my hair styles going forward, let me know and I'll put it in my calendar :)

February 17, 2017

The Hurt Bae viral video

Have you guys seen this video that's gone viral in the past day or so? It features a conversation between a girl and her ex-boyfriend, where the topic of discussion is how he hurt her during their relationship by cheating on her.

February 13, 2017

DISCOVER GEORGIA - Ponce City Market

HEWU! I can't believe I didn't put up any posts last week! As in, the days were just going by and I didn't touch my laptop once! Ndo. Pele. Ma binu. Forgive me por favor and per favore! I promise I'm not becoming a lazy blogger. *hides face*

Okay, so y'all know I like to travel (see all my travel posts here), and part of traveling is exploring your own neighborhood and surrounding areas. There are lots of things and places to see in the Metro Atlanta area, and whenever I can, I like to go a-looking and exploring like Dora.

February 2, 2017

BERRY VLOG: Being Dark Skinned

Sometimes you see or hear a lot of negativity concerning dark skin, and equating it with being average or even less than! As a dark skinned beauty, I have had my tiny share of doubt about my complexion, but thankfully it was a short phase and I love it. In today's world where many young girls are being told their dark skin is ugly, I'm here to say YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!

January 31, 2017

Eating Your Meat First, Last or During Your Meal

As I write this, today is January 25th. It is 9:13pm. I am catching up on blogs via Bloglovin (follow me here, let me know and I'll follow back), while watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - that's one of my guilty pleasures. Anyways, Cakes is chowing down on a plate of pounded yam with okro soup that he made earlier today - (yes, yes, lucky girl, cooking husband, uh huh, praise God).

January 26, 2017

30 and Unmarried - Part 2

As I was saying in my previous post, my family members were very worried about me because I was quickly approaching 30, unmarried, and didn't seem to care. And truthfully, I really didn't care that much. I knew I would get married eventually, but I wasn't on a timetable. Yeah, it probably helped that there were different guys along the way, so I was preoccupied anyways *hides face.* But the bottom line is that I wasn't sitting somewhere, wallowing and waiting for my life to start, because I did have a life!

January 25, 2017

30 and Unmarried - Part 1

I got the idea of this post from a tweet that Sugabelly posted last week.

Being a Nigerian/African woman typically means that by the time you're done with your first degree, family members are eagerly awaiting your wedding announcement. You're probably between 23 and 25 years old at the time, and woe betide you if there's no eligible suitor hanging around.

January 23, 2017

So In Love With JORD!

About 3 years ago, I put up a post on the 5 Love Languages. Cakes and I, in preparation for our upcoming marriage, took the assessment separately. The first time I took the assessment (4 years ago), my primary love language was Physical Touch, with Quality Time and Receiving Gifts close behind. Since then, I've taken the assessment twice, and both times, Receiving Gifts has been my primary love language, with Quality Time and Physical Touch tied in second place. When I really think about it, I particularly enjoy when Cakes gives me well thought-out gifts, and spends time with me, even if we're just lying in bed, legs intertwined and doing nothing in particular.
jord, wood watch, valentine's day gifts, men's watch, women's watch

January 19, 2017

BERRY VLOG: Turning Failure Into Success


This chit-chat video is actually repurposed from this post. Sometimes, you're able to communicate a little more clearly when you speak, so I thought I would give it a go. If you know someone who's struggling with failure, or just can't seem to get their head above water, I really think this vlog will help, so please share it.

Thanks for watching! You can check out all my Youtube videos here and click here to subscribe for more!

January 16, 2017

What do YOU think about Plastic Surgery?

Last weekend I was watching one of my favorite vloggers on Youtube. Patricia Bright made a video talking about the different cosmetic procedures she's had done over the years. They range from getting breast augmentation to fixing her teeth and more.

It's a pretty long video, but in summary I appreciated the way she approached the subject. She knows that not everyone will agree with her choices, but they were HER choices to make. She had people send in questions, which she answered and I didn't think to ask a question until I was watching the video. My question revolves around Christianity and plastic surgery.

January 12, 2017

BERRY VLOG: 3 Things I'm Leaving in 2016


In addition to being back to blogging, I'm back on Youtube too! In this chit-chat vlog, I shared 3 things I am leaving behind in 2016.

January 11, 2017

What I Did During My Break

So y'all know I chose to take a blogging break in December because I was feeling overwhelmed with life, and it was sucking the joy out of blogging. I was worrying too much about a bunch of things and I just needed some time to breathe.

Anyways, let me catch you up on a few things I did during the break.

January 9, 2017

Snowy Day Photo Walk

If you follow me on Instagram and Snapchat (@Berrydakara), then you know that it snowed in Atlanta this weekend. Having lived in Boston for a long time, it always tickles me the way Atlantans react to snow. Just a few inches of snow causes a state of emergency, a frenzy everywhere, and basically everything shuts down. It's understandable because they're not used to snow, as it comes maybe once a year. Plus the biggest issue is black ice! When the snow starts to melt, if the temperature is below freezing, it turns into a layer of ice on the roads that can cause accidents. My brother actually got into a fender bender on Saturday night on a bridge over a major highway, but we thank God he got home safely.


January 4, 2017

2016 Recap: My Word of the Year and Why I Failed

I wasn't too sure about doing any recaps of 2016, because towards the end of the year, I got it into my head that 2016 was the worst year ever. I don't know when I got into that train of thought, but it appears that was a sentiment echoed over and over on social media. I may have genuinely felt that 2016 was yucky, but I now know that I allowed social media to add to my "gloom and doom" feeling.

I'm refusing henceforth to let negativity influence my life, so you might be wondering why my post for today is about a failure I experienced in 2016. Well, here's the truth about failure - it's not so bad IF you realize what your shortcomings were and LEARN from the experience.

January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!!!


I'm just popping in to wish you all a wonderful 2017! At the start of the year there's always a fresh feeling of renewal and hope.