May 20, 2019

Three Ways to Style an Ankara Peplum Belt

Happy Monday!

Do you guys remember when peplum belts were all the rage?! Wait, was that peplum belts or just the peplum silhouette in general? I can't remember. Either way, lots of women were very happy to wear peplum anything because it was trendy at the time, and also helped to conceal or hide not-so-flat tummies. I remember loving the trend too, but never thought about getting a peplum belt. I know that ankara peplum belts have been on the scene for a while, but it was not until this year that I started trying them out, and today I want to share three ways I styled my ankara peplum belt.

Typically you see peplum belts styled with a shirt and jeans, a basic dress, or a top and pants combo, and I didn't stray far from these basic styles.

During my random Black and White outfits for 30 Days challenge in February, I scooped up this black and white ankara peplum belt and decided to style it with a black midi pleated skirt, white shirt, black blazer and block-heeled booties. The photos did not come out how I envisioned them, but they're better than nothing and I don't have the energy to reshoot this particular outfit. I may share other ways I style my ankara peplum belts in later posts - MAYBE. But I hope you enjoy the photos.

FUN FACT: I wore this exact outfit twice in the span of two or three months! Why? Because Obama said "Yes I Can."

You can style a peplum belt over a midi "bodycon" dress like I did. This is the same dress I wore for my Maternity Photo Shoot almost two years ago! Thanks to my brother-in-law for helping me out with this set of photos.

I also styled my ankara peplum belt with a t-shirt and jeans. I would have tried it with a button down shirt, but this t-shirt was the quickest thing to grab. I took these photos myself with my tripod and camera remote while Cocoa took a nap :D

Do you own a peplum belt (ankara or otherwise)? And if yes, what's your favorite way to style it?


  1. Hello Berry! I definitely believe the peplum silhouette was in style! But an ankara peplum belt? Wow I have never heard of it but I already am in love with the idea! My preference is with a dress, although you look lovely in all three outfits!


    1. Thanks Madeline. Yeah, Ankara peplum belts were very popular at some point, so you could match them with anything.

      You can find them on Etsy!

  2. So great... I love the way it looks over your dress.


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