June 8, 2015

Berry Long Weekend

Bonjour ma petite jolie!

Comment ca va?

How'd your weekend go? Mine was a long one. Well, not long per se. Just full. And because it was so full, and I had stuff to do everyday, it felt long. Trust me, I slept like a baby last night from sheer exhaustion! So let's have a quick round-up shall we?

But first, let me share some Crochet Wigs photos from my sisters and cousin!

Mike, this is the one that's single. I've posted her picture now o. 
Wig made and delivered to a Lagos customer on Friday

On Friday, Dabs and I had agreed that I would come in after work to get started on the faux locs for her event on Sunday. I got to her salon early, and she and her stylists were very warm, welcoming and even gave me a cuppa hot chocolate too! While going over the hair style, I was quite impressed to hear that the method of installing the faux locs was actually created by Dabs! Such creativity. A hairstyle like this would have taken 6 to 8 hours to achieve, but we were done in pretty much 3 hours - all thanks to an innovative approach to getting the style done. Hopefully she trademarks the process and comes out with a How-To video soon.

The plan for Saturday was to stay in the whole day and not leave my apartment at all. Cakes left early to finish up and deliver some cakes. By the time he got home in the afternoon, I'd made brunch and decided that I wanted us to go grocery shopping later in the afternoon/early evening. I said we should have drinks at a nearby hotel after getting our groceries, but he wanted to do dinner instead. I wasn't hungry at the time, and insisted on light fare. An hour before we went out, I remembered the exhibition partly curated by Wana Udobang, and decided we should go and see it as this was the last weekend it was showing.
I wore this top specifically because I wanted to wear my necklace from Nuella Michaels (remember they have great stuff at low prices!)

Oh, and erm, my boobs are getting smaller! :(
That's how we left our place, and Lekki traffic showed us who was boss!!! By the time we got to Victoria Island, it was too late, so we got our groceries at Goodies, went to Mega Plaza looking for Indian food (they've shut down!!!), and ultimately ended up at Rhapsody for dinner (yeah, I got hungry). I'll post a review later this week.

See all the cleavage space


*I have too many photos from Salon Day Out, and I might just do a separate post on the event. What say you?*

Sunday was the day I most looked forward to, as it was Salon Day Out, brought by Savvy Chic Hair and Beauty Hub, and Naija Hair Can Grow. It was a full event!!! Dabs didn't anticipate the crowd - even though I warned her on Friday. Next year, she'll definitely need a bigger space. I met quite a few blog readers, and I have to say thank you so much for all your kind words (kisses to every one of you). The event started a little late, and some segments ran long, but I think majority of the attendees got something out of it. The remaining six of my faux locs were completed, and as it was already 6pm, I had to leave (Cakes and I had to stop over at our friends' places for their birthday hangouts). I missed the Hairlista Battle, but will be checking for posts from other blogs to share their photos (with permission).

Faux locs et real locs!

Items I got. I ran out of facial soap and may have gone overboard with the shopping.
By the time I got home, I was so pooped. I couldn't even take my makeup off, or get my stuff ready for the gym and work this morning. But thank God for a brand new day, and a brand new week. May you be productive, may you show and receive love, and may you walk in obedience to God and your purpose. Amen.


  1. Beautiful folks, must have been fun!

  2. Amen! May God be with you.

    Mehn the hair movement is not a small something o!
    Your hair looks nice.
    Also that's how Berry has become a wig maker and dealer o!


  3. looks like fun thanks for sharing.

  4. Atilola. Tomiloba!!!! I didn't hear of this till the day before :(

  5. Berry ooooo... It was nice meeting everyone again. And yes Berry my team won... yaaaaaaaay

  6. It was a good event. Thank you for the ticket - i like free so i was motivated into showing up. I am looking forward to my big chop in 2 weeks. They do need a bigger spot, given the ticket price and crowd. It was a good event, product junkies like me needed the reality check that not every product will work for your hair.


    1. You're welcome lady! Have you big chopped yet? I'm sure next year's event will have a larger space

  7. See me in the pictures o. God knows I had the time of my life. I was on my feet 24-7 sha cos people swamped me. The battle was very interesting. Dabs did a very great job. I'm proud of her.

    The Devil's Agenda for the Church

    1. That means more business for you and more money for meeeeeeee

  8. Nice! You sure had fun, Berry. You always have fun! :)
    Kindly visit my blog when you can. Ebonyduchess.com #NewbieBlogger Thankssssss.

  9. Lol...Berry that is a lot of soap...
    This was a lot of fun. Thanks for the picture:D I like.
    You looked beautiful and I love your necklace.
    Please permit me to pilfer some pictures

    1. I knowww. For all my non-junkiness sometimes I overdo it.

      Thanks lady! And feel free

  10. Weekend was full indeed with lots of fun too..

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  11. Yaaay Berry! I see me in the pictures! I was thrilled to meet you and then, you were friendly.

    I left after Atilola's speech. Missed the hairlistas' battle and the faux locs demonstration.


    1. Nice to meet you too!!! Awww you left too early :(


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