September 11, 2014

So we went to Dubai... Part 3

Hi Darlns! As you know, I've been sharing pictures and stories from Cakes' and I's trip to Dubai! What?!? You haven't been following? Okay, see Part 1 and Part 2 for the gist.

The last 2 days of our trip were mainly for resting and shopping. We went to Dragon Mart to look for industrial ovens and things. We got there and honestly, it was more nauseating than anything. All these cheap perfumes and lots of fake items too made us gag. The building is HUGE! We sha found someone with industrial kitchen items after roaming around for an hour.

Yo, there's a dragon behind me!

Bag -  Fake; Bag - Fake; Bag - Fake; EVERYTHING: FAAAAAAAAAKE!
Afterwards we went to Mall of the Emirates, which I thought was more boring than Dubai Mall, so we don't have pictures (plus we were irritable and fighting after pretty much wasting our entire day and money for no bloody reason).

By the next day we had made up (YAY!) and we visited the Gold Souk to buy presents for our family members and friends - not gold o (I have not reached that level but one day... Amen)! Little pashminas and things are what we got. 
Imagine hundreds of shops like this EVERYWHERE!

The vendors were very friendly and kept telling us how Nigerians are so rich and come to spend money.

Bought a bunch of stuff from this guy and he gave me a free purse :)
I told you :D

Erm, you're blocking my purse

Mister Man, are you taking MY picture or a selfie?

Obviously a selfie

From the Gold Souk, we wanted to head over to Dubai Mall, but instead of taking a taxi there directly, we'd planned to cross the Dubai Creek on one of their abras. An abra is a wooden boat that people use to cross from one side of the creek to the other, and it costs only ONE Dihram per person! Nice, cheap way to move and the scenery is nice to see, even though the ride is barely 5 minutes long. You can rent one for 30 minutes or an hour for 30 dirhams, I think. 
Hey there, abras behind me

My photographer didn't think to take a picture of the whole boat :-|

Yo, the gangsta couple! Not quite. Which gangsta gives the peace sign

Scenery - Old Dubai, I think

When we crossed over, we stopped at a roadside shop to get candy and nuts to bring back home with us. 
Look at 'em nuts. (Hehe)

Then we got a taxi and took in some more scenery on the way to Dubai Mall.
I love these mills. 
Etisalat HQ

The Architecture in Dubai is STUNNING!!! It's not just about the skyscrapers... even the houses in New Dubai are beautiful

This what the train stations look like - waaaay kewl!
We fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinally made it to the mall for last minute shopping and took a few pictures outside. 

Dear friends, please notice this picture with the full Burj Khalifa in the background
Now see mine... Best Photographer Award goes to.... ME!
Okay, he managed to somehow try in this shot.
Look, there's a Berry on your left!
No wait, she's on your right...
I meant LEFT...

Okay, I'm dizzy. All done!
That was our last stop of our trip, and then we headed back to the hotel to pack, sleep, and shower before heading to the airport for our midnight flight.

BUT FIRST... one more set of pictures from the hotel :D

Cakes snaps while I do the running man in the background

And erm, some other kinda dance
Before we knew it, our trip was over :( but we thank God for the opportunity and provision to be able to go. Now it's time to face work and replenish our savings. My advise is to save little by little for any trips you want to make, and set yourself a STRICT travel budget that will include shopping, touring, eating, etc. You don't want to travel and come back home broke.

And with that, I end my Dubai series :) I hope you've enjoyed our pictures. If you want any tips for traveling to Dubai, be sure to holla at me.

This is one of my favorite pictures from our trip. It's carefree, happy, and simply calm.



  1. Now berry if you were giving out a trip to dubai................

  2. Nice pics. I am with Aye. I want to know when the Dubai trip giveaway is coming up. When that time comes, I will not hesitate to knock out anyone that would dare to "drag" it with me. ;)

    1. Don't worry. I won't even post the giveaway, I'll just email your flight confirmation ;)

  3. Lovely Pictures! You guys really had a fabulous time!
    You definately cannot end these Dubai Chronicles now....we need more pictures:-)
    Those guys at the Gold souk (pix 7&9) look super almost looks as if they were planning some sort of mischief :-)

    1. Thank you, and yes we did. Lol, no more pictures - all done!

      Hahahaha! They were kinda quiet actually

  4. Cakes arrgghhh...just stick to baking and massage Berry's foot. Dazzal!

  5. Cakes' photo skills though....very interesting, bless him. Oh and the fake MK bags....cracked me up when you typed Bags Fake over and over. Glad you had a lovely honeymoon. Just when we were starting to enjoy the dubai chronicles :-)

    1. Hehehe :D

      I knowwwwwwww. I was now wishing that I'd spent an extra week, so I'd have more to share.

  6. I call dibs on the purse...its mineeee. How do I get it Berry? Thanks for the purse *mwaaah*

  7. Wow. I enjoyed all these pics o. You are just a case... left, right, left, right, dizzy, lol. You are obviously the better photographer.

  8. I totally enjoyed the Dubai series. It's official, you're the better photographer. Those guys at the mall are right about Nigerians' spending culture. Nikky.

  9. Looks like you had a fun vacation, I love all your comments on the pictures..

  10. www.eniwealth79.blogspot.comSeptember 16, 2014 at 11:50 AM

    I've been enjoying the series quietly. You two really had fun. I pray the obvious spark between you two will never die. God bless your home. I got a little jealous when I realized that you met Dakore in your other post! I've been loving her since my teens!

  11. Hey Berry,
    The pics shows you guys had fun touring Dubai. I've never seen Dubai in this light. Thanks for sharing


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