June 12, 2017

The Quickening - Baby's First Kick

If you're wondering what the title of this post means, it's pregnancy terminology that refers to the first time pregnant women feel their babies kick. Some women can feel the first kick from as early as 13 to 16 weeks, although first-time mums (like me) typically don't feel that first kick until later on in the pregnancy. Second, third, and so-on mums tend to feel the kicks earlier - maybe because they know what to look out for.

I felt Baby Cocoa kick the day I turned 18 weeks. I remember it clearly. My grandparents were visiting, and we all went to chill at my aunt's house where they were staying. After a little while, I got tired and went to sit on a lounge chair by my grandma. Shortly afterwards, I felt this thing in my stomach! It was subtle but clear to me - Baby Cocoa moved and I felt it! I excitedly told everyone and may have shed a tear or two after that special moment.

The following day, I felt Baby Cocoa move again - TWICE in a row! It stopped me in my tracks and I smiled to myself and clutched my belly with a smile... And then, for the next few days I kept waiting to feel more kicks. NOTHING! I thought that once I felt Baby Cocoa move, then it would be a constant thing I worriedly asked my mum, sister and friends and they all told me it was unusual for me to have felt anything that early anyways. They told me not to worry and just calm down for Jesus.

Well, a week after I felt the second kick, I forgot everything I was told and went into panic mode. I legit had to step out of my office building because I couldn't stop crying and worrying about Baby Cocoa. I called my doctor and left a frantic message saying I couldn't feel my baby move anymore! They called me back about an hour later, and the nurse said, "Honey, calm down. You really won't feel anything until like 23 weeks. Just relax."

My mum and sister just rolled their eyes when I told them I had cried over the kicks, and what the nurse told me. My sister told me I would get to a point where I would cry because the kicks would become painful and I wouldn't be able to sleep at night :p

Well, I'm much farther along now and I can say without a doubt that I enjoy feeling Baby Cocoa move within me. Sometimes it feels like there's an alien inside my body. At other times, I watch the movements on the outside of my tummy. Most times though, I just smile at my tummy and it feels like Baby Cocoa and I are sharing a special secret that nobody else knows. And yes, there are times when the kicks make me double over in pain and my sister gets a panicked look on her face- BUAHAHAHAHA.

But I thank God for this time. Pregnancy and giving birth to a healthy baby is indeed a miracle and can't be taken for granted. I thank God for answered prayers and His grace on Cakes and I - and to all you e-godparents!

Have a blessed week!


  1. Lovely photos hun!!


  2. Awww! I remember this time very fondly! :) I felt my boy move at 12 weeks, crazy early and super special because it was on my birthday! I felt something that felt like tiny swimming. My boy was a mover and shaker and he totally is now as a toddler! He did the same thing Baby Cocoa did too. He got quiet for a period after that first few times and it made me nervous. I started poking a little here and there and trying to coax him into moving for mommy! Lol :) When I hit my 2nd trimester I remember waking up to a huge kick, and boy was that a shock! By the time I reached my 3rd trimester, he didn't have much room anymore and I could feel all his rolling and flipping around -accckkk! He was always up at 2 am, so I was always up at 2 am. :p Enjoy all the sweet (and painful) reminders that you are already a mommy! :)

  3. Reading this post made me feel all type of way. Pregnancy is indeed a miracle and it is so special - that bond is just a miracle


    1. It really is a miracle o. And the bond! I love that.

  4. Oh dear, To say I'm so excited for you, is an understatement. I had no idea you were expecting. God is a great God. After you said you were giving blogging a break, I was on a break visiting blogs too because we were relocating. So so happy for you. You look stunning too. I've gone through older posts and I'm just in awe of God's goodness. About quickening, it's one of the most amazing feeling of motherhood. Speak beautifully to your baby, they listen too. Congrats to you and Mr Cakes.

    1. I hope your relocation went well!

      Thanks for your kind words and the advice.

  5. I'm a proud e-godparent :D
    Congratulations again to you and Cakes. God has proven Himself too faithful to fail!

  6. Baby kicks can be thrilling and only you women get to feel the excitement, lol😃


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