August 5, 2019

LIFE LATELY: July 2019

July seems like it was a very long month... and also a long time ago at the same time. I think I enjoyed July for the most part, even though Cocoa and I had health challenges. Thank God for good health o!

Every month I marvel over how much more Cocoa's learning, doing and saying. In July I heard her say "Beautiful" for the first time. She was referring to a shirt that her grandma bought her, and said "Eh Be-de-foo!" She's also learned how to open doors (HO BOY!) and keeps going into rooms, closing the door, and knocking for me to come and open the door for her. The funniest thing to me is how into makeup and beauty she is! If the house gets really quiet and she's awake, a lot of times, she's gone to her grandma's bathroom to play with her makeup! And she also loves getting her nails done.

She also does this new thing where she goes, "My mummy" over and over again. My sister goes back and forth with her, and it gives me warm fuzzies all over. I really love being a mother, even though it's tough a lot of times (insert when she's being a toddler and not listening to me).

In the middle of the month, Cocoa was pretty sick with a slight fever, and rashes that made her itch so much she couldn't sleep at night. I felt so bad for her :( I thought it was Hand, Foot and Mouth disease as someone in her class had it the week before. But her doctor determined she might have gotten bitten when we went to the beach 2 weeks prior to that. Thank God for doctors and medicine. We're still dealing with some dry skin from the effects of the rashes, but I'm glad the itching nightmare is over.

I almost forgot! Cocoa won a competition in our neighborhood for having the best decorated bike for July 4th.

Towards the end of the month, Cocoa and I flew to Boston for a weekend with a couple of my girlfriends. We all had a fabulous time, and I wish I could have spent a few extra days at the hotel - I'm going to share photos from the hotel in a different post later this month. It had been about 5 years since I last visited Boston. I'm not sure if I ever mentioned it, but I lived in Boston for 7 years way back when. I went to college and got my first degree from there, so Boston is one of the places I consider home. We got to see old friends, Cocoa played with their children, and I love that decades after we met, our children can continue the relationships built so long ago.

BTW this was Cocoa's first time flying in her own seat on the plane. She did very very well - although the guy who sat in front of her on our return flight turned around a couple of times cos she pushed against his seat... oops!

I really wanted to finish The Heads of the Colored People: Stories by Nafissa Thompson-Spires, but I just couldn't bring myself to complete the book. It's a collection of different stories, and I quite enjoyed some of the ones I read - there were a couple that made me literally laugh out loud. The sad thing is I borrowed it from the library and renewed it twice, hoping I would eventually really get into it and finish it, but it just never happened.

Isha Sesay's book, Beneath the Tamarind Tree, is what I started and finished in a few days. I heard a short interview of hers on NPR and made a mental note to borrow the book whenever it came out. To my surprise, the audio version popped up a few days after I recommended it to our local library system via Oversight. This book gripped me from beginning to end, and really brought the plight of the Chibok Girls to light. I've recommended the book several times on social media, and if you can get your hands (or ears) on this book, please read it!

I cannot believe I forgot to mention that I watched Always Be My Maybe in June!!!! I saw all the buzz online about the Netflix film, and I absolutely LOVED IT! I would watch it twenty times over. Keanu Reeves is oh-so-dreamy!!!!!!!!!!!! The story line was very interesting and very funny. It's a MUST-WATCH!

You know how people say a movie is just there and bleh, and so you don't bother with the film? Then one day, you decide to watch it and thoroughly enjoy it? That's what happened with me and Captain Marvel. I was told not to bother watching it, as I wasn't missing anything. Well guess what? I missed plenty! I loved it and I want to watch it again. I don't know why I listen to people's opinions sometimes.

New hurrs, who dis? Does anyone remember when I made and sold crochet wigs? Well, I really missed having a wig that looked almost exactly like my hair and decided to make a crochet wig that I absolutely love.

The Mommy Oyoyo podcast is going great! I'm really proud of myself for starting it and keeping it going. I'm looking into getting it on as many podcast platforms as possible. I almost want it to be on Youtube too, but I just don't have the time to record and edit videos. Additionally, I have guest interviews on the podcast and I'm not sure if I want a video recording of a conversation on Youtube. I'll see sha. I've gotten 265 plays so far, from 10 different countries! Please make sure you subscribe to the podcast, rate and leave reviews on your podcast player, and share the episodes on social media too!

That was my July in a nutshell. How was July for you?


  1. Glad to hear that Miss Cocoa is doing better. Having a sick baby really sucks.
    My daughter is yet to fly on her own seat on a plane, I'm looking forward to not having her on my lap - hopefully she will also behave.

    Lungi |

    1. Thanks Lungi. Listen, having her in her own seat (if she behaves) is sooooooooooo freeing! Just get her some cute headphones for her to watch the entertainment or your ipad and she should be a happy camper.

  2. Thank God Cocoa is doing well now. On a side note, I can't believe the hair in that picture is a wig!! I've been looking desperately around for a wig that mimics my natural hair and is also available. Can you please provide some details on the extensions you used? Or a tutorial or something? I would really appreciate it. Thanks a lot!

    1. Yes ma'am. It's the Cuban tresses or something. I'll put a post up soon about how I made it. Glad you like it. I plan to make a ponytail too

    2. Oh awesome, and thank you! I look forward to the post on how you made it :-)


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