January 8, 2013

Help me choose a Personal Business Card design!

So in my last post, I brought up the topic of personal business cards.

Like my friend Funmi pointed out, personal business cards started out as "calling cards." In Victorian times, it was a rule of etiquette for gentlemen to drop their calling cards upon visiting friends, acquaintances, female interests, etc. The butler would take the card to the intended, and if they were home, would receive the visitor. If not home, the card would be left behind to indicate that the visitor had stopped by. In addition, if you were trying to introduce yourself formally, you would go to a person's house and leave your card there. If they wished to further get acquainted with you, they would send you their card in return. Otherwise, your calling card would be sent back to you - OUCH, that's kinda harsh!

Mmm, the propriety of it all! Sometimes I wish I was an aristocrat.

Moving on... I want to use the cards as a social/networking tool. I want them to reflect my personality, which is generally fun-loving. And yes, if they'll get me a gig in a sensible Nollywood movie, then by all means. However, no I don't want to look like an escort (feedback on the picture I used in my previous post *I cringe*). I played around with some more designs and these are some of them... Please look 'em over and vote for your favorite!

Option 1 - I like that it's vertical. 

Option 2 - Has an air of mystery, no? Info would be behind.

Option 3 - More suited to my personality and I love pink!

Option 4 - Kinda off-balance but quirky

Choose your favorite!
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  1. Hi, i love your blog; it's fresh and fun. keep it up

  2. Option 2 girlfriend! I'd be curious to see what's behind.The others give everything away too quickly.


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