June 9, 2015

REVIEW: Rhapsody's, VI

In my last Weekend post, I mentioned that Cakes and I had an impromptu date night and ended up having dinner at Rhapsody's, in Victoria Island. I was a little hesitant about going there honestly, because from what I remembered last year, it would get full very quickly and you needed a reservation. Cakes kept insisting though, and ultimately, I'm glad he did.

This isn't the first time I've been to Rhapsody's. The first time was during Brides Day Out in 2013, but I don't remember actually eating there. I've also gone for a Girls Night Out with my friends, but the kitchen was closed as it was already very late.

When we drove in, there was a man who helped us find a parking spot - I was wary because it's supposed to be a private parking lot and I hoped he wouldn't try to ask us for money when we were leaving (he didn't).

I don't have photos of the space, but if you've been to Rhaposdy's VI, you know it has a pretty nice set-up. You'll feel comfortable if you're on a date, out with your girls, out with your guys, or having a dinner party with friends. There's something for everyone. In fact, the day we went, there was some silly football match on and I felt like I was on a date with myself, cos Cakes was busy with the multiple screens!!!
See him pretending to look at me.
More pretense
Enh, me too, I can look at something else.
See? I'm not looking
Our waiter(s) were very attentive. I wasn't sure if we had one or two, or if it was just one and the second guy was from the bar. Whatever it was, they quickly took our drink orders. I ordered a Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri. It was really good and filling! In fact, I think it should be a meal on its own.

Cakes got a Coke and Hennessy and I thought it was funny that the can had MD on it. I'm sure it's Rhapsody's way of making their guests feel special.

When our drinks arrived, the waiter took our food orders. You're served a bread basket while your food is being prepared. Let me just confess now, that this might partly be the reason why my scale saw higher numbers on Monday morning. Cakes ate 1 piece and I may have finished the rest. The bread was warm, and chewy, and just the way bread should be. I don't eat butter/margarine, and the waiter was gracious enough to bring honey when I asked for it.

 We also ordered the Calamari as our starter. The sweet chili sauce was the perfect accompaniment.

For our entrees, I got the Coconut and Coriander Chicken. I specifically got it because I saw that it came with sweet potatoes. However, the quantity of the sweet potatoes was REALLY small and not what I was expecting. Luckily, I was already getting full, so it didn't matter. The chicken breast wasn't very juicy (but then again, white meat isn't), but the sauce more than made up for it. Fashi, I enjoyed this dish, and I would totally order it again.

 Uncle Cakes ordered the Cajun Chicken salad. I didn't taste it, but he seemed pretty happy with his choice.

For dessert (my name is Berry Dakara and sometimes I eat way too much), I got the Chocolate and Mango Spring Rolls. They should be called the Chocolate, Banana and Mango Spring Rolls, cos there was a banana one. OMG! So so so so very good! If my cousin lived here, I bet we would have our random dessert dates and come to Rhapsody for desserts only.

You can find their menu here.

Our bill came up to a little over N18,000. We I typically don't eat that much when we go out, but I think the prices weren't too bad. Can I get good food for cheaper? Yes. But sometimes, you just go with the flow.

Website: http://www.rhapsodys.com.ng/
Email: vi@rhapsodys.com.ng
Address: 19A Agoro Odiyan Street (off Adeola Odeku), Victoria Island
Phone: +234 81 70707072 (this is what's on their website, but it was the Ikeja location)
Hours: Not sure. Their website doesn't say. 

Has anyone been to the Ikeja branch? What's it like?


  1. Ikeja branch is very similar to VI. Not much of a difference. I am becoming more wary of Lebanese owned establishments in Nigeria following the Chocolate Royal fiasco.


  2. Oh wow, that spread looks so good! You've made me hungry now. I love Rhapsody for their pasta. I've never let myself try anything else. But maybe I will now.

    1. LOL, I've made ME hungry. I have to stay away from pasta for now - let's reach our goal weight first.

  3. Looks absolutely delicious and I was considering going there until I saw that bill... you know I'm a single girl in Lagos. I go run down.
    Perhaps someone could take me *evil thoughts*


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