July 14, 2017

Berry Lovely Links


You guys were right! I really felt like I could easily get back on the blogging train and keep up with posting, but mehn! I am exhausted more than half the time. Baby Cocoa, my honey babyest boo, has not only turned me into a cow and lollipop, but she's sucking my energy too!!! I literally didn't even touch my laptop for how many days. But blogging and you guys have been on my mind. I feel kinda bad, like I'm neglecting this space, but I thank you for letting me have time with my munchkin. Follow me on Instagram and Snapchat - @BerryDakara - cos I usually post photos and short videos with her.

Anyways, enjoy the links!

  1. I personally feel that having a newborn should have made this How to Have the Worst Sleep list. 
  2. I definitely need to learn How to Get More Done Daily
  3. Bloggers/Vloggers and co, check out Signs You May Not be Ready for Brand Sponsorship
  4. I know we've been in summer for a little bit already, but you may want to try this 30-Day Summer Abs Challenge
  5. I'm already thinking ahead about losing this baby weight and Building a Capsule Wardrobe on a Budget.
  6. This went around for a while - The Reason Why Husbands Should NOT "Help" Their Wives. Do you agree or disagree?

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