May 24, 2013

Tyler Perry's Temptation

This movie just opened last week in Nigeria. Because of my part-time job, I get to watch movies for FREEEEEE! I still haven't convinced them to throw in popcorn, drinks, cookies, sadly.

Anyways, so this past Monday, my weekly meeting was canceled and it was very convenient to stop by Genesis Deluxe Cinemas at The Palms Mall, to catch Temptation. Here are my thoughts...

  1. I'm not into Tyler Perry movies. At all. I've probably watched a grand total of 3. I refused to watch any Madea film, and the rest of them. I'm just not into "black" movies. Or should I say "ghetto" films? Or films with "angry black women." They just bore me. Give me a 'Jumping the Broom,' with educated, middle-to-upper class African-American families, and I'd be more interested. Anyways, I watched this one. It was okay, I guess.
  2. Kim Kardashian is the WORST ACTRESS in the history of acting! I absolutely detest bad acting. It physically hurts me. And Kim, I like you (although I hate your dating-Kanye, pregnancy fashion choices), but acting is a bad idea for you. What was Tyler Perry thinking when he cast you?! What was he thinking during production?! What was Mr. Perry thinking during post-production and editing?! *le sigh* It appears that he wasn't thinking. 
  3. I can see why the female lead cheated on her husband. I'M NOT SAYING IT IS RIGHT O! The person next to you is my witness. But I can see why. It's been said that when women cheat, it's mostly because there's something missing. For her, her marriage had become boring. There was no oomph! And when she tried to bring the oomph, her husband was more interested in making a sandwich. *insert blank stare* Dear Married People, please don't get boring. Unless you were boring in the first place. In which case I say, carry on."
  4. Now, even though her marriage was boring, all she needed to do was compare her new guy to her husband. I just have to say this... JEAN-CLAUDE VAN DAMN, LANCE GROSS IS FOINE!!!

  5. *swooooooooooooooooooon* I mean, look at his face! Look at that smile!!!! It's so fuzzy-feeling-producing! HAWTY McHAWTINGTON! Erm, I can't remember the rest of my points. 
Have a pretty weekend everybawdy!


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May 23, 2013

Peevy coworkers


At this exact moment, I want to jump out of my seat and yell "PLEASE GO AWAY!"

  1. This lady at work, keeps coming to my desk to use my phone. She's done it 3 times in the past 2 hours, and it makes the hairs on the back of my neck, stand in annoyance. It would be one thing if she said "Excuse me, can I use your phone?" I would even be okay with her saying (in the usual Nigerian manner), "Berry I'm using your phone." Actually, that's a lie. That irks me too - telling me instead of asking...

    Anyways, she just magically appears behind me and starts dialing and I'm supposed to just sit there and smile at her. Eeeek! She just took my pen without asking too! *O lawd, somebody help me* I literally feel like a cockroach is climbing all over my body :(
  2. You know what though? She's better than this other man in the office. For whatever reason, he seems to believe that I'm in dire need of a neck massage. I'll be working at my desk, and from nowhere, I feel hands on my neck and shoulders, rubbing me. With trepidation and irritation, I turn around and he's there, smiling. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! I need to shower. I feel yucky just thinking about it. You'd think that since Physical Touch is my love language, I wouldn't mind being touched. But eww! It has to be from people I actually like. :(
  3. I don't dress in an overtly revealing manner at work (contrary to what one or two people might say - they're just haters). But this man (a different one from the one above) constantly stares at me. As in, I'm walking down the hall, and he's watching and smiling. Or I'm speaking with my boss, and he's at his desk, looking at me. Or I'm trying to do some work and he comes to my desk and asks why I didn't come to greet him personally. Or he'll mention an artist he likes and insist that I open Youtube to listen to the music. (He likes OLD country music) *insert blank stare*
Speaking of office characters, the lady that told me I shouldn't bother trying to diet because I'm allegedly orobo (fat/obese/round) and will never lose the weight, moved to a different department. YAY ME :)

PS: I realize 'Peevy' isn't a word, but I created it based on 'Pet Peeves.' So it just means Annoying. At which point, I ask myself why I didn't just title this post 'Annoying Coworkers.' :-|

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May 22, 2013

On Marrying for Love or Time?

Dear friends,

I was perusing the new posts on my blog lists, via Bloglovin' and came upon a review of Chimamandah Adichie's 'AMERICANAH.' BTW, I have to put it on my list of books to read ASAP! I'm way behind on my reading.

Anyways, in the review, Ms. Taynement posted a couple of lines from the book, that stood out to her. One of them stood out to me...

"Many of us didn’t marry the woman we truly loved, 
we married the woman who was around when we were ready to marry" 


This is deep to me. Deep and sad. Deep and sad, but true. I've said many times that marriage for a lot of men, is a function of time. While it matters who they get married to (after all, there has to be some compatibility or attraction, however minuscule), TIME is a big factor. I've heard too many stories of guys who were in long-term or deeply passionate relationships, that eventually fell flat, simply because the men weren't ready to get married. And then 6 months later, wedding bells a-ringing!

A friend of mine is getting married next month. But it's not to the woman he really wants. Okay, the woman he wants isn't available anyways. But he said it was just time for him to get married, and since his intended was available and ready, he went ahead and proposed. He had the ring already. If the woman he wants was available, he would have given her the ring instead. You can see a twinge of sadness in his eyes. But I can't blame him for going through with the wedding, since the one he wants isn't available to him. :(

I think the same thing happens with women, but on a much smaller scale. I feel like any woman who married because it was time, would have an underlying sadness throughout her life. Men are better equipped to handle stuff like this.

What do you think? Do you agree that a lot of people give up TRUE LOVE, because the TIMING is wrong?

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May 21, 2013

I'm sooooooo excited!


I was thisclose to sleeping off last night, when I got a BIG surprise! After that, it took me another hour and a half to finally go to sleep. I woke up this morning and I'm STILL tingling with excitement. I know you can't wait to hear why :D

Wait for it...

Wait for it...

May 17, 2013

Liebster Award - Yay Me and Yay P and P

*drum roll*

*orchestra playing*

*standing ovation*

*Me floating up to the stage to collect my Liebster award in a flowy ball gown, doing the princess wave*

"Ahem. This is such a surprise. I just can't believe it! Me? A Liebster? I'd like to thank the Academy..". *trails off after being told it's not a category of the Oscars*

Source: Minding Meg

Just kidding. Peppermint And Paisley nominated me for a Liebster Award! THANK YOU SO MUCH MA'AM! What is it, you ask? It's kinda like playing Tag, except that you're tagging other bloggers (who have less than 200-300 followers). So basically, you're helping them be discovered by your readers. So thank you ma'am.

There are a few rules that go along with it, so READY, GET SET, GO!

1. Thank the blogger that nominated you - See previous paragraph.

2. List 11 random facts about yourself

  • I've been known to put ice cream in the microwave, because I prefer it melted
  • I'm a picky eater. I don't like cheese, butter, margarine, oatmeal, a bunch of Nigerian soups, and too many more to mention
  • I'm 5'2" max. My mum says she's 5'4," and I'm taller than her :p
  • I love HEARTS! My everyday accessory is a ring with 2 hearts that my dad got me
  • I'm a closeted Drake fan *hides face*
  • I've taken French (3 years), Spanish (1 year) and Italian (1 year) lessons - No, I can't speak any of them
  • I currently have 2 jobs (one full-time, one part-time)
  • I talk to myself. A lot. As in, lips moving. With audible words. 
  • I love shopping, but I get overwhelmed after about an hour or two. 
  • If I could, I would eat bread, cakes, and pastries EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.OF.MY.LIFE.
  • I'm deathly afraid of animals. Like I'd cross the street if I saw a dog on the same side as me. And I once woke up screaming and falling out of bed, because I dreamt that a cat brushed by my leg.
3. Answer the questions posted by the blogger who nominated you

What would you be if you were:
  • an ingredient/food? 
    - A  very moist, warm chocolate cupcake, with a surprise filling!
  • a movie character?
    - A sexy siren
  • an item of clothing?
    - Lace lingerie
  • a book?
    - An etiquette guide or historical romance novel
  • a color?
    - PINK!
  • a song?
    - A mix between something jazzy, bluesy, classical, and new age. It has to be haunting, yet lilting. 
  • an animal?
    - Yuck. A flamingo, maybe? Or a butterfly.
  • a month?
    - Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
  • a place?
    - Monaco or Greece or Paris or Italy. An island with white sandy beaches and crisp, clear blue seas
  • a scent?
    - Jasmine/Rose
  • a word?
    - Meh, how do I choose one? I'm tempted to say SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS, but gawsh, it's just stressful. LOVE! (it just came to me)

4. Nominate 11 other bloggers *this is actually the hardest. For the past 3 days, I've found only 9 blogs I like with less than 200-300 followers.*

Vegan Nigerian (She's vegan for real. I checked.)

5. Ask your nominees 11 questions

  1. Why is your blog name what it is? (e.g. mine's Berrry Dakara because it's an amalgamation of 2 nicknames from my Ogoni and Igbo names. That, and it's a play on my Ogoni name too)
  2. Who's your favorite celebrity and why?
  3. What color shoes are you wearing right now?
  4. Would you wear an engagement ring on your middle finger or fourth finger? (Yes it's such a random question, I know)
  5. What's your dream vacay destination?
  6. #TeamNatural, #TeamRelaxed, or #TeamItsJustHairChillOut?
  7. When was the last time you prayed?
  8. What's your favorite color?
  9. What number child are you?
  10. What's the last meal you cooked?
  11. Would you rather do 100 jumping jacks or 75 squats?
6. Notify your nominees
Coming right up!

Ok, hope you had fun reading. Thank God it's Friday! Tomorrow, I'm helping paint a school and teaching the kids 'Public Speaking.'

Have a pretty weekend! Kisses from moi!

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May 13, 2013

Your boyfriend bought you WHAT?!

"A cookbook."

*insert moment of confusion mixed with a blank stare* (:-S + (:-| = (:-/



As a typical drama-queen, my first reaction to a situation like this would be: What the heck is that supposed to mean? Is he trying to say that you can't cook? Is he trying to say that he wants you to cook for him? Wait... did you ask him for a cookbook? Ok, what kinda cookbook is it - Baking, Asian, French, etc (the cuisine matters)? Did he say he bought it for you, or it's for two of you to cook together with? Do you like to cook? Was it out of the blue? Had you talked about cooking beforehand? Is he trying to send you a message? And if he is, WHAT IS THE MESSAGE here?!?!

I think that there are some gifts guys should just not buy for their wives/girlfriends:

  1. COOKWARE/COOKBOOK - If she's not a chef and she didn't ask you for one, you're asking for trouble.
  2. CLEANING STUFF - How about I mop the floor with your face?!
  3. EXERCISE EQUIPMENT - If she's not a fitness junkie, or she hasn't asked you to help her, then get ready for a deluge of tears and insecurity on her part. 
  4. CLOTHES THAT ARE TOO BIG - It means that you think she's fat
  5. CLOTHES THAT ARE TOO SMALL - It means you want her to lose weight
  6. SELF-HELP BOOKS - Are you saying I need help? :-O
Let's focus on this cookbook thing though. What does it mean when a guy buys his gf/wife a cookbook, if she didn't ask for one?

Berry :)

Happy Mothers Day!!!

*for the record, I tried to post this yesterday, but thanks to Swift  - my internet provider in Nigeria - I was unable to!!! woooooosaaaaaaaah!*

It's Mothers Day today, and I'm sad that I'm away from my mum, but glad that my siblings and nephew are loving on her and making her feel special.

Last year, I shared this video from Procter & Gamble on Facebook.

The first time I watched it, I cried. The video perfectly captured a mother's role - selfless, sacrificing, supportive, loving, etc. My mum is all these and so much more. Sometimes I think about it and wonder if I could ever be like her -she's a very tough act to follow.

Me and my mummy!

My sister too... She went through so much to have the most precious little boy in the world. Her strength and willpower were beyond amazing. I wish I could post her story, but that's her testimony.

My grandmother, my aunts, my godmother - they're all special in their own ways.

The point of this post is to wish all the mothers in my life a very special day. I love you all, no matter how far away I am.


May 10, 2013

On Proposals

Source: MGC Puzzles


Yesterday on Bella Naija, there was a feature post on a cinema proposal in Lagos. It was really sweet and I teared up a little. One of the comments in response to the video struck me:

*sigh*and that was how I got a very(in my opinion) thoughtless proposal from my (now) fiance…I love him and all that but considering all that we’ve been through,the proposal just came across as something he just wanted to get out of the way*sad face*…While i have no unrealistic expectations of marching bands and jets in the sky, yes i have had a certain way i would have liked to be proposed to and I feel somewhat sad that he,who is supposed to know me better than anyone else didn’t even come close to giving me a heartwarming memory of the day he proposed…

Don't you just feel bad for her? I mean, yeah, the focus of the marriage shouldn't be on the proposal or ring or the wedding, but I think that some thought and effort should be put into them.

On Wednesday at church, a couple's wedding arrangements were announced (look out for a future blog post about my thoughts on announcing weddings at church). This couple met at my church, and the gentleman proposed to her during a church service. I missed it because I was visiting another church that evening.

After I heard about it though, I thought to myself that I probably wouldn't want a proposal at church, because it's been done maybe 2/3 times already. In the same vein, I wouldn't want a proposal in a bar or club. It just seems tacky. I'm kinda half-and-half about being proposed to in a restaurant too. It would have to be an utterly romantic restaurant for that to happen. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want a private proposal either. Like, can someone be filming me and immortalize my reaction, and can we get some applause and cheers? :D

I have an old post on the BEST PROPOSAL EVER! Granted, the guy had a lot of help and I can't imagine being proposed to like that, but he must have had something up his sleeve in the first place. Dear future hubby, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put some thought, creativity and effort into my proposal.

Sometimes I wish I was a guy, so I can propose to myself in the most fantabulous way. I have ideas already.

  1. Like I'd make my friends take me out to dinner, and then surprise me with music and candlelight and family or somn. OR 
  2. I'd enlist the help of my dance/drama group at church and they'd sing and dance and surprise me during church service. OR 
  3. I'd create a romantic video with messages from family and friends and post it on Bella Naija - the logistics of capturing my reaction though would have to be worked out. OR 
  4. I'd take me to the beach or hotel and have candles set up everywhere. And then bring out the violinist and have them play something romantic. 
Eeeeeek! I just remembered something. Dear Future Hubby, please please please make sure my nails are done, and that I have some makeup on! Ain't nobody trying to look crappy in her proposal video/pictures. 

*Note: I feel a little silly with this post, because it seems like I'm over-analyzing or overthinking proposals. But you have to remember, I have a very active imagination and I just can't help myself sometimes.*


May 8, 2013

Your spouse or your child...

This is a very controversial topic. I had a friend who always complained that women seem to forsake their husbands for their children. My response would be: where the husband was his wife's first priority, the child(ren) become/s THEIR first priority. I could be wrong - hey, I've never been married or had children, so what do I know, right?

But the same friend asked this question:

If you, your spouse and your child were trapped in a burning house
and you got free, but could save only one person,
who would you save?

For me, it's a no-brainer - my child. I think a lot of women would choose their child as well. My friend on the other hand (he's a guy, by the way), said he'd choose his wife. His reasoning is that he and his wife can always have more children afterwards. But I thought, "What wife would forgive you afterwards?"

I asked 2 friends at work, the same question. They're both guys and agreed that it's too hard a choice. But then, they wondered,'What if your spouse says "Save me, save me, leave our child because we can make another one!"?'  *insert loud laughter here - BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA*

Really though, if I wanted to save my husband and he said I should leave our child, I'd drop him and take my child instead.

Scary situation to think about, but what do you say?

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May 7, 2013


Aaaaaahhhh, L'AMOUR
Ooooooooh, AMORE
*squeals* LOVE LOVE LOVE

"I just knew when I met him, that he was THE ONE"

"When I first laid eyes on here, I knew that she was THE ONE"

"I realized after a few months, that THE ONE had been standing right in front of me"

*Ahem* Sorry to burst your pink bubbles, but erm, I don't believe in THE ONE

*gasp* WHAT THE WHA WHA? *insert Surprised smiley* :-O

Yeah, I really don't believe that THE ONE exists. I think he is simply a figment of fairy tales in an imaginary world. Somewhere in there, the prospect of one person being meant for only one other person in the world, caught the eye of a fanciful maiden or gentleman and the human race ran with it. Let me tell you why I think it's a bunch of baloney.

  1. People in relationships mostly always think they're with THE ONE. That is, until the relationship fails and then 'Oops, she/he wasn't the one for me."
  2. Ok, what if you do marry THE ONE, and sadly he/she dies :( And then you get married to someone else who you say is THE ONE. Who is THE REAL ONE?
  3. What happens if you don't marry THE ONE? Does that mean that you can't or won't ever have a happy, fulfilling life?
I think that there's more than one person out there, that anyone can fall in love with. Hopefully your paths cross and you're BOTH ready to make a lifetime commitment TO EACH OTHER.

Let me not lie... I admit that there was a time in my life when I was the consummate romantic and believed in THE ONE. I knew we'd be married, have beautiful babies and live happily ever after. And then, life happened. I don't know if it became a function of one too many heartbreaks or just me getting older and wiser, but my outlook on love, changed.

customer surveys

May 6, 2013

Poll: Blackberry Z10 vs Samsung Galaxy S3


It's my birthday in approximately 3 weeks and I'm thinking about getting a new phone (if not getting a new purse or going to Ghana or having a beach picnic or wa'ev).

I'm not big on phones or gadgets. All I really need is to be able to make calls, chat (Whatsapp is a MUST), take nice pictures and play games every now and then. I've checked up on reviews and I'm kinda leaning more towards the Samsung, since I already have 2.5 Blackberry phones. So I'm leaving it up to you. You have until FRIDAY to respond :)

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What I did this weekend...


On Friday, I went out with the girls to this new place called Rhapsody. It was ok at best, mostly because I had forgone dinner, anticipating eating while we were out. Unfortunately, I was ready 2 hours before said girls, and we got to the venue late - at which time, the kitchen was closed. I was forced to drink half a glass of champagne (so I wouldn't get tipsy). Remind me to EAT before I go anywhere with them - unless we're going to an actual restaurant.

I had a pretty lazy weekend, but managed to make a very unclear video for you.

I also got my hair done on Sunday, and I'm 99% sure I don't like it. But seeing as I'm on a strict budget, I'm stuck with the hairstyle until the end of the month :(

I REALLY don't like it :(

Well, that was my weekend in pictures and video :)

New layout

Hello berry beautiful people!

As you can see, the layout of my blog has been changed. Why, you ask? That's a very good question. Well, last week I got a few comments on some posts and tried in vain to respond to the posts... Alas, the 'Comment' section was cropped/missing. In addition, I got an email from a reader (thank you) who had the same problem. And so, I've had to change the layout to enable readers leave comments. I do LOVE hearing from readers - sometimes I wonder if I'm writing to/for myself when nobody comments. Although, in a manner of speaking, I AM kinda writing to/for myself - with the added benefit of entertaining others.

Ah well. I'm not sure if I like the new layout, honestly speaking. I only chose this one because it's got kisses on the background and I LOVE KISSES! In fact, I think the designer may have stolen my lip-prints!

Anyways, it's a Monday - beautiful, not quite. Rainy season is upon us here in Lagos. I don't like rain in Nigeria as much as I do in Atlanta. Rain in Atlanta smells fresh. It reminds me that spring is in season and flowers are blooming. You'd think I like receiving flowers, but I really don't. I just like the idea of flowers blossoming, blooming and growing :)

Enough of my randomness. I hope you have a pretty week!

BTW - it's my birthday month, sooooooo who's getting me what?

Berry kisses!

May 1, 2013

The taller, the better-looking?

Yo yo!

How are you guys? How's your week going? Hope it's pretty :)

So last week Thursday at work, I got a bajillion compliments and appreciative looks. Over and over, throughout the day, people commented on how nice I looked... words like "Fabulous, Hot, Babe, etc flew around me." I'm not saying it to brag o. It's not like I was wearing anything flashy. Not like I was showing cleavage or legs or curves. But it struck me that the previous time I got comments like this, and last week as well, I was wearing heels. Like 6 - 7 inch heels. Wait o, it was the exact same pair of shoes both times. Hmmm... are these magic shoes?

Anyway, I'm a short person. I'm about 5'2-ish. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my height. I like that most guys are taller than me. I like that even when I wear heels, they're still taller than I am. But why is it that when I wear heels, I get more compliments? Would I be more attractive if I was taller? I don't think I look that much different. In fact, I wear flats or kitten heels when I show more skin. My logic is if my skirt is short, then it doesn't look as "bad" when I'm wearing flats.

It's a double standard, I know, but I think taller men are more attractive. I've said a few times that I wouldn't date anyone shorter than 6 feet tall. Sometimes I even joke that 6-ft men are borderline short. :p

Exhibit A - The head-turning shoes

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