July 3, 2023

Solo Staycation at The Starling Hotel, Atlanta

My life as a single mom who's the primary physical parent is VERY busy. Unlike other co-parenting situations that are 50:50, my daughter's father lives in a different state. This means that she gets to see him just a few times a year. Even though I have a great support system in my parents, sister and cousin, I prefer to take solo or "me time," only when Coco is with her father (when he comes to visit, or she goes to visit him. For her birthday this year, he came into town for the weekend, and I seized the opportunity to get some well-deserved time alone. 

June 26, 2023

VLOG: Dating After Divorce

How soon is too soon to start dating after getting divorced? In this video I share my thoughts about approaching dating since my divorce, and also as a single mom.

May 30, 2023

Happy Birthday to Me!

There's really no way I can still try to claim 30's anymore. I am now firmly in the 40+ box. When I fill out forms and get to the demographics section, it's the 40-45 or 40-49 boxes I put a tick mark in. It almost seems weird to me. Just yesterday I was talking to an old friend and he mentioned that his son will be heading to college in the next 5 years. What's crazy is I've known him for a long time, way before he had kids... we remember US being in college, and now we're talking about our children heading to college? How time flies. 

January 4, 2023

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I hope you who's reading is having a pretty good start to the year. I want to say that I am, but... I feel anxious. I'll write a little about anxiety in a different blog post, but for now, I'd prefer to keep things positive and light. 

October 6, 2022

On Moving On

Hello again,

In the past couple of years, well-meaning friends and family members have told me to "move on." Most of the time when they say I need to move on, they mean I need to get into a new relationship or get remarried.