May 29, 2022

Happy 40th Birthday to Me


Happy 40th Birthday to me!

A few years ago I dreaded being this "old." But now I embrace getting to start and rock my 40's. My 30's were great and also very challenging - moving back to Nigeria for NYSC, deciding to stay (for work and love, or what I thought was love) and moving back home to ATL; content creation in different formats (blogging, YouTube, podcasting); getting married - having our daughter after trying for 2+ years - getting separated and finally divorcing this year; going from broke and in so much debt to being a homeowner; seemingly going backwards career-wise 👀 but slowly making strides and pivoting; I could go on and on.

What I pray for in my 40's is really come into my own. To come into the woman God meant me to be. To find Him again. To be the best mother to Coco. I pray to be full of grace and live a graceful life as God intended. To let go completely of my past mistakes and forge ahead with wisdom. I pray to thrive work-wise and make an impact. To be more intentional in every aspect of my life. To live a life rooted in prayer, gratitude and joy. To be a better money manager (I'm pretty good already but 👀) because why do I have credit card debt on my birthday instead of having a small chops hangout? I pray to be fit spiritually, physically, emotionally, financially and any other -ally that makes sense. 

Thanks be to God Almighty for bringing me this far! May the next decade be the absolute best ever!