January 31, 2013

Nigerian Weight Loss Recipes and Food Table

It's just so weird how all the things I talk about and want to do are falling in place! I want to pray more, my church is offering a class on prayer... I want to try Nollywood, I'm being given an opportunity to do a monologue in 2 weeks (more info coming)... and so many other things! Isn't God awesome?! And HE's awesome even when things aren't going so great. Even though I've stumbled and felt far from him at different times, He's always been there to pick me up!

Ok, the reason for this post is the Nigerian Food Table for Weight Loss feature on 9ja Foodie. My health-nut, gym-freak cousin's always going on about how Nigerian food is full of carbohydrates and it must be hard to lose weight here. Well, NEVER FEAR for 9jaFoodie is here to save the day! Here's the image below and I'll post links afterwards.

  1. 9jafoodie Nigerian Food Table for Weight Loss
  2. 9jafoodie Nigerian Recipes for Weight Loss


  1. This looks awesome! Count me in starting tomorrow!
    I need to get back into shape in a major way. I spent 7 months in South Africa last year and was cranking out 100 pushups a day and running 7Ks before breakfast... but being back and Naija and waiting for NYSC has me eating way too much rice + TV instead of exercise.

    Praise God for your opportunities so far! God has plans for those faithful to Him :)

  2. I am not a health nut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks for this, its going to help mothers a lot.

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