July 29, 2018

It is Well... Or is it?

Hey there,

Thanks for the love I got from my last post, where I shared why I haven't been blogging. The comments, the calls, emails and DMs were almost overwhelming - I actually cried while reading and responding to some of them. It's reassuring to know that there are people out there who have love for you and uphold you in prayer - sometimes I feel like I have an army of human angels praying on my behalf, and I'm really grateful.

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July 19, 2018

Why I Have Not Been Blogging

Who remembers the days when I used to churn out at least 4 or 5 posts every week on this blog? I remember the years when my total number of blog posts throughout the year topped 200 (see my recaps in 2014 and 2015)! I don't know if I'll say that was the peak of my blogging, but it really seemed like the sky was the limit at the time. I think that living in Nigeria kinda fostered my creativity, as there were a lot of events to go to (that helped me learn how to churn out multiple posts from one outing). I was definitely in my comfort zone blogging-wise, and then I moved back to Atlanta.

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July 6, 2018

My Two Dream Summer Destinations

Hey y'all,

It's been a while. So much has happened but I haven't forgotten you guys, and I still owe you the final parts of my Traveling with A Baby series (Part 1, Part 2). I will get to them, I promise! Speaking of Travel, I'd like to share my Dream Summer Destinations with you. I was chatting with an old friend yesterday, who's currently visiting a city that's on my Travel Bucket List - Rome! As a matter of fact,  my dream Summer Destinations are in Europe!

Summer's a great time to travel to Europe, mostly because that's when the weather is most friendly - that's very important to me. Of course, it might be tough to find cheap flights during the summer, but it certainly isn't impossible. We've been able to travel in the past while randomly browsing for summer sales, like when we visited England and Scotland two years ago.

I've been to Italy once before. But I was a little infant, so of course, I don't remember anything about it. But there's just something that fascinates me about Italy. Did you know I studied Italian for a year in college? Unfortunately, the language didn't stick, but I still know a few phrases here and there. Rome is one of the biggest draws for tourists in Italy. I certainly want to visit some day, and take in all the beautiful sights and architecture, like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. But what I'd really like to do when I visit Italy, is go to a smaller city, like Bergamo or Veneto, that still hold all the charm of Italy, but with much fewer tourists.

Spain is yet another country that I visited with my parents as a baby, and would like to see today with my own baby. Speaking of Cocoa, she just turned 1 a couple of weeks ago! Anyways, Spanish is another language I am fascinated by, and I also took a year of Spanish too. And nope, I can't speak it either. I need to relearn all these languages. If I'm being honest, one of the reasons why Spain is attractive to me is their music, Paso Doble dance, and Antonio Banderas!!! Speaking of Antonio, I watched him portray Pablo Picasso in the National Geographic series, Genius. Again, I'd really like to see the stunning architecture - very popular with tourists is the Sagrada Familia.

So these are my dream vacays for any summer. Of course, yours may be different. You can always do the usual thing and find cheap flights from Lagos to London, or hop on a flight from Lagos to Dubai like Cakes and I did in 2014 (see part 1, part 2 and part 3 here).

What's your one dream destination for the summer?

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