June 25, 2015

Berry Lovely Links


Who wants to be a Billionaire? Shhh! Don't tell anyone else the secret - it's in Link 5.

  1. 7 Things Everyone Should Start Doing in Their 30's.
  2. All those fitness/weight loss transformation photos might be fake! See A New Body in 3 Minutes.
  3. So there's a 2015 List of 20 Most Stylish Men on the Planet. I'm 100% sure they mean 20 most stylish and popular men they know. 
  4. I've been craving Eggs, specifically omelets, everyday for the past 1 week! Are eggs on the list of What 12 Highly Successful People Eat for Breakfast?
  5. Can Business Insider guarantee that 9 Books to Read if You Want to be a Billionaire will work for really real?
  6. Watch this inspiring Tedx Accra talk given by MaameYaa Boafo (one of the actresses from An African City aka Africa's Sex and the City - I've actually mentioned the show in a previous Lovely Links post).


  1. I watched the whole season of An African City yesterday after listening to her Ted Talk earlier in the week. I was shocked at how often they changed men but I found the series very interesting, loved the natural hair styles and Ankara outfits too, it reminded me of b430 a little bit.


    1. LOL, real Sex and the City kinda dating. It's unusual to see African women go through men like that. But yes, it was very interesting and the fashion/hair aspect was on point!

      I've seen only 10 minutes of the first episode of Before 30.

  2. i really like these berry links you post, i've bookmarked quite a few of them over the months. please keep em coming :)

  3. My eyes went straight to the billionaire link! Smh @myself. Thanks Berry!

    Ebonyduchess.com #LifestyleBlog

  4. Loved An African city ... I love your berry links.. some of them are hilarious. New reader of your blog.

  5. berry links... my favourite posts!

  6. berry links... my favourite posts!


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