August 14, 2019

Life Lessons to My Daughter

I shared this post on Instagram last week and I think it's worth sharing here too. As a mother, a lot of times, I wonder about the things I want to teach my daughter. I want her to grow up knowing what my life has been like, and hopefully learn from me.

Never lose your sense of playfulness. 

You're never too old to play with bubbles. 

A love that doesn't forgive is NOT love. 

Makeup is fun but should only be used to enhance, not cover up. 

Know your worth and speak up about it. 

Don't discount yourself, your knowledge, your experiences. 

Keep your eyes, ears, brain and spirit open in relationships - if something makes you uneasy, you may need to walk away. 

You CAN learn from your mistakes, and they DO NOT define you. 

Abuse of any kind - verbal, emotional, physical - is NOT to be tolerated. 

Money is not everything but it certainly helps your lot in life. 

Dance like nobody's watching. 

Be open but very careful who you talk to - some people may have bad intentions towards you. 

ou will get hurt by people you deem close to your heart - process the hurt, forgive and move on. 

You are not entitled to anybody's money and nobody is entitled to yours. 

Do not settle in the name of love. 

Pray about everything. 

You must be accountable to someone/people no matter how intelligent and wise you are. 

You alone are responsible for your actions and reactions. 

Seek counseling. 

There is real strength in vulnerability. 

You are a daughter, a princess and a queen that belongs to God.

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