September 12, 2017

5 Baby Shower Tips| My Baby Shower Photos

Baby showers are one of the events most looked forward to during a woman's pregnancy. From having one or two or more parties thrown for her, to the baby shower gifts she'll receive, the baby shower is an important event. Typically they are planned and hosted by the mummy-to-be's family and/or friends. These days, baby shower themes run from Parisian to Hawaiian Luau to a Tea Party like mine. Check out the photos below and some helpful tips for hosting a baby shower.

  1. Get Creative/DIY - Baby showers are usually intimate affairs, with the mother's close friends and family invited. While some people now hire party planners to execute baby showers, I think that if you're going to host one, it's the perfect time to get creative. All you need to do is google 'Baby Shower Ideas' to get baby shower decor and planning tips. You don't have to spend an arm and a leg - as a matter of fact, you could use some of that money to help the new parents out and buy diapers or give them gift cards to use in the future. 
  2. Have a Time Line/Plan - Most baby showers are thrown around the 7-month mark if I remember correctly. My sister and cousin planned to host my baby shower between 7 and 8 months, but unfortunately I had a high-risk pregnancy and had to be hospitalized twice. We actually started wondering whether we should have a Sip-And-See party, instead of a baby shower, because we weren't sure how far along I would get before Baby Cocoa came. Well, in the end, my baby shower was hosted at my 35-week mark and Baby Cocoa came the following day! Just in the nick of time. 
  3. Ask for Help - Depending on how close the guests are to the new mother, you can ask them for help in one way or another. Some one might be good with making invitations, another might make the best cookies you've ever tasted, and yet another could be willing to help out with decorations. My baby shower hostesses had Cakes make the baby shower cake and puff puff; my cousins helped out with making the finger sandwiches, and I volunteered to make paper flowers!
  4. Get Mummy Involved - Unless it's a surprise party, some women want to give some input on the baby shower. I know it's not conventional, but getting the celebrant's opinion on some of the baby shower ideas might help steer you in the right direction. For instance, I knew I wanted a Tea Party theme for my shower, and I mentioned it to my sister and cousin a couple of months beforehand. I also wanted to help with decor, since I was on mandatory bed rest. I ended up making paper tissue flowers, which are doing double duty - I used them to decorate Baby Cocoa's nursery (see the nursery tour here). 
  5. Have Fun - This is supposed to be a happy and fun event. I won't lie and pretend that everything was hunky-dory - we got into little tiffs and one major row (blame the hormones :p). But you want to have fun above everything, through the planning process and on the day of. Baby Shower games can be the most fun part of the baby shower. They are easy to organize, and most times need very few materials. Baby shower games include crossword puzzles, baby food taste tests, pin-the-diaper to the cardboard baby, etc. The goal is to have a sprinkle of fun for everyone!

I hope you learned something from my baby shower tips, and that you also enjoyed the photos! I'll post photos from my maternity shoot at a later date.

Have a pretty week everyone!

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