August 21, 2019

Travel Packing Cubes Review: Bagail

Prior to my last trip to Boston, I had never used any real sort of packing system. I would usually wait until the night before my trip to hurriedly throw things into my suitcase and carry-on, hoping everything would fit and that I wouldn't have excess luggage. For my last trip though, I saw the light. My sister had bought herself some packing cubes from Amazon, and I oohed and ahhed over them so much that she bought my mum and I a set to share.

My sister dropped off the Bagail packing cubes a few days before my trip, and to be honest, I almost forgot to use them. But thank God I did, because now I wonder how I've been packing and traveling without them my whole life!!!

The Bagail packing cubes are made with lightweight nylon with some mesh, which helps you see what's in each packing cube and helps with ventilation. My sister got the blue polka dot version, but if I bought the system myself, I would likely have gone for a pink one!

What I really loved about using packing cubes was that I was able to organize my luggage easily. I put Cocoa's clothes and shoes in one cube, and used a different cube to fit my clothes. I used two of the same size for this trip, but there are several sizes available - so you can have one for your toiletries, another for clothes, yet another to pack your electronics, and another for your makeup - the possibilities are kinda endless.

Another great thing about the Bagail packing system is that you don't only need to use them for your checked in luggage - you can also use them if you plan to have only a carry-on bag. It's really flexible and you can use them as you see fit, and for any of your packing needs. There are ones that come in a set of  4 cubes  or the 6-pack set of cubes. There's a set of packing cubes that comes with a shirt bag - for those of you who are business travelers! They even have a set of Mesh Laundry bags - I know I could definitely use those, to keep my dirty laundry away from clean clothes while on any trips.


Have you ever used packing cubes while traveling? Let me know!

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  1. I am definitely a packing cube person. I got my mum and aunt into them a few years ago. I like vents on these ones you have.

    I'm also the one that starts packing about two weeks before the trip. I make a list - on paper or using my Wunderlist app. I use shoe bags for my shoes and I got a spacious and compartmentalised toiletries bag I love with a little hanger in it so I can hang it up if needed. I don't want to feel like I forgot anything, and I don't want to rush. If I'm driving, I load up the car with the luggage the night before. Otherwise, it's ready by the door for 'go-time'.

  2. OMG this! I am traveling now and recently just discovered them, game changer! It also made me really organized. I knew work clothes were in one trip, casual clothes in another, toiletries etc...and yes I got the PINK ones haha

  3. I totally agree with you, so you can know what you're taking on your trip before you leave... how many of us didn't keep our toothbrushes or underwear at home and remember it when we unpacked at the hotel? it's horrible hahaha.
    Greetings and ... thank you so much for sharing!!!!!


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