January 16, 2019

Ten Tips for Reading with Toddlers

I used to worry a little bit about building a reading habit for my baby. I read and heard many times that you should start reading to your baby while pregnant, and every day after they're born to help them discover a love for reading. I had a little bit of a rough start and had some mum guilt festering below the surface, but thankfully, my toddler loves to read!

January 15, 2019

Book Review: Adenike by Adenike Oyetunde

I wasn't planning to review this, or any book for that matter, but after I happened upon Adenike and read it from cover to cover in a few hours, I knew I had to share it with you here. Before I go into the book itself, I'd like to share a little background story of how I know the author, Adenike Oyetunde.

January 14, 2019

My Word for 2019

The very first time I ever posted my Word Of the Year was in 201*. I can't remember where I saw the trend - most likely from other blogs I followed and my interest was piqued. Again, just like New Year resolutions and Goals, a lot of people find them to be cliche. That's their prerogative - everything is not for everyone. But I like the idea of being guided by a word or phrase. It influences your thoughts, and therefore your actions.

January 12, 2019

BERRY VLOG - Random Questions with Verastic!

I finally met Vera, whose blog I have followed for the past few years, in December. When she told me she would be in Atlanta during Christmas, I immediately jumped at the chance to stop by for a visit with her. Little Miss Cocoa and Ada Verastic were friendly towards each other, and Vera and I talked like we were old friends. I thought it would be nice to film a video with her - I'd like to do more collaboration videos this year, and we had a blast answering the questions from the 300 Writing Prompts journal (remember when I tried to make it a regular series, called BERRY WRITES on the blog?). Anyway, I hope you enjoy our video.

Have a great weekend!

January 11, 2019

Berry Lovely Links

It's another Friday, and another set of links that I came across or were recommended to me during the week. Did you know that you can email, tweet or DM articles you find interesting and they may end up in a Lovely Links post (and a shout out too?). Check out some of the things that I took time to read and enjoy in the past week.

January 9, 2019

My 2019 Goals

As the year begins, and everyone thinks about their goals and resolutions (or shuns them because they are cliche), I have been thinking about some of my goals for the year. I have shared my blogging and some personal goals in years past, and even my Word of the Year a couple of times. I kinda skipped sharing my goals last year - although I did mention wanting to lose weight (which I did, and then regained some towards the end of the year). This year I wondered whether I want to go through the process of sharing my goals on this platform. And at the end of the day, I have decided that while I may not share some of the more intimate things I'd like to accomplish this year, it doesn't hurt to list out the others.

January 7, 2019

Life Lately: December/2018 Review

Hey there!

One of my goals for 2019 is putting up more posts! I want you to hear more from me, be entertained, be inspired, get something to think about, etc. I always used to enjoy reading Life Lately or Taking Stock posts from other bloggers, but never indulged. I would randomly put up Life Update posts, but those were few and far between. This year though, I would like them to be on a monthly basis - on the first Monday of every month. I promise to review the past month, and give you a little more insight into me. I hope you enjoy these posts going forward, and will share a spot of your life with me in the comments.

January 5, 2019

BERRY VLOG: Christmas Day With My Siblings

Hi there!

I thought it would fun to share a short and sweet video from Christmas morning with Cocoa and my siblings.

I hope you had an excellent Christmas!

January 4, 2019

Berry Lovely Links


For our first Lovely Links post of the year, I thought it would be nice to check out some 2018 in Review posts from some of my favorite bloggers. I like to read the reviews and lessons that people learned over time, and you never know what you might pick up from reading about other people's experiences. If you blog or have a Youtube channel and have reviewed 2018, please feel free to leave the link below so that I can catch up with you. Have fun reading!

January 2, 2019

Great Devotionals on Youversion for Goal Setting

As you all know, I've been all about Goals! It's a new year, and most people are in the mental space of creating goals (or making resolutions) for 2019. I created my Goal Getter Guides to help people in setting new goals that align with what they want in life - I hope you've downloaded and started using them! But I wanted to go further and recommend some great devotionals I've come across on Youversion for setting and achieving goals.

January 1, 2019

Happy New Year!

WELCOME TO 2019!!!

This year, I pray above all else, that God's will for your life be done. It's great to make all kinds of plans and have all sorts of goals, but the very best ones are those that fall under the will of God. May your year hold many blessings, in Jesus name. Amen.