April 30, 2021

If Not Now, Then When?

 Hey there,

It's been a little while and I apologize for being AWOL. I don't know if I mentioned on here that I started a new job last month (I probably didn't seeing as I've been MIA) and the new schedule is taking a little getting used to - imagine needing to get used to working regular 8am to 5pm hours! Chai, I tried in my previous role o. Anyways, I'm here today to ask you, "If not now, then when?"

Generally speaking, a lot of people in life are always waiting for the right time, the right job, the right body, the right this or that. E.g.

"When I finally buy my own place, I'll decorate my residence to really suit me."

"When I lose weight, then I'll go on a beach vacation."

"When I get married, then I'll start saving money (or spending or investing)."

The problem with those kinds of statements, is that more often than not, you really don't have to wait for those things to happen to do or get the things you want, be the person you'd like to be, apply for opportunities you'd like to pursue. What those statements do, and what that general outlook does is limit yourself. You spend so much time waiting for the right moment to get anything done, but in reality, I think it's also just a way to procrastinate. 

As you know, I've lived in my parents house since I moved back to the US five years ago. I've been wanting to move out for a while, but just didn't have the means - hopefully by year end, it's a different story. Initially, I didn't want to decorate my bedroom or make it too comfortable, saying "When I buy a house, then..." Well, it took me 2 years to decide to start grasping that while I'm here, I do want my space to be as comfortable and relaxing for me as I want. Being comfortable and content with what you have and where you are, doesn't stop you from still wanting bigger and better in the future. 

Everyone knows I love taking photos. Left to me, I'd take photos (and sometimes videos) daily and it's something Coco's beginning to enjoy herself. I have wanted blown up photos but thought, 

1. What will people say? Doesn't this make me look arrogant?

2. I'm still in my parents' house. I should wait until I have a place of my own.

3. But seriously, won't people think I'm doing the most?

Well, guess what? People aren't living in my bedroom - and even if they are, they can enjoy the gorgeousness of my blown up canvas photos from PhotoWall. I decided I didn't want to keep waiting for something to start living in the now. I got my first one 2 years ago and absolutely loved it - so much so, that when they offered to send me another one, I jumped at the chance. Left to me, I'll have a gallery of photos of me and my family. Getting canvas photos of yourself might not be your thing, but they make GREAT gifts for your loved ones - HINT HINT, Mothers Day (US) is on May 9th and I've got a 25% off coupon code for you! Simply visit www.photowall.com and use the code berrydakara25 for 25% off any item of your choice! The code is good for 2 months, so feel free to gift yourself or your loved ones any of PhotoWall's items which range from canvas prints, wall art, wallpaper, and more!

And remember - you don't have to wait for the perfect timing to do or be... if not now, then when?

April 12, 2021

April 1, 2021

A Throwback and a Giveaway!

 It's Throwback Thursday!!!!!!!!!!

Who remembers how I started blogging in the very first place?

If you don't remember, I'm about to remind you - The Aje-Butter's Guide to NYSC blog! In case you're newer, I started blogging in December 2011 about my NYSC service year (see my very first blog post ever!). I moved back to Nigeria in June 2011 to start NYSC and decided to blog about my experience. After the year was over, I had enjoyed blogging so much, I decided to start this one. I've spent the last hour going through that old blog and JEAN-CLAUDE VAN DAMN, I was a TOTAL HOTTIE (see photos from this post where I re-rocked my NYSC uniform in different ways)!!!! Please somebody should help me figure out how to get that body back with minimal effort. Thanks in advance.