June 29, 2017

Hey Cocoa!

Hey everyone!

I'm sorry I've been so silent on the blog in the past couple of weeks. June was a really tough month for me - I was quite stressed out emotionally and mentally. I also started the month with a tooth infection, which apparently can be common in pregnancy. I had to plan and prepare for my maternity photo shoot with my brother's media company, Primavera Pictures (@primapics on Instagram). I was still on doctor-ordered bed rest, waiting for Cakes and my mum to get back to Atlanta from Nigeria just in time for my baby shower. The plan was to start getting the nursery ready the week after my baby shower... BUT God had other plans! I started having contractions a few hours after getting home from the baby shower, and last week Monday, Baby Cocoa arrived!

Thanks to everyone who already congratulated us on social media! God is too much!!! Y'all praise Him for answered prayers and testimonies!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll share my maternity shoot photos soon, as well as my labor and delivery story. Would you prefer it in written or video format? Let me know!

I'm trying to figure out a schedule that works for me, so that I can get back to blogging properly. I love all of you for sticking by me :) God bless!

June 21, 2017

Maternity Style - Ankara Off-Shoulder Dress

Yay, I have more Yummy Mummy photos today! Actually, does the yummy mummy tag apply to me since I haven't actually given birth yet? Anyways, I'm quite excited to share these photos for a couple of reasons. First of all, Cakes has been away in Nigeria for a few months - which meant that I had nobody to take my photos for me. So these photos were taken by MYSELF! I don't know how people like Sarah Audu do it! But I think I got some decent shots - what do you think?

June 12, 2017

The Quickening - Baby's First Kick

If you're wondering what the title of this post means, it's pregnancy terminology that refers to the first time pregnant women feel their babies kick. Some women can feel the first kick from as early as 13 to 16 weeks, although first-time mums (like me) typically don't feel that first kick until later on in the pregnancy. Second, third, and so-on mums tend to feel the kicks earlier - maybe because they know what to look out for.

June 10, 2017

Simple Natural Hairstyles

One of my goals this year was to have my natural hair out more. One of the easiest styles to do and maintain was this natural hair bun, which I shared last year. But of course I get bored, so while I switch it up with wearing wigs or doing other protective styles, I still have other natural hair styles I do. I especially like these styles because they are simple and very quick to do. 

June 9, 2017

Berry Lovely Links

Hey there!

It's another lovely weekend! I hope you had a great week and have interesting plans for the weekend. I have a few things to do, but been so tired and sleepy ALL WEEK LONG!!! Pregnancy is NOT easy at all! But thank God we've made it this far :D

June 5, 2017

Maternity Style - Casual Dress and Denim

FYI - I took these photos a while ago, and the day I edited them, I was in total shock!!! I hadn't realized my tummy was actually that big!!! And this is still with a few months to go o. It dawned on me how deceptive and deceitful the Samsung S7 Edge is! This whole time, when I take pictures and selfies, the lens would just make me look like one slim yummy mummy. Well, my camera lens gave a quick slap in the face sha.