July 19, 2019

Berry Lovely Links

First of all, introduction!!!

Well I'm going for an introduction tomorrow and I've been looking forward to it for a long time - cos free food, LOL! What are your plans for the weekend? Whatever you do, please make sure to listen to the Mommy Oyoyo podcast - not just listen, but SUBSCRIBE too!!!!!!!

I hope you enjoy the links I have curated for you this weekend. Have a blast!

  1. To be very honest, I was going to pass up on these lists, but once I read them, I actually chuckled and think some of them could be helpful. Here are 25 Lists to Make When Life is Overwhelming.
  2. Go Back to Africa is a website that seeks to turn the phrase "Go back to Africa" on its head and showcase the beauty of our continent.
  3. I really enjoyed making this episode of the Mommy Oyoyo podcast: Not Your Typical African Father, featuring special guest, Osi O. BTW the podcast is now available on Stitcher too! Please search for the podcast on your favorite podcast player and SUBSCRIBE!!!
  4. It's a little long, but I'm a Strong Black Woman. I Deserve Therapy Too deals with the stereotype of black women as being caregivers and not needing care themselves.
  5. Here's an honest look at what going through a divorce is like: There's Something I Need to Tell You...
  6. Just the title alone made me click so quickly! Women, Office Housework and the Nigerian Workplace.

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