September 30, 2013

Brides Day Out!!!

Hi friends :D

Remember when I told you I was selected for Brides Day Out by The Wedding Guru? And how afterwards, I wasn't allowed to post pictures because the official photographs hadn't come out? Well, they're out now and they're on Bella Naija, so I'm giving myself free reign to put up my pictures and tell you how awesome that day was :)

First up, Bella Naija's pictures...

Funny story about this picture. There was a champagne vendor - Tattinger - and they provided LOTS of champagne for us on that day. Now, I don't think I've mentioned it before but I am a LIGHT WEIGHT. Yes, I have gotten tipsy-drunk on a bottle of Heineken before. Even Smirnoff Ice can get me tipsy if I haven't eaten. Now, picture this: no food all day, until we got to the food vendor at about 4pm. Before that time, maybe 3 glasses of champagne. Yup, by the time we got to the food, Ms. Berry was on her way to being drunk! I had to get quiet because I was feeling dizzy, and said a silent 'Thank You God' prayer when we were able to eat. 30 minutes more of no food, and I'm sure I would have passed out.

Of course they had to capture me eating :-|

Tomorrow I'll be asking why someone's calling me 'orobo'
One of the vendors we visited was Love, Tims/I Do Weddings Nigeria. Timi is such a NICE lady, and one of her bridal gowns was worn by Tuface's wife, Annie Idibia for her wedding! I just wanted to give her a shout out, and implore you to check out her blog here - I Do Weddings.

And now, MY PICTURES! Not nearly as clear, but more of moi :D

Me and some of the other brides

Is it me or do I look slimmer in my phone pictures than in the Bella Naija pictures?

Twelve Baskets generously donated huge trays of small chops to each Lucky Bride

I won a Super Lucky Bride treat - a romantic date for 2!!! Cakes, where are you? LET'S GO!

The food came at just the right time!

Cookie Jar treats!

Me and the Brides Day Out limo

Sorry it's sideways. These are all the things I got :D

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September 27, 2013

This weekend...

I shall be doing one or more of the following... If you're in Lagos, you are welcome to attend. Make sure you say hi, if I make it :D

*considering that I'm still at work, I'm not sure if I'll still go for this. There are still 3 hours left to go though, so maybe* A few friends of mine will be speaking and sharing ideas here.

As part of the ongoing TW Fitness Challenge (which I seem to be doing HORRIBLE at), we're joining the magazine on a walk against cancer. It's TOMORROW at 6:30am from Four Points VI, to Bar Beach, culminating with seminars and SPA TREATMENTS!!!

Afterwards, there's an Open House at the gym I use... I can't find art work for the event. It's between 4 and 6pm at Body Works Fitness Studio in Lekki.

And then, my church, The Waterbrook is hosting a one-week gallery to showcase art from local talents! If you enjoy art, come on down!

My girl, Chee, will be performing at the Elite Model Look Nigeria Finale on Sunday! We're going to support and enjoy some of Nigeria's best fashion!

That's all folks! I hope I don't end up breaking down with fatigue :)

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What I'm Watching Now - Ylvis 'The Fox' (random alert)

I haven't put up one of these posts in a long time! But I just had to share this one, called "The Fox" by Ylvis. The video was posted almost a month ago and has almost 60 million views so far!!! I love silly stuff like this. Enjoy! :)

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First Kiss Fridays :-*

Hello lovers!!!

FIRST KISS FRIDAYS is proving to be a popular series on my blog. Thanks to everyone who's sent in a story so far, and please tell your friends to send stories of their first kisses ever, first kisses with boyfriends/girlfriends, ex-boyfriends/girlfriends, handsome/beautiful strangers, husbands/wives, you get the idea... It will be TOTALLY ANONYMOUS!

Please send your stories to

Hi Berry. This isn't a first kiss ever, but a first kiss with someone I'd had a crush on for almost 10 years, if not longer. I had known him since I was 13 or so, but back then we were just friends and I never saw him as someone I was interested in. 2 years later, I moved to a different country and we didn't really keep in touch. A few years later, I'd heard from mutual friends that he moved as well, and I can't remember the exact period but we ran into each other. This time I noticed that he was this tall, dark, and handsome guy and I certainly realized how attracted I was to him. I think he had a girlfriend at the time though, so I just sat back and gisted with him and our friends. Another few years passed and I moved to his city for school, but by then he'd moved to another state, but we saw each other once a year after that. The attraction was still there, but neither of us was interested in a long distance relationship, so we left it at that.

Then two years ago, I wound up in a new city again (lol, I keep moving around like a gypsy), and who turns out to live 2 minutes away?!?! HIM! At this time, I was kind of talking to someone else, so I reached out with only the purest, platonic intentions (honestly). He was shocked that we were in such close proximity to each other and immediately called me, and said we should hang out. His friend's birthday was coming up, and there was a dinner and clubbing outing planned. He picked me up and we went out (as friends, remember) although the electricity between us must have been obvious, because people thought we were a couple. Dinner was nice, I met his friends, and then we went clubbing. At this point, things took a sour turn. He GOT DRUNK OUT OF HIS MIND! Like, someone was pouring straight Hennessy into his mouth! Alcohol is such a turn-off for me, and I was disappointed. By the time the night was over, I was scared of the drive home. He was driving slowly, but still swerving from side to side. I even had to grab the wheel a couple of times before we ended up having an accident. When I got home, I was ecstatic to be getting home with my life intact. But before I left the car, he asked for a hug and I gave it to him. Our faces were close to each other and we ended up kissing for a few seconds. It wasn't totally yucky, but it wasn't the fireworks I was expecting our first kiss to be. I turned and went into my apartment. The following morning, he called to say that he had a dream that we kissed. :-|

*interjecting here* BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I mean, sorry dear Reader, but the last line is just funny. Awww, sorry your first kiss with your longtime crush wasn't nice*

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September 25, 2013


Hello boys and girls!

The Nigerian Blog Awards is BACK! What is the Nigerian Blog Awards, you ask... The Nigerian Blog Awards were established in 2010 to recognize excellence in blogging, as determined by readers and fellow bloggers. Blogs by Nigerians or focusing on Nigeria are eligible. I first found out about them last year, when my cousin nominated my other blog, Aje-Butter's Guide to NYSC for Best Tutorial Blog (I won the Popular Vote!).

To be eligible, blogs must

  • be blogs :p
  • be written by a Nigerian or focused on Nigeria
  • have been in existence for at least 6 months and have at least 15 entries
  • have been updated in the last 2 months
  • be public
  • be updated by a maximum of 4 people (or 6... I'm not sure)

Anyways, it's back again and the schedule is as follows:

  • Nomination - September 23 to October 13
  • Review by NBA - October 14 to 20
  • Further review by NBA - October 21 to November 3
  • Nominee announcements - November 4
  • Voting - November 11 to December 8
  • Winners announced - December 15

Categories which apply to me:

  • and just for putting it sake, NIGERIAN BLOG OF THE YEAR. 

Sooooooo, if you feel led, compelled, harassed, cajoled, begged, seduced into nominating me for any or all of these categories, go right here to register.

When you're done, you'll get the biggest and bestest hug of your life from me. I give wonderful hugs. I really do.

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September 24, 2013

GUESS WHO I MET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So this past Sunday, I went to church early for a class (that I struggled to stay awake through... the pastor's thoughts were moving faster than his mouth, so he kept jumping ahead to catch up to his mind, lol). Then it was time for regular church service. In the middle of praise and worship, I needed to visit the ladies room and off I went. I was washing my hands when two of my friends walked in, chattering excitedly. I asked what was going on and they said, "We just met Boris Kodjoe. He's having breakfast in the restaurant."


*runs out of the bathroom and sprints to the restaurant with the silliest, goofiest, giddiest smile ever*

I walked straight to his table, not noticing the solider (personal security) that was with him.

Me: OMG, Mr. Boris Kodjoe. OMG
Him: *smiles*
Me: *CHINEKE, SEE SMILE, I can die happy*
Him: Hello, how are you?
Me: OMG, Mr. Boris Kodjoe. My friend said you were here. I'm so excited. OMG
Him: Haha, well it's nice to meet you *extends his hand*
Me: *ooooh, his hand is soo soft* Nice to meet you too! OMG! Ooh, can I get a picture?
Him: Well I'm in the middle of eating, but if you're here when I'm done, sure.
Me: *FUDGE MUFFIN!* Of course, of course, silly me. Well it's nice to meet you. Welcome to Nigeria.
Him: Thank you
Me: *skips off slightly embarrassed, and wondering whether to stalk him until he's done with breakfast or go back to church service*

I went back to church service, asking myself why I was more excited about Boris Kodjoe, than being in God's presence. Then I felt a little ashamed and focused on worship, instead of plotting how to go back out just in time for Boris Kodjoe to finish breakfast.

*some of my friends DID catch him after he was done and got pictures with him. I'm jealous, yes I am.*

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September 20, 2013

First Kiss Fridays is back!

Hello lovers!!!

We've got another story for FIRST KISS FRIDAYS. Many thanks to today's featured guest. Readers are encouraged to send stories of their first kisses ever, first kisses with boyfriends/girlfriends, ex-boyfriends/girlfriends, handsome/beautiful strangers, husbands/wives, you get the idea... It will be TOTALLY ANONYMOUS so feel free to divulge!

Please send your stories to

Soooo my first kiss was at age 18  in my first year at university. The guy in question was this infuriating human being in my dorm, who used to mimic my stammering!!! I hated that a lot so I chose to ignore him and paid him no mind. A friend of mine told me that the guy liked me. In fact everybody knew that he liked me! I didn't believe it because, "How can someone like me yet laugh at me and mimic me every time I stammer?? What is this, nursery school?" I just ignored my friend. 

Well one evening, Mr. Man came to help me with calculus in my room. While I was solving a problem, he asked if he could kiss me... VERY RANDOM!!! I figured since I had never kissed a guy before - blame it on my STRICT home training, my single sex boarding school, and hardly socializing during holidays - I told him he could kiss me. (I mean, how come an agbaya like myself has never kissed a guy at age 18 ???). I was nervous because I did not know how but we kissed and I liked it lol. I did not tell him he was my first kiss till we started dating in my second semester. 

It's been 4 years now and we are still together <3.

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September 19, 2013

Yoo Hoo! I'm back :)

Hey hey hey Berryboos!

How are yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? I missed you. Okay okay, stop frowning. I'm sorry I just disappeared like that. I took a much needed break to spend time with my family and do some necessary wedding planning and preparation. Have you forgiven me now? THANK YOU!!!

I'll give you gist about my trip, including pictures in a future post. BUT before that, let me tell you what happened to me before I traveled.

The night before I left, I did the customary running around to make sure I had bought everything I needed to take, got my manicure and pedicure done, got ma hurrs taken care of, and had Cakes help me with packing. The following day, I went to work and eagerly awaited the end of the day for Cakes to take me to the airport. 5 minutes before I left the office, I ran into a coworker and we say hi, and he says he heard I got engaged and wants to see the ring. I proudly brought out my hand, and BAM!!! NO RING!!!!! ENH?! WHAT?! QUE?! What is happening right now????

I mentally run a marathon in my brain, trying to figure out where my ring went. And then it hit me that I had taken it off while packing and placed it by my phones, which were charging. So I call Cakes...

Me: Cakes, please please please, can you go to my house and get my ring from my bed? I put it by my phones last night while I was packing.
Him: I'm already outside your office. And I saw the ring yesterday. But I thought you forgot it, so I kept it in my pocket, but forgot to give it back to you.
Me: Erm, what are you saying?
Him: It's in my pocket. In the pants I wore yesterday. At home.
Me: *heart stops, brain faints, left hand goes numb because his house is an hour in the opposite direction* I'm coming out now

I pick up my handbag very quietly because I'm in shock and I want to cry, but maybe Cakes is joking. He likes playing pranks. Yeah, he's definitely joking... I get to the car...

Him: Hey. I'm really sorry. Are you okay?
Me: *realizing that he's NOT joking* No
Him: Don't worry. You'll be back soon. At least you know I have it.
Me: Yeah
Him: You don't look fine. Are you holding yourself from crying? Baby, just let it out.




Me: *wails, sobs, cries, clutches chest, doubles over, nose running, waterfalls from my eyes* FOR ONE HOUR. 

I cried all the way from Lagos Island to the airport! Cakes, poor thing, called my cousin to try to console me.

Rexie: Ah ah, what's wrong?
Me: My riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing! I WANT MY RING BACK! What's the point of traveling if I don't have my ring?! I can't show it to my sisters in person!
Rexie: Stop crying nowwwww. Okay, since I'm traveling in a few days, I'll bring it back to you.
Me: So I should go a whole week without my riiiiiiiiiing? *more tears*
Rexie: Listen, it'll be fine. I'll bring it for you. Please stop crying. You're scaring Cakes.
Me: Okay... *hangs up and proceeds to call my sister, Cupcakes*


Cupcakes: Berry, you're crying?! What happened? What's the matter?
Cupcakes: What happened to it?
Me: I don't have it. Cakes left it in his pants pocket, and it's all the way far away.
Cupcakes: Why doesn't he have one of his staff bring it to the airport?
Me: They're busy.
Cupcakes: Lemme talk to Cakes... Dude, ask one of your guys to meet you at the airport. The flight isn't for another 5 hours.
Cakes: Yeah, I'll do that. Traffic is mad though, but no worries. We'll try.
Me: *tears stop*
Cakes: Oh. You've stopped crying. Are you saying you love the ring more than you love me? :p
Me: Noooo. But having my ring means I'm taking a part of you with me (Am I not a genius for that answer?)

Fast forward to 3 hours later... I have my ring back and I'm a happy camper :D

If anybody had seen me that day enh, I was unrecognizable. My eyes were red and swollen, and my face was puffy from all the crying. You would have thought Michael Jackson came back to life and died all over again.

Moral of the story: Dear Men, don't take your fiancee's ring without telling her at that exact moment. If you do, you will forget the ring in your pocket, leave your pants at home, and then your fiancee will cry for one hour, nonstop.

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September 6, 2013

First Kiss Fridays!!!

Hello lovers!!!

We've got another story for FIRST KISS FRIDAYS. Many thanks to today's featured guest. Readers are encouraged to send stories of their first kisses ever, first kisses with boyfriends/girlfriends, ex-boyfriends/girlfriends, handsome/beautiful strangers, husbands/wives, you get the idea... It will be TOTALLY ANONYMOUS so feel free to divulge!

Please send your stories to

My lip imprint is pretty, no? 

I was about 16 years old, it was my first relationship. We were about 4 months into it but my vigilante mum never gave us a chance to spend up to 25 minutes alone. So, the only times we had to see each other were the few times I had quick errands to run at the nearby mallam's kiosk. 

Then summer holiday came. Bless summer holidays oh my soul!  This gave us more time to spend together! He would come to my JAMB class during breaks/recess. This made it impossible for other "toasters" to approach me, lol. One afternoon, he was able to cajole me into going to have lunch at Chicken Republic. "It's just at Ishaga junction. We'll be back before your break is over," he said. I agreed. We ate fried rice with chicken and Sprite. After lunch, I opted out of going back to lesson, reasoning that the bell would have rung before I'd be able to settle in. And after all, the last class of the day was Christian Religious Studies, which I was sure I could pass without studying. We decided to go to his grandma's house. When we got there, his grandma was on her way out and said we should stay and wait for her return. 

For the first time we were alone for longer than usual. At first we talked about random things. I gisted him about boarding school and how the matron had seen one of the many letters he’d written to me; and her many words of advice. I noticed he wasn't really paying attention to what I was saying, so I told him to tell me what was on his mind. Na so the GEHN GEHN start! Lol!
Him: Baby, I want to ask you two questions and then I have a request."
Me: Okay.
Him: Do you love me?"
Me: Yes nah.
Him: Okay, are you still a virgin?
Me: EXCUSE ME?! WHAT DO YOU EXPECT?! For God’s sake, I'm just 16 years old! Of course I am.
Him: Hey hey, don’t shout.
Me: Leave me o! What kind of question is that? *typing this story now is making me laugh so hard.*
Him: Okay, okay. I’m sorry. Baby I’m sorry. Please.
Me: Fine. You’ve asked your questions. What’s the request?
Him: Have you forgiven me?
Me: Yes. What’s the request?
Him: Will you kiss me to prove that I’m forgiven?
Me: *naively thinking he was asking for the usual peck on the lips* Yes o.

So I gave him a peck and withdrew. He smiled, pulled me back to him and said, “That’s not what I meant. Just follow my lead and do as I do very softly.” I simply nodded, lowering my gaze while feeling some sort of embarrassment. He leaned in and pressed his lips to mine, slowly parting my lips with his tongue. Within a few seconds I got the hang of it, and I pulled him closer and kissed him like the expert that I am now. *winks* We continued for about 30 seconds. And yes it was amazing!  

We dated till I got admission into university and started opening eyes. Looool. #DontJudgeMe.

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September 3, 2013


*cue news broadcast music* Tan tan, TAN-TAN *drum roll*

Good morning and you are tuned in to the BRRY News Report. The Federal Road Safety Corps of Nigeria announced a looooong time ago that all Nigerian licenses have to be renewed by September 30th, 2013. Unfortunately, I was blissfully unaware until 3 weeks ago, when a random policeman wanted to extort money from me on the road...

Policeman: Let me see your license.
Me: *rolls eyes and hands him license*
Policeman: Where's your new license? This not the correct one.
Me: Heh? What new license?
Policeman: Oh! You don't even know that license are expire in September.
Me: Oh, really? No I didn't know. Can I have my license back?
Policeman: Drop sometin. This not correct license.
Me: Didn't you just say licenses expire in September? This is August so my license is still valid.
Policeman: Hmm. All these English you're talking.
Me: My license is valid. It's 9pm and I'm all by myself. Give me my license jo, I'm going home. *took it and zoomed off*

Anyways, so I got home and spoke to my dad about it - he verified the information. And just yesterday, Cakes and I started the process. Here's what you need to do to process your new driving license in Nigeria...
  1. Go to the Nigeria Drivers License website (if you go to FRSC's website, you'll be redirected here)
  2. Click on Drivers License Renewal and enter your license number. If your current license wasn't obtained by godly means, then you'll have to enter your data (name, date of birth, address, etc). If it was gotten properly, then your data will be automatically drawn up. The validity of your current passport will determine the level of stress you'll have to go through. (I went through the stress #DontJudgeMe)
  3. When you're done with the form, you're supposed to pay N6350 online or at any bank stated on the website. I chose to pay at the bank because I didn't want to sign up for the payment portal suggested.
  4. Print out the form you filled, and staple it to the bank receipts and forms they print (include 2 passport photographs) and head over to the Licensing Office to register. *NOTE* When you get there, they'll more than likely send you to the Vehicle Inspection Office first. I'm not sure if this is only for shady licenses sha.
  5. When you get to the Vehicle Inspection Office, you'll be required to do a Vision Test (costs N600) and Written Road Rules Test (10 to 20 multiple choice questions in 5 minutes). I got 94% on my test - YAY ME!!! 8-) *nerd alert* Once these are done, one passport photograph will be taken from you and they'll sign a few more forms and attach it to your bundle.
  6. Take this bundle back to the Licensing Office. They'll ask you to photocopy about 4 pages, then bring the bundle back to them and they'll register you and give you a date for your biometric data capture (fingerprinting and stuff like that). Once you have that date written on your form, I would advise that you photocopy that page in case our policeman and road safety friends stop you on the road for whatever reason. That date proves that you've started the process. 
  7. This is as far as I've gone, but the next steps are to (A) Go for your biometric data capture (B) You'll be given a temporary license for 60 days while your license is being prepared (C) Voila, you have a valid license to drive in Nigeria.
I must note that my friend completed his biometric data capture in August 2012 and his license was ready just last week. *blank stare* le sigh for Nigeria sha. 

Cakes and I were able to complete Steps 4 to 6 in about 3 hours. But I must say that Nigerian government agency buildings are disgraceful. I mean there were goats, chickens and dogs lying around AND INSIDE the Licensing Office!!! And don't get me started on the Vehicle Inspection Office that's on one end of a scrap yard. It just made me think and wonder how Nigeria came to this. There was a time when things were orderly, right? When government buildings and staff were efficient... when the toilets worked and they didn't have to put a large container of water and a bucket for you to flush with. NASTYYYYYYYYYYYY!

And that brings me to the end of this broadcast. Thank you for tuning in to BRRY News Broadcast. Have a safe evening.

*side note* I started with 'Good morning' and ended with 'Have a safe evening.' Could this be the longest/slowest news broadcast ever? :p

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Weekend Snaps!

This weekend I...

1. Started the TW Magazine Fitness Challenge, with the super-fit Kate Henshaw as the celebrity attached to the project. For the next 12 weeks, 20-25 of us ladies will be working out and watching our food to lose weight, get healthy, and live better lives. 

2. Went to Coldstone Creamery for a wedding-oriented meeting. I DID NOT eat any ice cream. But...

Apparently some ladies didn't know that the waffle bowls can be eaten (that's Cakes' theory). I just said they were being wasteful.
Trying to pretend my hair's longish.
3. Went to Sunday lunch with my closest girls. Instead of fries, I got herb potatoes. And I had a Grilled Chicken Avocado sandwich. #MustBeAHawtBrideByForce

4. Went on a short beach date with Cakes!!!!!!!! We had fun. I got wet. Luckily I had freshly laundered clothes in the car and changed like Superman :D


Uh oh! Buried Treasure. Not good for my Hawt Brided-ness!

What did YOU do this weekend? And why wasn't I invited? *sulking*