February 27, 2013

Dakara Hair - 'Why I LOVE My Hair' Competition and Entry

Hello pretty people!

It's Wednesday morning, I feel yucky cos I had allergies for like 8 hours yesterday and I didn't have my medicine with me... FYI, I'm a walking pharmacy - Most times I have meds for allergies, migraines, aches and pains, sore throat, and an inhaler, just in case. Anyways, here's to feeling much better as the day goes by!

On one of my favorite blogs, Kinky Apothecary, there was a poster for a competition titled 'Why I Love My Hair.' On a whim, I decided to send in maybe 3/4 sentences, and ended up with a short poem. So here's the competition poster and my entry, which I decided to jazz up a little bit.

Why I Love My Hair Competition Poster - See her Tumblr Page and Facebook Page. She's an aspiring children's book author and illustrator and so far, I like her work!

Does this seem as vain and narcissistic as I think?

Feel free to enter the competition too. It's all good fun, and ends April 22. 

And speaking of Hair, I sent my picture to the gals at African Naturalistas blog, and it's featured on their header!!! 

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand, they've also asked me to join their team!!! Exciting, innit? Except that now I'm being all scared and incompetent. Like what would I write about? Do I even REALLY know anything about natural hair? Okay I do, but I'm really lazy with implementing on my own head. Eeeeeeeeeeeeek! I should go for it, right? That would force me to take care of my hair properly.

Alrighty, that's it on the hair front :) I'm already feeling better. Now it's time for a nice cuppa tea.

Have a prettyliciously berryful day.


February 26, 2013

Social Media Week: Conversations for Change

From February 18th to 23rd, Social Media Week, took place in different cities all over the world. For the first time, a city in Africa was chosen (Lagos) as one of the SMW Hubs. There were a plethora of events, both online and offline. I had plans to go to every single evening/night-time event, but I was exhausted and only ended up viewing a Google Hangout on "Movies, Music and Entertainment Without Borders;" as well as a final event by Creative Nigeria Project - Conversations for Change.

At Conversations for Change, there were a lot of different speakers from different backgrounds. I have to say it, Nigerians are soooo creative, so artistic, and I'm happy that through the use of Social Media, people are getting opportunities to share their work across the country and beyond.

Lami Idakwo (CEO - MarketwomanLagos.com), Oluseun Onigbinde (Co-founder - BudgIT), Ada Umeofia (Founder - WeBuilt: AFRICA)

Remi Vaughan-Richards, Film/Documentary Director.

Charles Novia, Nollywood Actor, Producer; Writer "Nollywood Till November".

Chineze Anyaene, MD/CEO CXA Entertainment. She produced 'Ije' starring Genevieve Nnaji and Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde

Erm, dunno his name and Lydia Idakula, CEO - Gbagyi Child Entertainment, which also publishes Taruwa Magazine and hosts a monthly open-mic event, Taruwa.

Ferdinand Adimefe (Curator - Creative Nigeria Project), Ayo Rotimi (Social Media Manager, SMW Lagos)

Part of the audience. Can you see me? :p

Winnie Okpapi (Founder -Artwyn), Freedom House, Tope Sadiq (Freedom Hall, where I've read twice)
Yours truly and Timi Dakolo, Musician and winner West African Idol, 2007. His voice is AH-MAH-ZING!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Moi against the Conversations for Change backdrop.

You'd think I flew at Charles Novia and Chineze Anyaene, being in the Nollywood industry and all, but I was terribly shy. I have serious stage fright and I get really shy sometimes, so it was only because my friends pushed me to get their cards that made me go up to them. I haven't contacted either *runs to hide* I don't know what to saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. Somebody help me :(

Dakara Hair - Twisted February

Hello beautiful people!

I had an unofficial goal of leaving my natural hair out for the month of February. I just wanted to be more comfortable with my hair and see if I could maintain it. Well, I haven't taken very good care of it, but it's been worn out for the most part - save 2 or 3 days of wearing a wig.

I decided to go with twists, as I'd never done them before. I usually go with flat twists, but wanted to try out individual twists. The plan was to keep the twists in for 2 weeks, and then wear a twist-out for the rest of the month. However my twist-out has come out looking more like locs, and I'm kinda digging it.

Getting the twists in

My go-to twist style. I never wore them down. I thought the twists would puff up, but they didn't so I stuck with a twisted bun.

Unraveled for a twist-out! But they look more like locs. Hmmmmmmm... getting ideas.

Worn to work. 

Just another day at work.

Yup, at work again. All I do is take pics :p

The number and kind of comments I've gotten because of my hair have been interesting. I'll share in a different post another day.

Have a pretty day! Toodles!

Miss Berry :)

I put a ring on it!

Yes, I did. I surely did!

You know how one of my goals is to make at least one beaded accessory a month? Well, I've been slacking a little bit. I knew I wanted to make a ring, but just the time and patience to sit down and get it done was being elusive. So this Saturday, I had some downtime and I was determined to sit in one place and JUST DO IT, like Nike! Here are the snaps :)

Red seed beads - from I-Can't-Remember-The-Name-Of-The-Shop in Surulere

Red seed beads and my handy dandy beading thread

Let's get started :)

My photog said he thinks my hands are pretty and I should be a hand model *Yeah right*

Almost there

Side note: A pack of beads I have, got dropped and scattered all over the ground outside! *angry face*

Thanks to my scooper-upper! Hugs for days on end to ya!

Finished product! I wore it 3 days in a row :)

February 21, 2013

"But baby, we only kissed once... That's not cheating"

Yo yo yo!

How are ya dahlings? I'm pretty good - can't wait for Friday so I can stay home and rest go out and play. So I had a conversation with my friend the other day, and the subject of 'Cheating' came up. He said it's only cheating if you've had sex with someone who isn't your significant other... kissing and more doesn't count as cheating in his book. This friend of mine can be very sarcastic, so I'm not sure if he was joking or not. But of course, I decided to ask around and consult 'them.' Them being my online dictionaries, innit?

My Comrade friend 
Cheating is spending intimate time with someone other than your partner

My Hairvenly friend 
There are 2 categories. Emotional (having an emotional relationship with someone else even if there's no physical contact involved) and Sexual (kissing, making out, having sex)

My Kingly friend
Cheating is spending time with someone you're attracted to, knowing your partner would not be happy about it - or even keeping it away from your partner.

My Cakesy friend
Cheating is doing something with someone else that you know your S/O would be unhappy about.

My IT friend
You know you're cheating when you're doing something with someone else and you feel even the tiniest twinge of guilt.

My Dictionary friends (Oxford et al) 
To be sexually unfaithful

Somewhere online
It's only cheating if you're caught

I once heard someone describe cheating as "Engaging in any activity with someone of the opposite sex, that you would not otherwise do, if your significant other was there." This is more in line with what my human friends have said about cheating. I think I agree more with this perspective. If you're doing something with a guy/gal who isn't your S/O, and you know you would NEVER do it if your S/O was around, then it's cheating (or as good as cheating).

I saw this survey online (where else?)

Disclaimer: I don't think flirting is cheating... if you do it the way I do, which is innocent and does NOT lead anybody on. :p

What do you think constitutes as cheating?

February 19, 2013

I'm engaged... but he hasn't proposed

Wait.. what? I don't understand. How does a girl say she's engaged if her BOYFRIEND hasn't proposed? Shouldn't he have gotten down on one knee first, professed his unending love of her and asked her to be his wife first? Shouldn't she have been reduced to tears, then composed herself to whisper or shriek YES?

My friends and I had a discussion this past weekend. And my friend's wife said it's becoming more frequent for couples to agree to marriage and discuss wedding plans before an actual proposal occurring. My question to her was "Shouldn't the couple have already agreed that they would want to be married before the man even buys a ring?" What if, as has happened many times, he surprises her with a proposal and she says no? Before a man buys a ring, wouldn't he want to be assured that his girlfriend does in fact, want to marry him? That's besides the point anyways. So for the new normal, i.e. couples that have agreed to get married, before the proposal, is it safe for them to say they're engaged? Well, yours truly, turned to her trusty dictionaries... OF COURSE! *nerd alert* 8-)



  1. Pledged to be married; betrothed.


  1. Pledged to be married


  1. Having formally agreed to marry

Hmm, Oxford says a 'FORMAL' agreement. Okay, let's see what 'PLEDGED' is, since the other dictionaries use that word.



  1. A solemn promise or agreement to do something
  2. Something delivered as security for the fulfillment of a promise...
  3. Something given or regarded as a security.


  1. A bailment of a chattel (something TANGIBLE) as security for an obligation without involving transfer of title
  2. Something given as security for the performance of an act


  1. A solemn promise or undertaking.
  2. A thing that is given as security for the fulfillment of a contract (or AGREEMENT)

*I really feel like this dictionary and definitions habit makes me look square*... *who says square??? square people*

And there, we have it! NO, a lady may not say she is engaged if her boyfriend has not given her something (doesn't even have to be a ring) as security to signify that they have agreed to marry. 

Diamond and Pearl... A Love Story

Hello. I’m here to tell you a story. A story of love. This isn’t your regular romantic tale. It’s a story of me and my best friend. We were born within weeks of each other. Our mothers were best friends from their university days. They got married about the same time, and were surprised to find they were both pregnant within a month of each other. Our mothers, being best friends and quite girly and silly back then, decided they’d name their children after their favorite artist’s song. The artist… Prince. The song… Diamonds and Pearls. Since I came first, I was named Diamond. 29 days later, Pearl was born. We were destined to be soul mates. We grew up next to each other. We went to the same schools, played in our mothers’ closets, and sang the same songs. We liked the same cartoons, took turns playing one Disney princess or another. We had joint birthday parties with princess cakes – mine was pink, hers was purple.  It was so bad that we finished each other’s sentences and people thought we were twins. Never mind that Pearl was tall, caramel-skinned and skinny; while I was short, chocolate-skinned and chubby. We were the ultimate best friends. We got through first periods, first boyfriends, first kisses, university, and first jobs together.  We did everything together!

Every year since we turned 20, we made a pact to visit a new city annually. Paris, Venice, Johannesburg. Last year I walked into the travel agency to enquire about plans to visit Greece for Pearl’s and my birthday. After concluding the itinerary with my agent, I turned around to leave and bumped into him. Donald. Tall, dark and handsome David. His eyes, piercing. His smile, charming. His suit, dashing. His scent, alluring. His voice, mesmerizing. I felt like I’d been hit by a ton of bricks! He was the most handsome man I’d ever met in my life. My Barbie-like dreams of a Prince Charming had materialized right in front of me. I can’t tell you what was said that day – I was in such a dreamy state – but I left there, knowing that I’d met the man of my dreams. He had asked for my number, and promised to call me later that evening. I was in such a trance that I forgot to call Pearl to let her know I had finalized our travel arrangements. I got home with butterflies in my tummy and eagerly awaited his call. He did call and I have to tell you, his voice is so deep and exciting, it made my heart flutter. We spoke for hours that evening and shared everything. And that was just the beginning. We became hooked on each other very quickly. He became my morning alarm. And I became his nightly lullaby. He was the yin to my yang. The cake to my ice cream. We fell hard and knew we’d spend the rest of our lives together. 

In all this, I tried hard to balance my time between Pearl and David. But it was hard. Lunch dates with Pearl turned into being surprised with lunch delivered to me at work from David. Weekend movies with Pearl turned into dinner dates, walks on the beach, wining and dining with David. Remember our birthday Greece trip? David took the week off and joined us on the cruise. He even arranged fireworks with the ship’s captain especially for me. I wasn’t trying to make Pearl the third wheel. She had a boyfriend too, but things weren’t so rosy. In retrospect, I now see that it must have been hard for her to complain to me about Mark, when I had only wonderful things to say about David. 

He proposed to me 4 months ago. It was magical, but I won’t bore you with the details. Of course, I was excited, elated, enamored and couldn’t wait to share my good news with Pearl. But she sounded down when I called her and she offered a feeble ‘Congratulations.’ I figured it was because the hour was so late and she was asleep, so I didn’t think much of it. I began planning the wedding in earnest, and invited Pearl over for wedding planning sessions – she was going to be the maid of honor. She wasn’t as available as I expected but I was too busy getting things in order that I didn’t notice. Pearl was beginning to withdraw from me. Phone calls dwindled. Gab sessions fizzled. It wasn’t until my mum asked about Pearl that I realized we hadn’t spoken in 3 whole weeks. I quickly made out time to visit her office, but the girl I saw wasn’t the same girl I knew. She’d lost weight; her eyes were sunken in, her words clipped. I asked what the matter was, and that’s when she lashed out at me! She was furious. 

The night I got engaged was the night she found out that her boyfriend, Mark had been cheating on her, and was going to marry someone else. She had tried to tell me, she said, but I had been so wrapped up in loving David, that I’d neglected her. Of all people in the world, she never thought I would hurt her. It made her breakup even more painful than it should have been. When she needed her best friend by her side, holding her hand, wiping her tears, and dissing all men, I was twirling around in wedding magazines, looking at honeymoon packages and being completely in love. Something had shifted. She didn’t want to take part in my wedding anymore. She didn’t want our friendship anymore. She was bitter. She was so hurt, so angry and I couldn’t blame her. I tried to apologize, I tried to hug her but she pushed me away. I tried to tell her I was sorry, that she WAS, NO IS my soul mate! That we were BEST FRIENDS FOREVER. I begged and pleaded with her, but she shut me out. That was the last time she spoke to me. 

It’s been over a month. I’ve tried to call her. I’ve tried showing up at her house unannounced. I’ve asked my godmother to help me speak to her daughter, Pearl. But it’s all no use. I miss our gossip sessions. I miss going shopping with her. I miss our girls’ night out, drinking kir royale and munching on small chops. I’m not sure what to do.  I miss my best friend. I miss my soul mate. If you know my friend Pearl, please tell her that I’m sorry. Please tell her that I miss her. Please tell her that I’m here for her, forever. And most of all, that I love her. 

Thank you.

February 15, 2013

What I'm Watching: The Harlem Shake Videos

Ok, it's official. The first craze of 2013 is........... THE HARLEM SHAKE!!!

No, not the early 2000s G-Dep, Bad Boy harlem shake dance in the 'Let's Get It' video

It's this silly dance thing where for the first few seconds, a lone person's dancing (usually in a helmet) and when the beat drops, CRAZINESS ERUPTS! It'll get old quickly. I must have watched 50 different versions today. These are my favorite in no particular order...

  1. Army Style

  2. Shaytard Family

  3. Montreal Subway

  4. Firefighters

  5. TV News crew

  6. Underwater - UGA Diving Team (My favorite one)

I want to do one :-|

So yesterday was Valentine's Day...

Hello friends,

After all the eager anticipation and hype of Valentine's Day, I have come to the conclusion that future Valentine's Days will not be approached in the same manner. My reasons are as follows...

  1. You hype and hype and hype and if things don't turn out magical, it's a HUGE letdown. :(
  2. I got 2 things on my What NOT to buy HER post. Although, technically, I didn't add cake to the list. But it's the same thing as chocolate or candy. #ThereGoesMyDiet (*anyways I secretly wanted somn sweet to munch on)
  3. The flowers I got (also on the aforementioned list) were already wilted by the time I got them. And then I forgot them in my car last night... And this morning. So basically, I've been driving around with dead flowers *insert straight face here :-|
  4. The monologue I was invited to do... Well, I did it. Except that it wasn't exactly a monologue at the end of the day. Due to reasons beyond my control, the plans failed, and I quickly had to pen something down a couple of hours before the show. Of course, I wasn't about to memorize 2 pages worth of writing, so I read it out loud. I'll post the write-up in a different post. On the plus side, people said they liked it and gave me hugs. It was a sad story I wrote and I ended up in tears - it's called ACTING :p
  5. Not only did I have to come up with the new reading last-minute, my outfit didn't show up! I went to the venue from work, but wanted to glam up a bit, since I was going on stage and it was Valentine's Day. EPIC FAIL due to...
  6. MADDENING TRAFFIC IN LAGOS ON VALENTINE'S DAY! It took me 2 hours to get from Lagos Island to Terra Kulture in Victoria Island. Ideally, this should be a 10-15 minute drive. Oh, and it was in a taxi without AC and a VERY CRANKY driver (LOL), because my "ride" was stuck on the mainland.
  7. After all was said and done, I heard bad news towards the end of the night. My poor nephew's sick :( - May God heal your little body in no time flat, in Jesus name!!! I miss you and can't wait to skype with you this weekend.

    Also Nigerian singer/entertainer, Goldie, died suddenly. I wasn't exactly a fan - I was more or less indifferent. But to have a young woman die at an early age is truly saddening. May she rest in perfect peace, in Jesus' name. And may God give her loved ones the strength and comfort to bear the tragic loss. 
My plan for February 14th, 2014: Take the day off work and STAY AT HOME! Ain't nobawdy moving up and down in Lagos valentine traffic! Well, here's someone who will be...

February 13, 2013

Counting down to Valentine's Day: WHAT NOT to give HER


So I'm still in the spirit of Valentine's Day and thought to share with you, BAD VALENTINE GIFTS! Do you agree with my list? What's the worst gift you've ever given or received? Someone in secondary school bought amala or something equally stupid for his girlfriend. 

  1. LINGERIE. Be honest, you're the one who will REALLY enjoy this gift.

  2. CLEANING ITEMS OR HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES e.g. iron, toaster, pots and pans (unless she REALLY loves to cook), etc. I don't care if it's pink, JUST NO!

  3. CANDY OR CHOCOLATE. Do you really want to listen to her nagging about her weight?

  4. ANYTHING WEIGHT LOSS-RELATED e.g. dumbells, jump rope, gym membership. You are JUST MEAN!

  5. GIFT CARD OR MONEY.  Are you that UN-INVESTED in the relationship to think about what she likes? Really?


  7. STUFFED ANIMALS. What, is she 5 years old?

  8. The "WE NEED TO TALK" speech... especially if it ends in tears, and there isn't an accompanying ring.

  9. In my research, a lot of lists included VALENTINE COUPON BOOKS. You know those ones that she can tear off to get a free back rub from you, or a free hug, etc. Well, I happen to think that those are cute and MUST include something that you WILL have to spend money on :) (Ok, and maybe I'm guilty of having bought a love coupon book *uninterested smiley* I AM NOT ASHAMED)

Wait, I change my mind. They're a bad Valentine gift FOR HER, but okay FOR HIM. Yes, I'm totally biased. 

BONUS! What NOT to give ME
10. FLOWERS. Taking care of flowers is simply time consuming. I'm not that interested. 

February 11, 2013

Counting down to Valentine's Day - Break Up Songs!

I'm on a ROLL!!! *twirls around and falls down coughing - where's my medicine*

Ok, enough excitement. I'm sure you're wondering why on earth anyone would post Break Up songs during the "season of love." Well, guess what? There will be many-a-breakup during this period and the ex-lovers will need songs to console their heartbreak! I'm doing this for the brokenhearted. It's much better to cry away your sorrows - unless he cheated on you, in which case, GOOD RIDDANCE YOU BLOCKHEAD!!!

And so, here's my most favorite breakup songs :)

1. Silk - 'Don't Go'

2. Marsha Ambrosius - 'Far Away' I cried to this song like 50 million times sha. Just cos it's such a pretty song.

3. Allure and 112 - 'All Cried Out'

4. Michael Jackson - 'She's Out of My Life'

5. TLC - 'I Miss You So Much'

6. Deborah Cox ft R.L - 'We Can't Be Friends'

7. Toni Braxton - 'Unbreak My Heart'

8. Etta James - 'All I Could Do Was Cry' Unfortunately, this happens quite a bit in Nigeria, so I've heard. You're dating a guy and the next thing, you see his traditional wedding on Bella Naija. SHAME!

9. Bell Biv Devoe - 'When Will I See You Smile Again?'

10. Dru Hill - 'I Love You'

Awwwww, don't cry too much. Drink tea or hot cocoa, and follow it with cake and ice cream. You'll feel better in NO TIME!

Berry :)

Counting down to Valentine's Day - Sexy Songs!

So lot's of Valentine lists are flying all over the place: from 28 Sexiest Nigerian Men to Top 10 Love Songs to Single on V-Day - 8 Fun Things to do. I figure, why not get in on the action? The following songs are top on my Sexy Songs list.

*Note to all* These are my honeymoon songs! DO NOT STEAL MY LIST OR ELSE!!!

1. Trey Songz is just a WICKED WICKED boy! - 'Scratchin Me Up'

2. Usher - 'Dive'

3. Boyz II Men - 'Uhh Ahh'

4. AZ Yet - 'Last Night'

5. R. Kelly - 'Slow Wind'

6. Silk - 'Freak Me'

HOLD ON! Why is this list full of men? Not one female? That's not even right. Well, wait - this just goes to show you what pervades a man's mind! Just kidding

Erm, I think that's enough.


Counting down to Valentine's Day - Memorable Valentines

Hi guys!

I'm a tad better today, but maybe operating at 60% healthy. However, this should NOT stop me from participating in the yearly onslaught of Valentine's Day! My most memorable Valentines both include tears.

1st Memorable Valentine: 
It was 1994. I was in SS1, barely 12 years old and had a "boyfriend." We were practicing for inter-house sports, and during the lunch break, he came to meet me with a card, which I promptly put in my backpack and left to get some snacks at the tuck shop. When I got back to my seat, I noticed my friend smiling at me - very suspiciously, because the smiling came from nowhere. I didn't pay much attention to her and let it go. Fast forward to the bus ride home, and everyone was showing off their Valentine gifts and cards. I opened my bag to show the card from my "boyfriend," except that instead of 1 card, there were 2. I knew my bf had given me just 1 card, so I hurriedly opened the second one and it was from a friend who said he secretly admired me. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww, how sweet. Except that the next morning, my lil boyfriend found out and decided he wanted to FIGHT MY FRIEND! Gawsh, I was waaaaaaaaaay shy back then, and I just didn't need that extra attention and started crying. I eventually stopped talking to my friend, just so my boyfriend would stop with the fighting threats *rolls eyes.* So sad.

2nd Memorable Valentine:
It was 2007. My sister had moved back to Nigeria temporarily, leaving me ALL ALONE in Atlanta. Ok, I wasn't completely alone cos my cousins weren't too far. But, it wasn't a pretty Valentine. I was single and I had the flu! To top it off, I had been "talking" to this guy and I can't remember what the issue was, but he was mad at me and refusing to speak to me. So picture this: it's Valentine's Day, I'm too sick to stand up so I'm lying down in front of the TV home alone, everybody I know is out and about being in love, my sister's calling me to say she misses her boyfriend (now husband), and the boy I like isn't speaking to me! That's a nice recipe for tears, dontcha think?! By the end of the day though, my cousin came over with hot chinese soup and babied me a little bit. And the human being boy, decided last minute to check on me. YAY ME - NOT!


This year just might be different :)

February 10, 2013

Valentine's Day: Love Sessions

Hey friends,

Sorry I've been MIA. I've been sick out of my mind for the past few days. So much so that I missed out on all the fun events I wanted to accompany my parents to this weekend. Also, there were rehearsals for the Valentine's Day event I'm supposed to perform a monologue at - I missed that too. I'm slowly feeling better but this sickness is just irritating. I have to eat so I can take medicine - but I can't work out so I know for sure I'm gaining weight. When I'm working, I limit my food intake. When I'm at home, mmmm I want everything in sight. DEEZASTURR!!!

Anyways, the show I've mentioned is this Thursday at Terra Kulture. I'm nervous cos I wasn't able to rehearse with everyone and I haven't learned all my lines yet. But it'll be a great time of music, spoken word, dance and more. So if you're in Lagos and are looking for something quiet and romantic, check us out. See flyer below...

OMG - what to wear???? What to do with my hair???? *coughs* No energy. I'm going back to bed. Pray for me to feel better :)

No hugs and kisses today so I don't make you sick.

February 6, 2013

The Superbowl Outage, Christiane Amanpour and Nigeria

I'm so tickled! *teeheehee, hahahahaha, hohohoho, hardy har har, giggles, chuckles galore*

Okay, maybe I shouldn't be laughing at Nigeria's electricity woes but I just saw the viral video of Christiane Amanpour's segment comparing the power outage during the Superbowl and Nigeria. The tweets she mentioned were funny to me. But you know what? I don't completely agree with the people interviewed in the video. In Lagos (Ajah, at least), there's been an improvement in power supply, a minute improvement sure, but it's still an improvement. Even last Saturday in our house in Lekki, for a few hours there was power.

HOWEVER, that is not to say that the power issue in Nigeria is anything to smile about. So I'll agree that the government is lying. It's just sad. Nigeria has potential but... too many issues to mention *sighs in exasperation*

Maybe things would have changed in my grandchildren's generation?

P.S. - Can this be considered as Nigerian news? And I saw the video on Linda Ikeji's blog. I'm really terrible at trying to stay current with happenings in Nigeria. What's the best news outlet to get daily, unbiased, concise reports on the Nigerian landscape?

Flaws and all...

I've been in an utterly foul mood since yesterday. And when I get like that, I close up and withdraw into myself, and at the same time behave in a bratty, bitchy, diva manner. Sometimes there are tears, at other times VERY unsavory words flash through my mind.

And then when the first ray of light starts to shine in the middle of my dark mood, I start feeling contrite. I begin to feel sorry to anyone who bore the brunt of my upset-ed-ness (Yay, I'm making up words again - it means I'm definitely feeling better). So with this post, I humbly apologize to one and all - and to you readers cos I almost deleted my blog out of anger. I am flawed, yes I am. Thank you for putting up with me. I'll try harder to stay above the darkness next time.


February 4, 2013

Dakara Style - Vintage Flowers Part 2

Soooooooooo, the dress from the last post came with a matching jacket. I didn't like the jacket with the dress and took it off 5 minutes after I got to the party. I decided to wear it with a different outfit two days later to church. I think I did pretty ok...

YES, I was dancing the twist in public! #NoFilter #NoShame