April 30, 2015

Berry Lovely Links

Hello everyone,

Thank God tomorrow's May - birthday month loading!!!

Let's have a look-see at some of the stuff I saw on the interwebs this week, shall we?

If you choose only 1 thing to read/watch, the Disney/R&B video is my TOP recommendation!

  1. I like to give compliments - it makes people feel good, and I feel nice about it too. Here are 20 Unconventional Compliments to Brighten Anyone's Day. Caution though - be sure to use them ONLY if you really feel that way. Empty compliments suck. 
  2. Cost Obsessions Around the World. Guess what Nigerians seemingly most important one is...
  3. This woman's Fiance Left Her Before the Wedding. Her family rallied around her and still flew in to be with her. Some of the photos are heartbreaking, but show the strength of family.
  4. What do you get when you cross Disney classic songs with 90's R&B? This AWESOMENESS!!!
  5. Shoe Styling 101 for women like me with thick and short legs. Hopefully
  6. Wanna look better in photos? Steal these 6 Look-Better Posing Tricks Celebrities Use.


  1. May is mine too, guess we have that in common. Great links, happy new month ahead!

  2. OMG!!! Totally totally love the Disney Songs. Gawjus!!!!!

    And the picture documentary of the lady grieving her broken 'engagement', that is the way to do it ... that has taught me something today. Something major about how to heal. I aim to practice anytime I experience loss in anything.

  3. LOL!!!! The Disney songs though - I may have to repost that. The woman with the broken engagement - just wow. Very strong to turn that around. Better a broken engagement than a broken marriage but still painful I can imagine. The photo of her in the fountain though - I love it.

  4. Areeeeeeeeeeee you Serioussssssssss!!!! The video is crazy!! And they got the costumes. Just a dash of something here and there! Creative!!! And to think I was watching a few clips from beauty and the beast and waited till the song was over!!! Disney songs are just soo cool..I likeee. Have you seen the Lion king's version of Frozen? I think you'll enjoy it too :)



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