March 31, 2015

REVIEW: Johnny Rockets

In my post yesterday, I mentioned that Cakes and I grabbed lunch at Johnny Rockets on Sunday afternoon. Johnny Rockets is an international food chain, popular for its American fare - BURGERS! They also have milkshakes, sandwiches, chili, amongst other menu items.

March 30, 2015

Berry Twirly Weekend

Hey baby, hey baby, HEY!

And just like that, the elections are over!!! Oh wait, not quite. We're still not sure as of this moment who won, and there are still State elections coming in 2 weeks. Oh brother, can it all be over already? I'm sick of all the political ads on radio and all over the streets. Anyways, I didn't get to vote - see what had happened was... I never registered. Shame on me! Cakes voted though and I say "BRAVO, BRAVA" to everyone else who did. May there be no rigging and may there be peace throughout the land.

On that note, movement was largely restricted this weekend, so I didn't get up to much. I actually was sick of staying home and couldn't wait to leave the apartment on Sunday. Cakes and I went to The Waterbrook Church yesterday - the sermon was very much needed. I feel like it's been a long time since I got to sit and learn/receive. The main point of the sermon was basically coming [back] to God, instead of worrying about one thing or another. Pastor Mobo said, "WHY WORRY WHEN YOU CAN PRAY?" (Isaiah 41:10; Philippians 4:6-7)

March 27, 2015

Random Alert: Elevator Habits

Yo yo yo homies yo yo yo!

Yeah, this is kinda outta nowhere, but it's something I think about at least once a day - ELEVATOR HABITS. Why am I thinking about it that often, you ask? No reason - just one of the million thoughts in my head. I wonder what people do in elevators if they are all alone. People like Daks of Third World Profashional Blog take selfies. Someone else whose name I shan't mention prefers to physically attack her brother-in-law, while her sister apparently likes to stand like a statue in elevators.

March 25, 2015

Berry Lovely Links

Hi guys n gals!

Hope your week's going well :D

March 24, 2015

Berry Cake-filled Weekend

Yo yo,

So I said I didn't have much of a weekend update to post, because I had big big plans for it that didn't happen. On Saturday, I was invited to The House of Lux event, and I had other plans already (my friend's children's birthday party) - by the time we left, Cakes and I were exhausted and just weren't up to it. It's fine anyways because I saw photos and people were glam'd up, and I would have walked in there in denim shorts :p

Then Sunday, I had invites for The Eko Atlantic Beach Tournament, as well as an event for bloggers by Joel Lani Accessories. There was a combination of unfortunate things that caused me to stay home on Sunday. I won't tell you what exactly, but let's just say thank God I can eat food now and keep it in my stomach (TMI?).

Anyways, last week Cakes and his team of talented bakers made WONDERFUL cakes for my friend and her family. The comments ranged from "Wow, my expectations were exceeded!" to "Noooooooo, I don't want to cut the cake. It's too pretty!!!!!!!!"

BUT before I show you THOSE cakes, here are a couple he made the week or two before.

You guys should see me watching Frozen. I actually sing and dance along to all the songs. 

I mean, this cake is sooooooooooo cute!!! I love the colors! I actually commended the customer for ordering a different cake design from the orders Cakes usually gets. 

Okay, the last 4 cakes are the ones for my friend - her children's birthdays are within 2 days of each other, and they had a birthday party on Saturday.

March 20, 2015

Berry Good Advice: Check your Email!!!

Hey guys,

How are ya? I hope you're prepping for a fun weekend. We'll see how mine goes.

So my family and close friends know this thing about me: I can be VERY forgetful. As in, VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY! I forget a lot of things from faces to names (I need to meet some people 3 or 4 times before I recognize them). I forget event dates - I think I've mentioned here that one day, I got my sisters and cousins to get all dressed up and decked out for this Bridal Show in Atlanta, only for us to get there and I had mixed up the dates :p I forget things Cakes tells me - NOT EVERY TIME O! Because he'll now use this admission against me in a future argument. Anyways, why am I saying this and what does this have to do with checking your emails? 

*I see a text on my phone about goods for me in Oshodi*
Me: Cakes, see this text message. I think it's spam.
Cakes: No it's not. Give me your phone. (he likes to pretend he's Superman) HELLO?! WHOSE NUMBER ARE YOU TRYING TO REACH? WHERE DID YOU GET THIS NUMBER? DON'T CALL THIS NUMBER AGAIN, DO YOU HEAR ME?!
Me: *rolling eyes because Cakes can be extra sometimes*

March 19, 2015

Some Good News!

Actually, I have TWO bits of good news. They have to do with numbers... some numbers are climbing and other numbers are dropping... who wants to guess?! Okay I'll tell you.

Let's start with the climbing numbers -  Berry Dakara Blog hit 500,000 views yesterday!!!

Woot the woot woot!!! I hope you know that I'm mentally victory-twerking for all of you! So many thanks go to you who's reading right now. Thanks for reading, commenting, lurking, sharing posts and much more. Thanks even to those of you who find me annoying, because for whatever reason, you keep coming back :p

And now let's go to the dropping numbers - between January 29th and yesterday, I have officially lost TEN POUNDS (that's 4.5kg)!!! Okay, let me be honest. I think some of the weight drop is due to being sick earlier this week, BUT I must note that I've lost inches in my hips, stomach/waist, and a teeny-weeny bit in my chest (NOOOOOOOOOOOOO to the last one).

I just thought I should share. Thanks for your support, encouragement, prayers, kind words and more!

I love you guys.

Hugs and kisses to you my DAHLINGS!!!

March 18, 2015

Berry Lovely Links

Hello Dakara Dahlings!

First of all, can I say I appreciate ALL the positive comments from my last post?!?!?!? You guys are TOO MUCH! You're all RAWK STARS!!! I hope your week is going better than mine. Yeah, been sick again - actually had to go to hospital on Monday night (apparently I might have eaten something) - BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Oh well, I'm better today, so thank God.

March 16, 2015

Berry Luxe Weekend

Hey everyone,

I didn't get up to much this weekend. Cakes and I have both been quite tired - him from work, and me from getting over a fluish coldish thingy. I was quite sick enough that I skipped working out for the better part of last week, but I should be back on track this week. Although the weekend was mostly quiet, we had a wedding to attend on Saturday. I'm normally not one of those people that goes to get my makeup professionally done before an event that's not mine. I like my makeup light and natural-looking. But, this weekend, I decided to pay Luxe Beauty Lounge a visit. They opened their store a couple of weeks ago, and I was going to post photos in a separate post - but I might as well do it now, since I don't have much to share anyways.

March 14, 2015

Berry and Cakes Trek to Ibadan - Part 3


Finally! I thought I would never get to the end of these Ibadan posst. How on earth did I think everything would fit in one post?!?!?!?!?!? See Part 1 and Part 2 if you're just joining us.

That said, let's get on with the post. Our final stop before lunch was Agodi Gardens. I think the full name is Agodi Park & Gardens.

March 13, 2015

Birthday Cupcakes and Mother's Day Cupcakes Giveaway Winners

Hey everyone!

Quick note to announce the winners of the cupcakes and cupcake bouquet courtesy of Cakes (Cake Factory aka Cakesiena).


There were 28 entrants for the Birthday Giveaway, and Random.Org selected #5 - DOLAPO GREY.


There were 26 entrants for the Mothers Day Giveaway, and Random.Org selected #11 - Mideyjay.

Please contact them at 08033118995 TODAY if you want your cupcakes and cupcake bouquet on Sunday!

To everyone else, you can still honour your mum, grandmum, sister, aunt, or special woman in your life with cupcakes from Cakes. Please place your orders by today if you want delivery on Sunday, and don't forget to wish Cakes a Happy Birthday in advance!


To my Nuella winners - Santa Berry's coming this weekend, so please hold your phones!

Berry and Cakes Trek to Ibadan - Part 2

Our next stop was Irefin Palace. Again, I didn't do any research ahead of time, so I didn't know what to expect.

March 12, 2015

Berry and Cakes Trek to Ibadan - Part 1

Earlier this week, in my usual weekend update, I mentioned that Cakes and I went on a Naija Treks excursion/trip to Ibadan. I didn't share all the photos and give any gist about the trip because there were just too many of them. In fact, I've decided to break the trip down into different posts because I want to share stories as well. So brace yourself now! Take your time and grab a cuppa tea, coffee, or wine and enjoy a few sights from Ibadan.

March 11, 2015

Berry Lovely Links

Hello friends!

Are you having a good week so far? I am, minus allergies that are refusing to go away. Anyways, what do we have for our reading pleasure today?

March 10, 2015

REVIEW: L'Afric Restaurant

I know I said I was going to do more reviews this year, as part of my 2015 Blogging Goals, but I've kinda shied away from them. I generally feel like if I've already posted a weekend update with a restaurant visit, there's no need for a separate review post. But that's just cheating :(

Anyways, as you know, over the weekend, Cakes and I went to lunch with my parents to L'Afric Restaurant. It's located at #1 Adeola Hopewell Street, but the entrance is on Sanusi Fafunwa Street, in Victoria Island. Funny enough, when I first moved to Lagos, I used to go there quite often and ate only 1 thing on their menu - Special Fried Rice which comes with Shrimps, Shredded Chicken and Plantain. It really appealed to my taste buds! Another thing I liked was the ambiance. It was the first time I was eating in a restaurant that served mainly Nigerian food that I actually liked and felt comfortable in. I would take myself out, with a book or magazine, head to L'Afric and have a Chapman and my usual Special Fried Rice.

March 9, 2015

GIVEAWAY - Cupcakes and a Cupcake Bouquet!

Soooooooooo, it's Cakes' birthday this coming weekend, and he and his team over at Cake Factory have decided to host a giveaway!!! Woot woot!!! They will be giving out a half dozen cupcakes in any flavor of your choice (my recommendation is Red Velvet), in honor of his birthday.


  1. Must be a Lagos resident (sorry non-Lagosians) OR whoever you want to send cupcakes to, must live in Lagos
  2. Follow Cakes on

    FACEBOOK: Cake Factory by K's Craft and tag a friend in the Cupcakes Giveaway photo
    INSTAGRAM: @Cakesiena and tag a friend in the Cupcakes Giveaway photo
    TWITTER: @Cakesiena and tweet "I want to win cupcakes from @Cakesiena"

    (You can do one or all of them if you like)
  3. That's all!


His birthday also falls on Mother's Day this year, and the Cake Factory Team will give out a Cupcake Bouquet in honor. This can be given to your mother, wife, sister, friend, aunt... whoever you think is a great mother, or a yummy mummy-to-be.

  1. Recipient must be a Lagos resident
  2. Follow Cakes on

    FACEBOOK: Cake Factory by K's Craft and tag a friend in the Cupcake Bouquet Giveaway photo
    INSTAGRAM: @Cakesiena and tag a friend in the Cupcake Bouquet Giveaway photo
    TWITTER: @Cakesiena  and tweet "I want to win a cupcake bouquet from @Cakesiena" 

    Again, you can do one or all of them.
  3. That's all!!!

THE WINNERS WILL BE PICKED ON FRIDAY AT 12PM LAGOS TIME, so that delivery arrangements can be made in time, especially for the cupcake bouquet. 

Berry Trekky-Party Weekend

Hi guys and gals!!!

I am exhausted as I type this up and am tempted to just not even have a weekend update at all. But I know that would be mean, and I'll get messages offline asking where it is. So I'm doing the sacrificial thing and posting this for you. Yes, you. BTW, I hope you had a nice weekend.

I'll keep the writing to a minimum, as I intend to put up a separate post for the highlight of my weekend - which was a NAIJA TREKS excursion to IBADAN!!! Watch out for it later this week.

March 5, 2015

Throwback Thursday RANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





I promise I'm not trying to become the latest rapper in town, with all my rhyming above.



*I plan to update this post as your comments come in, so please add sad, frustrated, angry, wailing words that rhyme*

What's the cause of all this, you ask?

March 4, 2015

Berry Lovely Links

Yo yo yo berryful people!

Who can tell I'm in a happy mood? :D

March 2, 2015

Berry Foodie Weekend

Hey y'all!

How was your weekend?! Mine was FULL!!! From Friday up until yesterday, it was out-and-about for me. I had fun though, and got home in enough time to not feel exhausted.

On Friday, Cakes and I went out on a double date. Honestly, this is something I had wanted to for a loooooong time. I mentioned it casually to Cakes a few times since we started dating, but nothing ever happened. I'm very happy that his friend, Kash (whose wedding we went to in Abeokuta - remember our Olumo Rock adventure), brought up the idea. We planned to have a couples date night with dinner, drinks, maybe a movie and dancing. We were able to have drinks/dinner, and a movie. Maybe next time we'll go dancing.

We headed to The Palms Mall and ate at Double Four Restaurant. I think I have eaten there once before, but I don't quite remember.