September 19, 2014

20 Random Facts About Me Tag

Yo yo Double D's

*did I explain what Double D's stands for? DD = Dakara Dahlings! And also boobage*

The lovely Ifenyiwa (of Love, Ifeyinwa and Ajali, which just won Best Made in Nigeria Product of the Year) tagged me 2 months ago in the 20 Random Facts About Me. And now, I'm finally getting around to it :D. So get ready, grab some popcorn and a fruity cocktail/mocktail, put on your sunglasses and be amazed......... at how boring I am/can be.


  1. I "like" crying. That is, I don't shy away from crying (DUH, no surprise - after crying because Cakes took my engagement ring, remember?). But I think sometimes, I create the opportunities for crying bouts. For instance, on Monday, I saw The Time Traveler's Wife scheduled to show. I've cried every single time I watched that film, and of course I auto-scheduled it. And yes, I started crying from halfway through the movie, and it was steady tears for 15 minutes towards the end. Yes, I went to work with swollen eyes on Tuesday.
  2. I don't like powdered milk. God made milk in liquid form. Don't destroy His creation.
  3. I like being short but it makes me happy when I see shorter people like Lola and Ebun.
  4. I can't wrap my mind around living in Nigeria permanently.
  5. If I could travel and live in hotels for a living, I would do it in a heartbeat!
  6. I think I would be a very good voice-over artist, a good TV presenter, and a great actress.
  7. I have my dad's nails shape... :(
  8. I practice twerking in my office restroom. And in my bedroom. And on the couch. And I wish I could do what Amber Rose did!!! (check her Instagram)
  9. I've read a number of books this year. All of them, trashy romance novels because they were free on iTunes bookstore :p
  10. 95% of the time, I can't hear or make out lyrics of a song. The beat or melody always overshadow the lyrics. 
  11. I wear glasses even though it's just one eye that's slightly bad.
  12. I asked my mum and sister how to boil an egg this year, then I Googled and Youtubed it! *hides face* In my defense, I don't cook things that I don't eat. Yes, it's selfish. No, I haven't gotten over that selfishness yet.
  13. I can eat 2 meals without drinking water. It's a very bad habit and tomorrow I'll be wondering why I don't have smooth skin *rolls eyes*
  14. I enjoy watching musicals :)
  15. I can be very paranoid! This morning I was about to make my cup of coffee and the thought has been going through my mind that coffee stains teeth and I'm 1 million percent sure my teeth are yellow right now :(
  16. I've been feeling nostalgic about my wedding and been looking through the pictures this whole week! I'm sure I'll put up more pictures from the wedding on our anniversary. 
  17. I don't watch news anymore. There's too much trouble and sadness in the world, and it really depresses me, so instead of watching and crying everyday, I'd rather watch E or Comedy Central.
  18. I have black spots on my tongue. As far as I know, I've always had them. I used to tell people I burned myself with hot food. 
  19. Speaking of hot food, I DON'T LIKE hot food!!!
  20. I can stand and walk with my feet inverted - as in with my toes pointing directly towards each other. 

Hmm, who to nominate now... 

FUNMI REESE - because I like her blog, and she only just started but has quite a following!!!
STYLEFASH - because she's missing in action and that's not fair to her readers
EBUNITE - because she doesn't think she's interesting and that's a blawdy lie, if I ever heard one.
SISI YEMMIE - because I don't think she's done one and it'd be interesting to see what she writes.


Have a nice weekend errbawdy!


  1. Awww. Imagine getting a nomination from the first blogger whose blog I read and liked (bella naija and lindaikeji don't count in that 'blog' sense that I mean).
    Berry! Thank you for nominating me.

  2. I agree with number 6 and I'm wondering why you aren't doing those three things yet!

  3. LOL at some of the comments. I like seeing shorter people too :)

    As for the Time Traveller's Wife SMH... that and Titanic.

    1. I've watched the Titanic before, in like 1998 or so and just haven't been interested in watching it again.

  4. i dont like drinking water while eating so i wait a couple of hours to drink it so wierd.

  5. I'm a frog wen it comes to water but the only time I don't drink water is when I'm eating

  6. There are a lot of sad things going on everyday, I don't like listening to news, soundcity is good enough.
    Most times wen I'm having dinner, I remember I didn't take water during/after lunch.

  7. Lol @ number 3. Agree with 6. I have 18 and I dont like 19 too :). Interesting read :)

  8. I'm sure u aint talking about me, cos you know who is taller.

  9. Lol! my peeps call me "je okuta ma momi!" literal translation "eat stone don't drink water" I can't eat & drink at the same time. I luuuuuuuvvvvvvvvvvv Hotels too! i could travel to another Country just to stay in a posh Hotel! Gosh I need to make plenty money! hmmmm

  10. Like you, I can go two days without drinking water...that bad that I set a reminder on my phone for drinking water. I think you'd make a great actress

    1. I have the app. I don't even flinch at the reminders :(

  11. Lol at number 17. I don't like watching news so much lately. Too many sad tales. Ride on dear.

  12. Ok! I realised I didn't comment on the random facts. Blame it on the
    So 13) how do you not like water. I eat 2 spoons of food I drink water.The colder the better.
    16)Abeg post more pictures.
    17)I watch Disney and ELTV instead. Cnn,Sky news are out cos "A soldier just died in Iraq, serial killer on the loose, Missing kids,Accidents,Flood....I just can't deal cos I cry a lot as in (1).
    Finally I love hotels. I am constantly trying to get my room to be as spartan as an hotel but I never succeed. I love it's anonymity and room service. I just relax.

    1. I can't drink that much water. Too much having to pee.

      I used to watch Disney waaaaaaaaaaay back when. Now it's mostly E.

  13. Lmaoo, Berry what is this?

    I have a water problem too and my awful dry skin to show for it.

  14. I CANNOT relate to the water thing. I stay drinking water.
    I do find crying cathartic but I can only cry by myself or in front of a small number of people. I LOVE musicals - especially the Indian films.

  15. OMG, your post just reminded me that Ifeyinwa tagged me in that post too. O crap! I have been very bad. I should do mine too.

  16. Its my first time on your blog and your 20 randoms just cracked me up. When I got to #20, I just busted out couldn't hold it anymore. Nice blog. Love the realness in you. :)

  17. this was a good read :) i also have my dads toe nails, yikes!


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