January 31, 2013

Gettin Fit in February: Squats Challenge

I have a confession... No, I'm not about to sing D'Banj's Oliver Twist, although I just might right after this post.

My confession is this: I have not exercised since the first week of January! I know, I know, I'm terrible. How do I intend to lose the 13lbs by my birthday if I don't exercise. And not just that, during my few days in Port Harcourt last week, I ate like a pig and gained an extra 3-4 pounds. I'm being such a disaster *covers face and runs to hide from utter shame*

This week though, I've gone back to eating regularly, and I've dropped the 3/4 pounds. I'm now back to my starting point. I was chatting with my cousin yesterday, and she's a weight-loss-gym-freak! She's actually been featured on Bella Naija for her weight-loss story - The Number 240. So she told me about the February 2013 Squat Challenge. And since I'm tired of the jelly in my booty and thighs, I asked her to send me the info. So dear friends, I would like to share with you...

I added the pictures and encouragement myself. Going to print and stick on my wall :)

I'm scared, I'm not going to lie. Squats are EVIL! I foresee wearing only flat shoes through the entire month. Well, like my girl, Chidynma (another workout-freak) said, squats won't be enough to lose weight. So I'll be restarting my 10lb Slimdown Exercise Plan series tomorrow as well. Kim, Bey, Salma, I'm coming for you!!!

Fingers crossed and wish me God-speed cos luck won't do it!



  1. LMAO dude you're ALWAYS trying to lose 13 lbs before your birthday!


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