January 31, 2014

My Husband...

I know for sure that someone out there is rolling his/her eyes right now, asking themselves, "Geez, doesn't Berry have anything else to write about? Since she got married, it's been Cakes this, marriage that, wedding who, blah blah blah." Well, I have good news and bad news for you.

January 29, 2014


Hey errybawdy!

So, I'm just here chilling in Newlywed-dom, and then a question jumps into my head from nowhere, and I begin to ponder... how long can I be called a newlywed, technically?

*whisks off to ask my best friend, Google*

He says 1 year! I just decided now that Google is a boy, and I dare anybody to tell me I can't have a male best friend!

Back to the matter at hand, Google says newlywedded-ness is 1 year. Erm, I don't know how I feel about that. It just seems like way too much time to be called a newlywed. Another blogger says you're a newlywed until people stop asking you "How's married life?" Lol. At work, the older ladies said they'll stop calling me 'Iyawo' when I get pregnant *insert raised eyebrow here*

By all accounts and theories, I'm still a newlywed :)

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January 28, 2014

Valentine's Day is coming!!!

And I want you to have a better Valentine than me! How do I know yours will be better than mine? Because you will order a Valentine Package from my hubby Cakes, while I shall sit at work and drive back home in terrible traffic while my aforementioned hubby will be delivering the cakes that YOU ORDERED for yourself your loved ones!!! Last year, I vowed to stay home every Valentine's Day, but I doubt it will work. Don't worry about me, we'll have ours on the 15th. :)

If you REALLY love me, you'll also order a package for me, while ordering for yourself  (what's wrong with these fingers of mine?) I meant your loved ones. You can check out his other cakes here.

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Bloggirls aka Power Puff Girls Day In!

Sooo, the other day, I invited my girls, Fash (style blogger) and Bex (who Coox and Luvs2dress) over to my humble abode for a Girls Breakfast. I hadn't seen them since my wedding day, and I wanted them to see the little corner that Cakes and I call home. I decided to make it a breakfast date, mostly because Cakes had a wedding cake to deliver, as well as attend. Once the date and time were set, we came up with a menu, and we were all set!

Our Menu
Baked Beans
Bacon and Mushroom Omelet
Sausages (P.S. NEVER EVER get chicken sausages from Shoprite!!! They were so dry)
Freshly baked Bread

Fruit juice
Baileys (for coffee or whatever)

The day of, I woke up trĂ©s early to make sure the whole house was tidy, smelled pretty, and to get the ingredients ready. Unbeknownst to me, these females were still sound asleep, so I could have stayed in bed for another hour or two. However, it was a good thing I woke up early, because it turned out that I needed to have a serious conversation with Cakes about MY KITCHEN and how I need things cleaned and stacked in particular manners. He was at the bakery, and was too busy to listen to me, and all he said was, "Ok." Let's just say that I spent 30 minutes sulking and rewashing my our Food Chopper thingy (which is a gift from God Himself). 

January 20, 2014

Berry and Cakes' Kitchen Conversations

This is what some of our kitchen exchanges look like, so far...

Berry gets home from work, walks in the door, not sure if Cakes has come home from the bakery... (whoever gets home first makes dinner)

Berry: *sniffs* Ahhhhh, YAY, my husband is home and has made dinner
Cakes: Hey baby.
Berry: *muah* Thanks for making dinner
Cakes: You're welcome. I love you.
Berry: I love you too. You're such a wonderful husband.

We sit down and eat, catching up on each other's day.Afterwards, Berry goes to wash the dishes, since Cakes did the cooking...

January 16, 2014

My Hammam experience...

Hello beautiful ladies and handsome fellows!

So I was over on Sisi Yemmie's blog and her weekend post mentioned her visit to BNatural MedSpa for a Moroccan Hammam. It triggered my memory, because I had a hammam treatment a few days before my traditional wedding - as a mini bridal spa-wer (spa + shower) surprise from my friends. While I went through the process, I made a mental note to come and gist you guys about it. So here goes...

When we got to the spa, my friends told me they'd paid for a Hammam for me. They'd both had one before, and they described it as a "thorough body cleansing." So I figured it would be like a body scrub massaged onto my body and voila, right? WRONG! SO VERY WRONG!!! You could not be wronger in your life!

I was told to get naked as soon as I went upstairs. Like fully naked = nude = nekkid = my birthday suit = no panties = 90% of strippers don't even get as naked as this! So, I doffed my clothes, put on a bathrobe and slippers, and the Moroccan lady in a bathing suit, led me to the HUGE steam room. I had to take off the bathrobe and return to my naked state, and subsequently laid down on the huge slab in the middle of the room.

The lady then proceeded to apply black soap, I believe, all over my body and then I had to lie there for 15 minutes. It was HOTTTT in there. *sorry o, but I imagine Hell must be a million times worse, and it was a little difficult to breathe, so... food for thought about my spiritual life came into play*

Anyways, after 15 minutes, she came back in and the heat from the steam had died down. She then proceeded to scrub me. As in, scrub. As in, not a body scrub with a foofy sponge. This was a REAL scrub down with a special sponge! She kept saying "Look, see all your dead skin." I was amazed and a little ashamed because you and I think our daily baths clean us well... smh, you don't know how unclean you are, until you have gotten a hammam treatment. It was a little painful because the scrubbing was vigorous, but I got used to the pressure. After she scrubbed ALL OVER my body, I can't remember if I laid down in the steam for another 15 minutes, or was rinsed off immediately. All my dead skin cells were rinsed off my body though - gross.

Then, she went and got a mix of herbs, oils, and honey. She made sure to note that it was authentic, pure honey, with evidence too - yup, she removed the dead bees from the mixture. Actual bees honey!!! I can't remember what was in the mixture, but she mentioned argan oil, which I think I should look into. She massaged the mixture all over my body, and I laid down some more for my body to absorb it in. After another 15 minutes, she came and got me out of the steam room, and VOILA! I was done. She told me not to use lotion for one week, and to stay away from the sun.

I engaged her in a little conversation about the hammam, and she said that from 2 years old, Moroccan males and females go through the treatment at least once a week! She said that's why their skin is so smooth and bright, and they have no need to use lotions or even makeup (except on special occasions).

I was sooo intrigued by that and started wondering what beauty practices are done in Nigeria and all over the world, and why aren't they more mainstream? I thought of henna treatments in Northern Nigeria and fattening rooms in Calabar, and the beauty rituals Esther had to go through in the Bible - do they still exist? Speaking of fattening rooms, I would REALLY love to go to one and indulge! Maybe Cakes and I should go to Calabar for our honeymoon?

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January 15, 2014

CAF Awards and High-ctresses!

In my last post, I casually mentioned how Cakes and I were invited to attend the CAF Awards. Btw, for non-africans and people like me who aren't into football, CAF stands for Confederation of African Football. Anyways, because our friend invited us and her other friends, she had a table reserved. She herself was unable to attend, but she had someone watching out for her friends, to make sure we had the table to ourselves.

Cakes and I got there first, so there was no hassle. However, before long, random people were trying to come and sit at the table. My friend's assistant did a good job of making sure nobody sat there... until the live broadcast started. Since we were all supposed to be sitting down, he sat on the sidelines and before he knew it, 2 guys had come and sat on our table. These guys were VERY confident too o, because they came, smiled at Cakes and I, introduced themselves and helped themselves to the drinks on the table. I really thought they were supposed to be with us because of their casual ease. A few minutes later, my friend's assistant comes to ask me who the guys are... but at this point, it seemed like her other invited guests were coming late, so we shrugged it off. At that moment, Chee gets on stage to sing... And then I think she got to the table 30 minutes later.

Maybe 15 minutes after Chee comes to sit, I see some lady walk to our table and sit across from me. The thing is, she had turned in the chair, so I didn't recognize her at first. That, plus my friend's assistant and one of the awards show hostesses were arguing about whether the lady could sit there or not. The assistant was thisclose to getting a security guard to escort the lady out, but Chee stepped in and said she could stay, until the other invited guests showed up. Then Chee proceeds to say hello to her, and that's when I recognize her - she's a VERY POPULAR Nigerian actress. I don't want to say her name, but she's NOT Genevieve or Omotola and she's married without kids. And she's not Uche Jombo either.

Here's what struck me - her verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry delayed reaction to Chee's greeting. She bent her head, looking at Chee as if she was trying to understand why on earth Chee would say anything to her, and then she goes, very breathily, "Hi" through heavy eyes. And I thought to myself - THIS CHICK IS HIGH! I quickly sent a message to my family (I was gisting them about the show, while my mum watched the live broadcast).

My mum's response: Oh, her? She's always on something.
My dad's response: She's a very badly behaved actress. She's not a good role model at all. Can't she see Beyonce? (lol, my dad REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEALLY likes Beyonce, for the record)

Apparently, this actress is usually under the influence, so I shouldn't have been surprised. But it was my first time of seeing her, and I was just disgusted. I wish the camera had shown me shooting daggers at her with my eyes. Can you imagine, when one of the invited guests finally arrived, Madam Highctress had the nerve to put her purse on one chair to say that someone is seating there?!?! I'm like "Excuse me, you're not even supposed to be on our table!" Okay, I didn't say it out loud, but I was just annoyed. She eventually moved to another table to go and flirt with some old man - she was laughing and hugging him, batting her heavy eyelids at him. *hiss*

There is no moral of the story apart from DON'T DO DRUGS, especially in front of me, because I will write about it.


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January 13, 2014

Guess who I FINALLY met!!!

Remember how last year, I almost met Mikel Obi? My friend had invited me out to dinner with her parents and I declined, only for her to send me pictures that she took with him... remember how upset I was, even though I barely even knew who he was, and if he passed me in a hallway I wouldn't even know it was him?

Well, I MET HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Clap for me! Okay, let me give you the full gist. See what had happened was,

My friend very graciously invited Cakes and I to the CAF Awards!

Cakes and I getting ready to head out
Yeah yeah, I should be more excited about that, right? But seeing as I'm not particularly into football, I was more interested in who I would see and the performances. So we get there and were escorted to our table (after a little mishap), and shortly after we sit down, some dude walks in and is seated at the table next to us. Cakes gets up to use the restroom, and then the guy gets up to go and greet some guys at another table. I thought to myself, "Hmm, who's this dude? He's kinda hot." And then, I realized he was greeting a bunch of important-looking people. At this point, I picked up the program to put faces to names and that's when I realized he'd greeted Stephen Keshi (he sat at the table in front of us), some nominated coaches and footballers, and then it hit me - THAT'S MIKEL OBIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!! I looked at him, looked at the picture in the program, looked at him, looked at the picture to confirm. Of course, I started freaking out silently in my chair. When Cakes got back, I'm like "Looooooook! It's Mikel! Damn, he's finer in person o... no offense to you, honey, but for real he's foine! OMG, I wanna say hi but I'm too shy :(."

January 5, 2014

On newlywed weight gain...

I haven't stepped on the scale yet, but I'm one thousand million percent sure I've gained weight since the wedding festivities started. I've seen in several online sites that studies suggest that newlyweds who are happy, tend to gain weight in the first few years. Okay, fine, it's not the first few years yet, but I've been happy since the

Registry Wedding - it's been 24 days
Traditional Wedding - it's been 15 days
White Wedding - it's been 9 days

People who have seen me have been telling me that I'm glowing and stuff. Noooooooo, I am NOT pregnant ooooooooooo! If you must know, that time of the month just finished last week, so any evident glow should be "blamed" on eating and drinking before during and after wedding festivities newlywedded happiness.


As of tomorrow, I'll be back at work and hopefully regulate my eating and exercising habits. To help my cause, I would like to share my calories with you... we have a BUNCH of wedding cake in the fridge, so feel free to come and eat!

Have a berry pretty week!

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