April 17, 2017

Berry and Cakes Conversations - Lost in Translation

I miss putting up these kinds of posts! Remember how I used to share some of the funny conversations Cakes and I used to have (Car, Kitchen, Foot Massages, Training)? I went down memory lane last week and read some posts from a couple of years ago, and they made me smile inwardly. Anyways, the main reasons why we were lost in translation in our early days was the whole UK versus US English. 

*On a random day, in our dating period, I ping Cakes*
Berry: Hey. Are you okay?
Cakes: What? Excuse me?
Berry: I asked if you’re okay?
Cakes: What’s that supposed to mean?
Berry: Erm, it means are you okay? Are you fine? Are you good? How are you?
Cakes: Oh. Lol. I thought you were asking me if I’m alright in the head.
Berry: :-|

P.S. - The same conversation above can apply to the word "mad."
*a different day, Cakes calls me*

Cakes: Hey, how are you?
Berry: I’m good. I went to go get gas.
Cakes: Oh. Why didn't you call me to come and help you?
Berry: I can drive by myself, you know?
Cakes: Yes I know, but isn't the cylinder heavy for you?
Berry: Huh?
Berry: Ohhhh. By gas, I mean fuel o. Petrol. Not cooking gas.
Cakes: Hmm. This kind Americanah girl I’m liking.

*yet a different day, this time, after marriage*
Cakes: Babe, I'm going to make breakfast.
Berry: YAY!
Cakes: Do you want beverage?
Berry: *blank stare because I know where this is going*
Cakes: Tea or Cocoa?
Berry: Shey you know "beverage" means drink, right?
Cakes: Noooo. Tea, Cocoa, Coffee, etc - hot drinks - those are beverages.
Berry: Yeah, only in Nigeria. In the rest of the world, beverage = drink.
Cakes: It's a lie. I'm going to Google it.
Berry: Have fun, and take pictures of your face when you realize I'm right.
Cakes: *Googles and keeps quiet*
Berry: What did...
Cakes: Gerout! *walks off to make yummy breakfast*

Have a gorgeous week! And somebody please tell Cakes to organize ice cream for me please :(


  1. Eyah, cute!
    Looking forward to reading what the conversations would be like when Baby Cocoa starts talking :)

    Tuke's Quest

    1. I knowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!

  2. Awwwwwww! You guys are so sweet!


  3. ugh, english is a tricky language. lol. when is gives wahal, we call it George here in South Africa. Lol. I butcher it quite often myself. lol

    Mvumikazi | Urban Mnguni

    1. English is VERY tricky, especially when the same words have different meanings in different countries!

  4. lol!!Really really lost in translation.I can imagine the look on his face when he saw what beverages really meant.hehe..


    1. Hehe, that beverage one I just don't understand at all. At work, I had to bite my tongue from arguing about it because it used to irk me so much!

  5. Oh my Lorrrddddddddd...Laughing so hard! Berry you ehnnnnnnn

    That's how you people call Pants instead of Trousers. Eg I love your pants ...me I will just be wondering how the person knew the kind of pant I am wearing. Meanwhile, Biko Cakes organize Ice cream for mama Cocoa... Thanks in advance!

    1. BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA @ knowing the kind of pant you're wearing!

    2. LOL. I just used the word pant instead of trouser on IG.
      Runs off to IG.

  6. Cakes, please organize ice cream for your wife ooo!!!

    1. Let him who has ears hear and do o!!! Abi who has eyes, should read and do :p

  7. Lmao! So cute!


  8. Hahaha I just burst out laffing!!!

  9. All i can say is "yet there would be people saying marriages are not fun; they don't last"... Thank God now i have an answer for such people. I'll jejely send them to Berry and Cakes....

    God continually fill your home with laughter; and may you continually inspire us.


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