January 11, 2013

Random thought of the day: How to shower properly

Yes yes yes, I'm back with a very random thought. Why would anyone wonder how to shower? Well, this comes from the realization that a lot of my family/friends seem to spend a much longer time showering than I do. If you ask me, I don't see why anyone needs to be in the shower for more than 5-10 minutes.

  • First of all, Do you have that much body mass? 
  • II., Are you showering in slow motion?
  • 3. Ever heard of water conservation? Be kind to Planet Earth!
  • D. Being here in Nigeria, in our house, the water's epileptic so you can't tell when the hot water'll go off, so just rush and jump out.
  • Fifthly, that is all.
So I brought up the question to my best friend, Google.
You'd be surprised at how many other people in the world ask this question. In fact, there are web pages and videos with steps on 'How to Shower'... some of them break it down to 'How to Shower Like a Man/Woman'
How to Shower Google Search

So from my research, because it IS research when you think about it, here are the proper steps on taking a shower.

Please NOTE:
  1. You may sing while showering. After all, the acoustics make ANYBODY sound good.
  2. The steps above DO NOT include washing your face, as I do that separately.
  3. It also DOES NOT include shaving - gawsh, I'm too tired to make a new list. Sawry.
Come to think of it, this seems quite exhaustive. And I must admit that every now and then, I LOVE showers - especially in nice hotels. Stepping into a hot shower feels like teeny-tiny kisses all over my body. TMI much?

For videos on 'How to Shower' visit:

  1. How to Shower: Men vs Women
  2. How to Shower
  3. How to Take a Shower



  1. Ahh... thank God you finally shared this... I always wondered the appropriate way to shower... :-)
    So when will you be posting on the best (most efficient?) way to take a bath :-)

  2. LOL!!!

    Erm, a bath with a bucket or a proper bath? :p

  3. so watz ur take on using special kinda wash (nt soaps) for 'special place'?

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