September 16, 2019

Clever Girl Finance Book Event in Atlanta

I have been part of the Clever Girl Finance program for a few years now. Clever Girl Finance is a platform that aims to teach women how to be financially savvy and build personal wealth. Earlier this year, I was asked to be one of the Clever Girl Finance mentors - to be honest, I was quite surprised because, to be honest, I don't have a lot of money. At all. My savings account goes up and down and up and down, and sometimes, it seems like I'm living paycheck to paycheck. But the truth of the matter is, I have gained a lot of knowledge from Clever Girl Finance and have made strides in my finances over the years. Sometimes I slip up and make silly mistakes, but I always bounce back based on what I have learned and put into practice. This whole time, through my Clever Girl Finance journey, I had never met the founder, Bola Sokunbi until August 2019!!!

September 2, 2019

LIFE LATELY: August 2019

Happy Labor Day to my Stateside readers!!!!

Welcome to the -Ember months. We have another 120 days left in the year, so make them count! Just because you haven't started on one goal or another doesn't mean you can't start now. Start today, and use my Goal Getter Guide to get started and keep yourself on track! I've got a few things to share about how August went for me.