May 4, 2014

Berry and Cakes' Car Conversations

So you enjoyed my depiction of our Kitchen Conversations, right? Here are our Car Conversations.

We both get into the car to head wherever...

Berry: Won't you put on your seat belt?
Cakes: Yeah, when we get to the main road.
Berry: No, you should put it on now just in case.
Cakes: I've never had an accident in my 15 years of driving!
Berry: So what, you should put it on anyways. Isn't that beeping annoying?
Cakes: *does nothing*
Berry: The beeping is giving me a migraine.
Cakes: *puts on seat belt*

Halfway to where we're going...

Cakes: *pulls out phone*
Berry: You shouldn't be texting and driving.
Cakes: I just remembered something.
Berry: Fine, give me the phone to text for you.
Cakes: I just want to make a phone call.
Berry: Hmm, use the auxiliary cable.
Cakes: *holding the phone to his ear* Hello? Have you made the fondant for the cake?
Berry: If Lastma comes to arrest you, I will just carry the car and go where I'm going.
Cakes: *still holding phone to his ear* Remember it's royal blue not sky blue fondant.
Berry: Get off the phone!!!
Cakes: I've never had an accident in my 15 years of driving!
Berry: Who cares?! I haven't had an accident either!

On the way back home...
Cakes: Whoa whoa whoa!
Berry: What? What happened?
Cakes: Shoot, did you see that car?
Berry: What car?
Cakes: Look at it. Babe, I'm going to speed up. Help me take a picture.
Berry: *rolls eyes* Geez. *takes picture* What kinda car is that anyway?
Cakes: It's the newest Bentley blah blah blah... only 28 exist in the world.... this this this that that that.
Berry: They didn't write Bentley on the back of the car, so how am I supposed to know what it is?
Cakes: I hope you know we'll have His and Hers Bentleys in the future.
Berry: I don't want one. I like my car. Or a Mini Cooper. Or a Vespa.
Cakes: Vespa where? In Lagos? This my wife!

Halfway home, there's a little traffic...

Cakes: *pulls out phone*
Berry: You shouldn't use your phone and drive.
Cakes: This is business, I have to respond to my client.
Berry: Okay o, be responding. If anything happens to me, my father will be on your case.
Cakes: I've never had an accident in my 15 years of driving!
Berry: Do you know that I am the first child??? First daughter??? Ada??? First grandchild on BOTH sides of the family? Do you know who my grandfather is? Do you know that I'm royalty? I'm from Ogoni Kingdom!
Cakes: You sef, you even use your phone while you're driving.
Berry: Nuh uh, I use the auxiliary cable!
Cakes: So you're trying to say you've never ever texted while driving?
Berry: That's not the point!

On a weekday on my way home from work - there's traffic...

Berry: *pulls out phone* Ah ha, level 287 of Candy Crush..... SUGAR CRUSH!!!

Have a nice week! :)

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  1. LOL!! 'First grandchild on BOTH sides' lol, you guys are so cute

    1. The level of the "specialness" of me is just multifaceted! :p

  2. Looollll. I'm wondering why he keeps emphasising the 15 years. Both of you are just something else.

    1. Lol, he's trying to explain that he's such an awesome driver.... riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight

  3. Loool... Awww, cuteness all the way.. I think your husband is a patient man (with 15 years of driving experience) lol

    1. Thanks. And lol - he IS very patient but not on the road.

  4. lmao! funny how we all obey the rules through other peoples disregard for the rule.

  5. blessings.....
    I guess the lesson is "do not take you life for granted." and just because you never had an accident doesn't mean it can't/won't happen. Live mindfully

    Have a blessed day.

  6. LOL. I want a Vespa, Cooper AND Bentley. You guys are hilarious!

    1. Lol, thanks. But all 3 are necessities of life, no?

  7. Loool,you both are so cute. I nominated you for the Liebster blog awards,check it out here or

    1. Thanks! I hope I get the time to do it. I even have one pending from someone else *covers face in shame*


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