January 17, 2013

2 Girls, A White Space

So this year, I've determined in my heart to explore Lagos! Well, the island because the mainland scares me - it's just too big and I can't handle it. For me, exploring will take me to new restaurants, cafes, museums, beaches, fun activities and more... maybe even churches?

Anyways, first up for me this year - A WHITE SPACE.

What is that, you ask? Well, it's a different kind of event venue. They describe it as "a small boutique short term lettable space/venue for cultural and retail use." Basically, they rent out the bottom floor of this building (all the rooms are painted white) to people who want to have small events, art displays, pop-up retail events, cake-tastings, film clubs... the list is endless. Right now, the owner (nice guy called Papa) is having a 60-day hang-out exhibition, if you will. I found out about it via The 4 Aces Date blog and decided to call up a fellow blogger (Review Naija) and asked if she'd be interested. She was and we made plans to visit last Friday. From the way we were acting and our endless conversation, people would think we were best friends, even though our first meeting was that same evening. I regularly contribute reviews to her site so that forged a pre-meeting-friendship.

I didn't take too many pictures - what else is new? But here are the ones I have...

Artwork behind the makeshift bar. Pretty, right?

A poem about FOOD innit?

We played table tennis... She whooped my behind! My hand-eye coordination sucks :(

Chicken Suya and Flat Bread - YUM!

Anita and Efe
I plan on going again this weekend, as there's a pop-up fashion/retail exhibit. Will take better pictures next time.

Have a pretty Thursday :)

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