January 12, 2013

RANT of the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG! I want to screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeam! I am SO ANNOYED! Somebody give me a pillow to scream into a la Lilo and Stitch!

The source of my annoyance? Bad customer service - unintended, nevertheless, BAD customer service!!!

So I went to get my car fixed today, cos a tire had been making a yucky sound for a while. My friend (K) referred me to his mechanic, and we went to drop it off in the morning. After the consultation, the price I was told was N12,000. Hmm, ok, fair enough. I go off with K, having a fairly jolly day. And then we're called back to the auto shop 7 hours later... after which, my mood shifted DRAMATICALLY! *I'm going to have to ask for forgiveness once I calm down*

Why, when I got back, did the price more than double to N30,000????? What? How? When? Where? Whyyyyyyyy? Apparently the damage was much worse than previously thought... Fair enough. The mechanic called K to explain what the damage was like... Fair enough. K told him to go ahead and fix it because it needed immediate repair... Fair enough. BUT where in that conversation was the extra cost discussed??? And why was I not told afterwards??? It's my car, my money (well, Daddy's money), but can a girl know how much she's going to spend ahead of time? I like to plan ahead, especially when it comes to money - it's a genetic trait :p

The point wasn't whether I had the money or not. The point also wasn't whether the extra work done was life-saving. I mean, thanks to them for looking out for my safety (insert the beginning of guilty pangs now). But I couldn't leave without giving them a piece of my mind.

Wooooooooosaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Ok, writing definitely makes me feel better cos I feel calmer now than when I wrote the first word. WRITING IS THERAPEUTIC, PEOPLE! Try it.

Peace out!


  1. Can imagine hw peeved u were.. Hope u apologized tho.. I might as well give writing a try


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