May 22, 2017

Blogging Anonymously or Not

A couple of months ago, someone emailed me asking for blogging advice. In our back and forth emails, I was asked my thoughts on blogging anonymously or not. I think I gave a neutral response, giving one or two reasons why I don't blog anonymously, but also stating some drawbacks it has for me. I thought I should expand on my response and get your thoughts, especially if you're a blogger...

My first blog, The Aje-Butter's Guide to NYSC was semi-anonymous. I used a nickname I'd had for years - not my real name. I also gave sparse details that would give me away, unless you knew me personally. The only photos I posted were of other people, or I scrambled my features, so that I wouldn't be recognized. I wanted to give information about my experience with NYSC, but didn't want any strangers being able to identify me - especially any NYSC officials if they happened upon that blog. I think it was in my final post that I shared a clear photo of myself.

On this blog though, I've been transparent from the beginning. It's been four and a half years of me being open, and anyone who reads this blog being able to put a face to a name. Of course, that has opened me up to negativity (who remembers this post?) but I think it's been more positive than anything.

One of the things that I believe has helped me be a successful blogger is the fact that I'm not anonymous. For instance, I have shared parts of my life in a raw and honest manner. Sometimes I go into detail, if I know it's not going to hurt anyone. At other times, I choose to withhold information that may be too intimate to share. Those who have been reading the blog for years have kinda grown with me - from just finishing NYSC to getting engaged, then getting married, struggling to get pregnant and announcing our pregnancy a few weeks ago. I think that's why people feel they can relate to me personally, and I have made genuine friends from readers who reached out to me in one way or for one reason or another.

A drawback though is that sometimes I feel like I can't share my exact thoughts and feeligs on certain topics that I may deem controversial - not necessarily to me, but my husband/family. As in, there are some things I'm privately outspoken about that Cakes doesn't agree with and I shy away from airing my opinions publicly - even on other blogs. My fingers would be itching to type away, but I remember that people know who I am, so I quickly silence myself and move on. As much as I enjoy blogging and want to be able to share my thoughts, my marriage and relationships are more important to me.

Being anonymous works for some bloggers and they have achieved way more success than I have, and in a much shorter time. But for me, being incognito was never an option for this blog.

Do you prefer your bloggers to be anonymous?

Yes, I like the intrigue.
Nope, I want to see their face(s).
I don't care, as long as the content is good.
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  1. Hy Berry! For me,I like it when I can relate with the blogger's contents, so going anonymous doesn't really matter.

  2. I've been blogging Anoymously now for the past 1year and sometimes I feel that's the reason why I've not attained the type of success I should have.

  3. Ah Berry, I remember that "Unpolished Berry" comment and I am still aggravated on your behalf. ;) Sometimes, I want to crack jokes with it in my comments, but I stop myself because I don't want to bring up bad/sad memories for you.

    Anywhoo, on to the subject at hand: I am a subscriber to this quote, "Man is least truthful in his own person. Give him a mask and he will tell you the truth" (A paraphrase of Oscar Wilde). I am open to people doing what they feel comfortable with. Truly, I enjoy it all. I like the intrigue of anonymous blogging because it allows me to create images in my head, but I also like un-anonymous (is that even a word) blogging because it allows me a tiny window into a specific person's life.

    For moi, me, myself, and I, it is anonymous blogging on all the way.

  4. None of the bloggers and vloggers I connect to that feel like friends are anonymous. I respect and appreciate the vulnerability it takes to be out there with your real face and voice. It makes me want to take the time to leave a comment as well, especially when they are being vulnerable even if it is a " thanks for your honesty" comment. ��

  5. I just started writing anonymously! Let's see how that goes!😊

    Thank you for this Berry. I have been debating in my head about this topic.


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