November 30, 2015

Berry Thanksgiving Weekend

'Ey yo!

How are y'all doing?! How was your weekend? How many of you got into Black Friday shopping? Can I just say that it makes me chuckle that Black Friday is now a thing in Nigeria? Most of the deals I saw floating around were online though, so shouldn't it really be Cyber Monday? Ah well.

The whole week was really full - family photos, Thanksgiving dinner, outings, etc, so I'll break them up into different posts. This one will feature very few photos from the dinner itself.

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November 29, 2015

Berry Lovely Links - Thanksgiving Edition

Hey everyone,

I really meant to post consistently while away, but girls have been busy with family and tired. Although Cakes and I have been waking up waaaaaaaay too early - blame it on jetlag and also the fact that we wake up early normally - I just haven't had energy to post.

But here are some links for you to check out because it's Thanksgiving weekend.

  1. 100 Things to Be Thankful For - I like this list because it includes a lot of everyday things that we would otherwise take for granted.
  2. My Family - I don't want to post their photo on the blog, but check out our family photo on my Instagram page. I am immensely thankful for my family. We had a fun Thanksgiving dinner yesterday :)
  3. Thanksgiving With Black Families trended on Twitter with hilarious memes!
  4. Let's face it - sometimes it's hard to see the blessings around you when you have experienced pain. But When It's Hard to be Thankful, remember GOD IS. 
  5. Youversion has many Devotionals centered on Giving Thanks. You can try one or all of them out.

November 23, 2015

Berry Away Weekend


How are you my darling?! How was your weekend? What do you have planned for the week?

At this exact moment, I'm sitting in the living room, Cakes is on the floor watching CNN (aka the bringer of news, most of which is bad), and we're both wearing hoodies and socks because...

November 18, 2015

Shout Out to TBC Connect Blogger Guests

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to give a shout-out to some of the guests who attended TBC Connect! Quite a number of the guests were bloggers, and I thought it would be nice to holler at them, and give YOU an opportunity to visit their blogs.

November 17, 2015

Berry TBC Connect Weekend

As y'all know, this past weekend, Tuke Morgan, Cassie Daves and I had our Meet and Greet event. It was dubbed TBC Connect (Tuke, Berry, Cassie for those wondering what TBC meant). It was something that had been a long time coming, as the first time we discussed it was during the Leading Ladies Africa event, which was almost 5 months ago!

November 16, 2015

Berry's Dad Posts - Why we should appreciate Nigeria

You read the title right. This post is coming from my dad. Not like he wrote it o, but he specifically told me this story for the blog. So... Enjoy.

We should all be grateful for Nigeria. Yes, our country has a lot of unnecessary problems but there are things every now and then that make you appreciate Nigeria.

While abroad recently I had a meeting with a gentleman. We had agreed on a venue and I set out to go for it. Just as I left the house, my phone crashed.

Easy Natural Hairstyle with Nazuri Curls


I know you're waiting to see photos from the TBC Connect event, which was a great success!!! The post will come tomorrow :)

For now, I have to let you know that the 10% discount on Nazuri Curls with the sale code: BERRYDAKARA ends on Wednesday, November 18th. So if you were planning on buying any of their wefts, wigs, or clip-ins using the code, NOW is the time to order.
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November 12, 2015

I Want to Meet YOU!!!

Three of Nigeria’s Favourite Lifestyle Bloggers have come together to plan this one of a kind event.

Tuke Morgan of, Berry Dakara of and Cassie Daves of invite you to Snack (thanks to Cake Factory and Ethnic Heritage Center), Sip (courtesy of Wilson’s Lemonade) and Share (Stories, LifeStyle Tips, Trials and Triumphs) at the first edition of TBC Connect.



This event was organized so that blog readers could meet the Bloggers in a fun and relaxing environment, ask questions and make new friends too.


There will be loads of GIVEAWAYS from amazing Sponsors like Shay’s Treats, Ajali’s Handmade Naturals, Nuella Michaels, The Kink and I, Luxe Beauty Lounge, African Naturalistas & Vane Polish.








Illustrator, Stylish Artist, will also be on hand to make quick sketches of guests. 

Simply email to register.

Venue: Ethnic Heritage Centre
Address: 35A Raymond Njoku Street, Ikoyi, Lagos
Time: 2pm – 5pm

Entry Fee: N1,000 only

I WANT TO MEET YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 11, 2015

My other famous cousin!

Hey guys and gals!

So you know how my cousin was the captain of The Nigerian Super Eagles football team until he retired in 2014? Remember how I mistakenly disowned him after that own-goal? Well he's no longer disowned and he's back to being my cousin

But I'm not here to talk about him. I want to introduce you to our other cousin. This our cousin is soooooo beautiful enh. Like I feel like you should be jealous of me for having such great talent and beauty in my family.

Oh you want to know who this fabulous cousin of mine is? Simply the newly crowned Miss Nigeria, Pamela Peter-Vigboro Leesi. I call her Mel for short.

JY (that's my nickname for Joseph) and I are so proud of her. She even won 2 cars. But out of the goodness and humility of my heart, I declined to take one of them that she offered to me as her favorite cousin.

Aren't you happy you know me?

I would have posted her photo but your screen will explode, so... sorry. 



P.S. Don't ask her if she knows me, because I will deny you. You in particular. 

November 10, 2015

I have a new crush!!!!

So I have a confession to make. 

I have a new crush. This is not like my perpetual crush on Flavour's voice or Phyno. This one hit me like a ton of bricks! As in, breath left my body for a hot minute when I saw his photo. Should I reveal his identity? Okay. His name is...

November 9, 2015

Berry Erm Weekend

Hey there!

I didn't have a busy weekend like last week o. I had the total opposite - barely left my apartment. I did have quite a bit planned but they fell through, and I'm sure my body was grateful for it. I had the most stressful week last week. I'm talking the kind of stress that could make me burst into tears! So when the things I had lined up for the weekend didn't happen, I was secretly happy. [Un]fortunately, that means no gist today :p

Let me ask a question though... if I stopped going out most weekends and didn't have events and outings to post, would you keep coming back to my blog? Please answer as honestly as you can. If you would, why? If not, why not?

In other news,

November 8, 2015

TBC Connect: Meet and Greet with Tuke, Berry and Cassie

Hi y'all!

So now that everything has been confirmed, I'm VERY VERY VERY happy to post the final details for our Meet and Greet event! I have to apologize for the short notice, but we were trying to get a bigger space because the one we had at first was going to be too small.

If you ARE coming, do email so that we have a final head count before the event.

We're absolutely grateful to all our sponsors - you guys RAWK!!!!!

I can't wait to meet you (or see you again, if I've already met you before).

Have a great week!

November 6, 2015

Travel Nigeria with these Travel Bloggers

I'm going to put these up on the Events page, but thought I should do a separate post so that you don't miss out.

Unfortunately, these travel bloggers have refused to have their trips on days I'm available - it's okay o. Keep leaving me out. No problem. I'll still be nice and tell others about the trips. Don't worry. I'm not hurt or offended. I'll get over it. No, I don't want your tissue! I'll wipe my tears with the hem of my shirt. LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

Okay, don't leave me, just ask me before you decide on dates for your next trips.

Now that that's out of the way, my darln's check out these opportunities to travel Nigeria! If you go, make sure you tell them Berry sent you, and please send me photos, okay?

November 5, 2015

Natural Hair Half Updo Tutorial with Nazuri Curls

Hey everyone!!!

I finally published my first natural hairstyle tutorial!!! The first time I had this protective hairstyle was from a couple of weekends ago, and it was really easy to do - so easy, I didn't even need a mirror to do it!

Here it is!

Please give me feedback on the video. It's my first one and I'd like to know what I can do better next time. And if you liked the video and want to see other hairstyles with and without the clips, let me know.

Don't forget, with the code BERRYDAKARA on, you get a 10% discount! The discount code expires on the 18th of November, so you have less than 2 weeks to use it. You can get your hair in a wig (most popular, and minimal manipulation on your own hair), wefts (for sew-ins), or clip-ins (most versatile for styling, in my opinion).

November 4, 2015

New on Berry Dakara Blog

Hey everyone,

I announced this on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but forgot to do it here. I've added an EVENTS page to the blog.

I realized that a lot of times, you guys (and even me) find out about events too late - usually a day before, the day of, or even AFTER the event has passed.

I don't like that, so I want to keep you guys in-the-know about upcoming events. These are events that are more along the lines of those I would usually attend - not that I'll go to all of them o, but they're the kind of things I like to do.

So if you're organizing an event or a promoter and would like to have your event listed on my page, email me - with your flyer and details. Please note that paid events attract a small charge, but will also be posted across my social media feeds.

The Lagos Home Show is THIS SUNDAY


The Lagos Home Show is a treasure trove. When it comes to nik-naks for the home; our vendors have it covered. Everything from furnishings, lighting, electronics, art, homeware, textiles, landscaping and much more!

Even more exciting!  Sony will be giving ALL visitors a special one-off discount applicable to any product, to be used in any of their centres in Lagos!

What more could you ask for?

Date: Sunday 8th November 2015
Venue: Whitespace, 58 Raymond Njoku, Off Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos
Time: 12pm-7pm

*Admission is free*

November 2, 2015

Berry Busy Weekend

You guys!

Let's all just thank God that I'm actually putting this post up today. Yes, it's late but at least it's still Monday. If I tell you how tired I am enh! As in, I've been dizzy for the past how many hours but managing it. I just want to put up this post and crash. I wish I could take a day off work - I really need to sleep.

Ah well.

I had the busiest weekend ever!!! Friday, Saturday, Sunday - full of activities. I think I slept at 2am or so on both Friday and Saturday nights. And no, I wasn't clubbing. I just got home really late - past midnight - and it took me a little bit to finally fall asleep. Anyway, let's get started on the weekend gist, aye? It's long o. Just balance well in your chair or bed or wherever.