July 10, 2019

Mummy and Me: Dashiki

I've got another set of Mummy and Me photos to share with you today! I had a different shoot to share, but I can't find the memory card that has those photos... so sad. However, we can make do with this new set of "And co" photos! For this photo shoot, Cocoa and I wore African dashikis! Are there non-African dashikis, come to think of it? Where do dashikis really come from? See here if you're interested.

These photos were taken behind our house - if you have followed my blog for a while then the background might look familiar to you. My sister, Tammy, took our photos. I'm not sure what I'll do after she leaves in a couple of weeks. I lost my camera remote control and I have not been able to practice any self portraits :(

Special thanks to my old secondary school friend Esther for hooking me up with my dashiki. I can't remember where I got Cocoa's from, but I knew I had to get one for myself too.

As you can see, Cocoa 100% refused to let me put her down for most of the shoot. She can be very clingy sometimes... unless any of her favorite YouTube shows are on. At those times she doesn't give me any face or attention :p

I hope you enjoyed the photos and are inspired to have matching shoots with your families. Have a wonderful rest of the week.


  1. I enjoyed viewing your photos are usual. You dashiki is lovely and yes kids are so clingy, she is so cute.
    Thank you for sharing dear
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