April 30, 2024

Telling My Grandmother About My Divorce

I promise I'm not going to write only about my divorce on this blog. As a matter of fact, I get tired of the topic - as if I don't have other things on my mind. But I shared this on Threads the other day, and I thought it might make for a good blog post too!

April 15, 2024

Regret Getting Divorced?

 A few weeks ago, I was having a conversation with a friend about Coco. I shared how sometimes I felt a little bad that I wasn't able to provide a two-parent home for Coco. My friend followed up with this question: "Do you regret getting divorced?" It was a question that took me aback a little bit, but I appreciated the opportunity to think through my response.

I said I'd share it online because Hello, Oversharer here! Okay that's not why but I'm fine with sharing my thoughts and experiences and maybe one person out there might relate.