January 6, 2013

Quality Time

Regarding the topic at hand, I'm referring to Dating Relationships only.

So I ask: what is Quality Time? I posed the question to Google (which should be everyone's other best friend) and my friends on Facebook. The answers I got are below:

Google: Time spent in giving another person one's undivided attention to strengthen a relationship.

Friend #1 (aka my mummy): Achieving a lot in the shortest possible time. Maximum output with limited input. Spending a little time effectively with optimum results. (Wha the wha wha?)

Friend #2 (aka my sister): No outside interruptions period! Just the two players involved...good movie, good food, nice time to talk.

Friend #3 (aka my dad): Every minute is cherished and wishing the clock will stop ticking for the moment never to end.

Friend #4 (no relation): Spending time talking and chilling with NO PHONES OR BLACKBERRIES

The reason why I asked the question in the first place, is because I've heard more than a few times "But I just want to spend quality time with you... Come to my house (specifically, bed)." Since when does frolicking = quality time? Without getting into self-righteous, preaching mode, the premise also doesn't hold up in Christian beliefs. Besides, if Google didn't define QT as spending time in bed together, then it must not be true, right?

I must admit that in this day and age of smartphones, it can be hard to switch off and focus on one person for more than 15 minutes. Even internet browsers allow for multiple tabs now - as I type, I have 13 tabs open on Google Chrome. Am I really reading 13 things at the same time? If I go on a date, I have to make a mental note to put my phones (all 3 of them) on silent mode, NOT vibrate and forget I have them with me.

What are some good ideas for spending quality time together? Off the top of my head, I'd say:

  • Movie date (although you're more focused on the movie than the other person, so is it really QT?)
  • Breakfast/Brunch/Lunch/Dinner date
  • Taking a walk/stroll together
  • Playing games (board games, puzzles, etc)
  • Reading and discussing books together
  • Going to a quiet spot and sharing life experiences, dreams, goals, etc
How do you spend quality time with your significant other?


I'd love to hear from you about this post! Let's all learn and share our worlds.