April 6, 2015

Berry Easter Weekend Part 1 - Gidi Culture Festival

Hey hey hey!!!

How are yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? I feel like it's been ages! Has it been ages, or is it the long holiday that has me feeling this way? How's your Easter weekend been, and how's it going? It's still not over for me, but I couldn't wait to start sharing photos from the weekend. This Easter, Cakes and I have stayed in Nigeria, unlike our trip to Benin Republic last year. Lagos is full of activity, and I had to choose only a few things so that I wouldn't get overwhelmed. Our first activity of the Easter weekend - GIDI CULTURE FESTIVAL.

Gidi Culture Festival started last year at Elegushi Beach in Lekki. I can't stand Elegushi Beach, so there was no way I was going there. This year, the event moved to Eko Atlantic, which honestly speaking is simply just Bar Beach  in Victoria Island :p They billed the event to be the biggest beach party in Africa and boasted a large number of performing artists for the day. The flyers and website said the event would run from 12pm to dawn. I figured that by late afternoon, some artists would have started performing, but NOPE! Apparently, there were no artists before 9pm!!! Very disappointing to say the least. To truly get your money's worth, I think that some performances should have started early. Ah well, maybe next year they'll do better. People that went late had a lot of fun though.

 One thing I liked about the event was that cash wasn't allowed to purchase food and drinks. You had to buy vouchers or pay with your debit/credit card. That makes for less theft, right? Although, it would have been nice to know beforehand. I must have read through the GCF website like 20 times and I didn't see it.

Anyways, I wanted to get my thoughts about the event as a whole, out of the way before moving on to photos. I recently ordered a couple of items from the Eve and Tribe sale, which I think is still going on. I wasn't actually sure when I'd wear any of them, but this beach party seemed to be a great one to rock my mini skirt! I love the colors, and paired with a simple black tank top, sandals, and a DIY colorful mani :) I also carried my Mak Nisy bag which Cakes got for my birthday last year from Grey Velvet Store in Lekki. See? I'm buying Nigerian - one of my personal goals for the year.

Okay, I'm done talking. Enjoy the photos!


Dude, wotchu looking at? Actually, I think he was one of the guys offering to be my photo partner :p
 There were a couple of stalls with art by local talent.

Since nothing had started, Cakes and I headed off to have a little fun by the water.

I thought the shells on the seashore looked pretty. Almost like a natural carpet.

Uh oh, it's time to twiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirl! Except that it's not that fun in a mini skirt >:(

Oh yeah, I lent my sailboat to some people...

Y'all already know I like to play in the water, innit?

After goofing around a little bit, we headed back to the event space to see what was happening.

There was a Smirnoff Ice tent with these two biker chicks. But we weren't allowed inside the tent because they were apparently not done setting up. Boooooooooooooooooo!!!

The stage setup looked really nice and it's a shame we weren't able/willing to stay late for the performances.

Oooh, I ran into a couple of readers there, but managed to take only one photo of this beauty with her flower crown. I think I want one too.

I caught the last part of the celebrity volleyball match. I don't know everyone's names, but I recognized OC Ukeje, Oreka Godis, Kemi Adetiba, Osas Ighodaro, Fade Ogunro, Gbenro forgothislastname.

Lol, the Red Team won the final match, but the Green Team complained about something to the referee and there was a rematch...

Which worked in favor of the Green Team. LOL!

The Red Team was not happy! I have a shot of Fade shouting that it's not fair, but Imma keep it to myself.

I also caught OC Ukeje's wife tenderly removing sand from his head... aww, isn't that sweet?!

At this point, I was hungry. Cakes had already abandoned me to find food, so I went looking too.

I had a pretty good cocktail from Nylah's Catering. And yes, I got tipsy. What else is new?

Look who I ran into... Tuke Morgan. She was taking photos for Fayrouz. Yo, where's my picture?!

I settled on Wings and Fries, also from Nylah's Catering.

After eating, it was already past 7 and we'd been there for 3+ hours. We decided to leave and go watch Fast & Furious 7 - which unfortunately was sold out. And so we went home.

 Part 2 of my weekend will be up tomorrow. This time - the Lagos Grill Festival!

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Have a darling week!


  1. Looking at all these pix make me want to do one of the following :
    1.move to lagos
    2. Get married....
    Which should i do first..

    1. Lol! Move to Lagos first. You know you can have fun all by yourself, right?

  2. You sure had a fun time.

  3. Nice - looks like a lot of fun. Aside from the crazy traffic, sometimes I get why people move home.

  4. Wow lots of fun berry. Lmao @ the guy checking you out

    1. Lol. I got stares and comments and i'm like "can't they see Cakes with me?" I didn't have my wedding bands on though

  5. Aww you and Cakes looks fab. Your skirt is pretty. Enjoyment galore.

  6. I looove love love ur outfit. Was at hope all weekend jare except for church. Honestly dint have the energy to go anywhere.

  7. Beautiful and fun pictures. I can't wait to b done with school nd move out of this dry city called Jos, I'm really missing out.

    1. Oooh do they still have strawberry farms there? Went picking on a trip there as a child

  8. Looks like you had a fun filled weekend..........

    Happy Easter

  9. just too cute, your fav shot is absolutely my fav' shot, #AwesomeBerry #fungirl, love your mani.....:) ..... stay beauiful

  10. Hi Berry,
    Love reading your blog. You dont have to post this comment but I just wanted to draw something to your attention. The exposed bra (underwear) thingy. I get that it's your body and your clothes etc. but i don't think its a good look especially on someone as cool as you.
    Take care and stay fab!

    1. Hey, thanks for commenting. It's actually a swimsuit I had underneath. Although truthfully, my bra straps usually have a mind of their own even when i'm wearing sleeved shirts. Ah well. Thanks again :D

  11. Love the skirt and it looked like you really had fun.

    1. Thank you ma'am. Hope the little one is fine :)

  12. The skirt is nice, going to their site now to see what else they have. You guys in Lagos have so much fun all the time.
    Hi all,

    Please check out my blog, Wordsbykoko.blogspot.com

    Thanks :)

    1. I got a jumpsuit from them that I want to wear soon.

  13. Somebody had a fun weekend!!

  14. My sister was actually there till dawn and said it was fun. Anything outdoors isn't really my thing sha but darlin, you sure look like you and Cakes had loads of fun *grin*


  15. LOL@ you lent someone your sail boat. I like your skirt, your shades,


  16. See you chopping that chicken. Hahaha! Your hubby sure loves his food.


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