December 14, 2016

Break Time

Hey y'all!

I'm sure you noticed that I didn't put up any posts on Monday or Tuesday. Usually I would have a weekend or event or maybe style post up on Monday, and my Berry Writes post on Tuesday. But I really think I need a break. This isn't the first time I've taken a break on the blog, but this time is a little different.

I don't know if I've mentioned it here, but for the past few months, the thought has come to mind a few times to shut down and stop blogging. I have felt quite tired lately (mostly due to work), under pressure (due to life), and generally uninspired about blogging. I almost feel like my posts have been half-hearted in the past month or so, and I've even stopped reading other people's blogs. It's like I got to a point where I was dealing with information overload and I just got exhausted.

I started this blog because I wanted to share my life, and have fun with it. Along the line, people started talking about blogging as brands and that came with the pressure of structure, editorial calendars, etc. All that is well and good, but at some point it started taking the fun out of blogging. I was worrying about views and engagement (comments and shares) and putting myself under too much. Even my Social Media channels have been affected slightly - there's this new need to have the perfectly curated Instagram feed, and great Snaps. But it gets tiring! And I'm tired. Sometimes I miss the randomness that I started off with. You guys never knew what to expect - there was just always something different.

I've mentioned my struggles with a few people, and like someone said to me on a DM on Instagram today "There is always someone somewhere who is interested in your story." So I think that instead of shutting down - because I would really miss you guys and blogging truthfully - I will take a much needed break. I put up roughly 200 posts a year, 96% of them original posts (not ads), and this babe needs some downtime.

I haven't decided how long the break will be - I may be back after Christmas or New Year's but I will definitely be back. Have a lovely holiday season. Lots of love, kisses and hugs to you!

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