April 20, 2015

Berry Buj Weekend


Who's excited for Monday morning?!?!?!? Oh, you're not? Oops, sawry. Well, I hope you had a nice weekend. What'd you do? Who'd you see? What'd you eat - in fact, that's the most important thing to me right now because I feel like I didn't get much in my tummy this weekend. Just don't send me pictures of food - I'll manage the descriptions :p

My weekend wasn't bad at all. Friday was a very busy day - work-related, and by the time I went to KL's Naturals to get my hair done, Kemi was swamped with a lot of customers. I wanted to get my hair done, because I was traveling on Saturday for an old friend's wedding. I ultimately decided to leave the salon and made up my mind to use my Nazuri Curls clip ins. On Saturday morning, we caught an early flight to Abuja and headed to our hotel, The Nordic Residence, to rest a little bit and get dressed. I'll review the hotel tomorrow, so look out for it.

I was originally going to wear a jumpsuit to the wedding. And let me tell you, I stressed and re-stressed about it. I couldn't find the perfect accessories to give the outfit the "oomph" I wanted. That and, I started wondering about the struggle to use the restroom if necessary. I eventually changed my mind and wore an old little gold dress from Express. And I think it was the bestest idea EVER! Fashi, even I will tell you that I looked HAWT! If you don't agree, that's your business - ain't nobody taking THIS shine from me today.

I was telling Cakes to try and stand in the middle to take the photos.

I took a lot of photos at the wedding, BUT I don't like to post photos of people if I haven't asked them. So just manage the 2 or 3 I have. The reception was held at Blue Velvet Marquee - it was nicely decorated, the AC's worked well, so thumbs up from me.

Oooh, look who showed up as the surprise guest performer - DR. SID!!! (Erm, I found out my boyfriend, Flavour performed at another wedding the same day in Abuja!!! Why didn't he come to ours?!?!?)

I ran into Sizzelle - she's an online Hair, Beauty, Skin and Fitness retailer and I knew her from the natural community in Nigeria. But guess what?!?!?! She's my friend's sister! My friend who got married. Can you imagine? It's so weird. I knew her brother while growing up, and he and his parents hung out with my family in Boston when I still lived there, and I had absolutely no inkling about his sister! It's the oddest thing. She was even surprised I knew her parents, LOL.

Although the reception started late, when it got into gear, there was a lot of "turning up." And yup, there were some Berry Dance moves :p

After the wedding, we were supposed to go back to our hotel to rest, and head back out to a club to party with the others. Nope, we were all kinds of exhausted! I think I even slept before 10pm. On Sunday, we woke up early-ish, had breakfast and lazed about until our taxi came to take us to the airport. I wish we had more time in Abuja, because it was so calm, peaceful, and quiet! Y'all in Abuja must be very happy people o.

And THAT, my friends, was my weekend in the Buj - is that what they call it?

Wishing you a productive and joyful week! 
*hugs from moi*

P.S. African Naturalistas won the Best Beauty and Hair Blog at the Nigerian Blog Awards, so yaaaaaaaaaay for the Team and our readers!!!


  1. Was nice to meet you too dear!! Enjoyed dancing with u too! Was so much fun!!

  2. I would love to see you on the dance floor, you look like such an entertaining dancer
    I had sushi for the first time in Lagos last week and it was pretty delicious, pictures are on the fayrouz blog if you want to get tempted :) :P
    Small world re Sizzelle and Congrats to you and the rest of the African Naturalistas Team!


    1. LOL, I do like to dance.

      I've had sushi at Fusion and I think it was Izanagi, but I'm not too sure. Will check out your post.

      Thanks on behalf of the AN Team.

  3. AWWW you guys look so cute together and great post.

  4. Abuja is awesome! Whenever I land lagos I start sweating and feel like I'm going to have an anxiety attack from all the people. You should definitely visit abuja again soon.

  5. lolz love your dance step.......... lolz


  6. Can't believe you were in Abuja and I didn't get to see you. Oh well next time hopefully. And yes we Abujarians enjoy our peace n quiet. Lol! Looks like you had an awesome weekend.

    1. Gurl, that peace and quiet is sooooooo alluring. I want to come back for a full weekend. Will try to say beforehand next time.


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