January 11, 2021

Going Back to Berry

Hey people!

How are y'all doing? This year has already been a lot and we're barely a week into it. I've been joking that it's after I got my passport that these people want to useless Hamrika for me. They need to stop it please and thanks. I didn't wait over two decades to now start looking for how to move to Trudeau-land! Anyway, let's just be praying for peace in the land so I can enjoy this place.

January 1, 2021

Happy New Year!

 Hiya folks!

2020 was pretty good to me. 

November 9, 2020

My First Voting Experience

 Yoooooooooooo, did I really forget to announce that I became a US citizen in January of this year here?!?!? UGH! Instagram gets all the announcements and I know I'm the one that forgets to come here and post, but still!!! I'm so sorry everyone. And tomorrow, I'll be there wondering, "What should I post on the blog?" Ndo o. Mi dispiace!

October 10, 2020

Getting to Know Berry Dakara

Hey y'all!

How are ya? I hope you're doing fine and dandy. 

I'm here today to tell you about my recent guest features on 2 podcasts (and a bonus one). I haven't been regular with blogging, but I have been pretty consistent in the podcasting space. My podcast, Mommy Oyoyo is gaining traction and if you haven't yet listened to an episode, I'd say you should check out the very first one to hear why I started the podcast. BUT for the purpose of getting to know Berry 2.0 a little better, I'd like to share these podcast episodes I featured on below :). You can listen while exercising, cleaning, working, relaxing, watching the kids, cooking, fixing the car, running general errands - the list is endless!

1. SEX DURING/AFTER DIVORCE featuring Berry Dakara on the I AM AFRICAN PODCAST hosted by Verastic

Vera and I are just two mad women who stay laughing and making jokes about everything! The feedback I've received from people who have listened range from, "OMG Berry, you and Vera are hilarious!" to "I've just been laughing since I started listening," to "It was very inspiring to hear 2 Nigerian women speak so openly about divorce, and in a light-hearted manner." So, I implore you to listen if you'd like to be entertained by both of us as we share our thoughts on sex during and after divorce.

2. FREEDOM TO COME HOME featuring Berry Dakara on the SHE SPEAKS BOUGIE PODCAST hosted by Tennielle Clark

I met Tennielle at this event in 2016 and we bonded instantly that day. Over the years, even though she moved to a different state, we have kept up with each other via texts and Instagram. She has a wonderful podcast that aims to celebrate black women. I was pleased when she reached out to me to feature on her podcast and talk about the freedom to be an adult while still living in my parents' house. I was pretty open (what else is new) and covered motherhood, divorce, my relationship with my parents and finding myself again as a woman, as the Berry you all know and hopefully love.

3. SINGLE MOM LIFE featuring Berry Dakara on the MOMMY OYOYO PODCAST hosted by ME!

I wasn't quite sure about adding this link/episode to this blog post, but hey, why not? In the latest episode of the podcast (which is close to 10,000 listens), I shared what being a single mother has been like for me so far. I know not everyone will be happy about some of the things I say, but as I mentioned in the episode, it's not my intent to make anyone look bad - I just stated the situation as it's been.

If you listen to any of these episodes, please let me know. I'm open to hearing feedback (positive and constructive) from you. 

Have a great weekend!

September 28, 2020

Visit Catalina Island, California

It's been a while since I put up a travel post, hasn't it? The last time I posted anything travel-related was in January, from last year's Girls Trip to Las Vegas. Funny enough, that was my first real holiday/trip without Coco - same as this trip. I am an advocate for taking time off from parenting once in a while, and focusing on just having fun sans kids. It can be tricky as a single mother, but I thank God for a great support system at home. Coco was with my cousin and her kids for the most part, and her father had her for a little bit. This post is pretty photo-heavy as Catalina is absolutely beautiful, but I will share a little bit about the trip.