January 21, 2013

Weekend Hair - 3 styles!

Soooooooo, how are ya and how was your weekend? I hope you had a pretty one. I'd say mine was pretty until 9pm on Sunday night, at which point I admitted I'd overextended myself this weekend and broke down in tears from sheer fatigue. I know, I know, I'm a drama queen *cue Nollywood*

Anyways, during the week, I usually wear wigs, until I get around to going to a salon. But on weekends I like to let my hair breathe and fly free. Like I said in my Pomadorable post, I'm trying to play around with different hairstyles and I think I did a pretty good job this weekend.

#1. The Grecian. This is my go-to hairstyle, because it's easy to do (2-3 minutes) and it looks simple, elegant, and classic. I wore it to a daytime event - Nibi of The Kinky Apothecary opened her first concession stand at L'Espace in Victoria Island. She manufactures a line of natural hair care products, as well as sells other lines. It was a pretty event with champagne and I got to meet and socialize with other ladies like moi.

Grecian Hair style

Nibi - natural hair guru

Ms. Kinky Apothecary

The Kinky Apothecary Oils

#2 - Twist, Tuck, Pin - I think? Well, I started off wanting to do a pompadour style for a nighttime event. However, I changed my mind and flat-twisted the back in a straight line. I left some hair out in front and tucked it in. I was pretty happy with the result. I attended the Republic of Foreigner sale at A White Space. Met up with my friend there and we had drinks and enjoyed the overall ambiance. Oops, no pics from the event. Sawry.

Flat twist in the back

#3. Simple Up-do: On Sunday, I felt like being sunny and wore a modified yellow bridesmaid dress. I decided to just pull my hair up into a simple up-do, and I secured it with a necklace given to me by my parents. I went to church, visited my friend's house, went to another friend's house, attended a HILARIOUS play at Terra Kulture, went to pick something up at an aunt's house, then to drop off my friend (at which point I started crying cos I was exhausted), and finally got home. I'm never scheduling more than 2 outings per weekend anymore!

Princess Updo

And so we've come to the end of my weekend hairdventures! I'm going to look for a cup of coffee.

See ya :)

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