April 23, 2015

Berry Lovely Links

Thank goodness it's almost weekend!!! I shall be chilling for the most part, I think.

Actually, I'm torn between 2 conflicting things - a Makeup class and a Women's Finance event. In my mind finances trump looks, but I already paid for the makeup class (already missed the January class, and I don't know when the next one will be). What do you think?

  1. Would you purposely Wear the Same Outfit to Work Everyday?
  2. Some good advice from Vera - Courtship is Actually for Courting.
  3. A lady writes Why My Husband Will Always Come Before My Kids
  4. I feel like I've gotten to a plateau with my weight loss. This article comes in handy - 61 Ways to Lose Weight.
  5. LOL, this one made me laugh because my cousin's friend told us you could do chin exercises years and years ago, and we laughed at her - 5 Moves to Reduce A Double Chin.
  6. We all know about being dumped in relationships. But have you ever been Dumped By Your Friend?


  1. Dats courtship by vera jus hit the nail on the head

    Yep, I thought if I told the truth, my friend would look at me like I was the last banana left on the shelf. The one that no one wants to buy because everyone else has avoided it so you assume there’s something wrong with it. I wanted him to think that someone, somewhere thought I was pretty darn special.. Click I TOLD THE BENDED TRUTH to read more

  2. Lol me too! Had to pick between style me africa:'s shopping party, aseeing a movie at stranger Lagos and the redefining finance. Since I'm a brokeass, I quickly chose the finance one. Please comeee, even though I'm sure I'll be acting like jelly fish when I meet you #Shypeopleproblems


    1. LOL!!! I wonder how we'd look together - you're so tall and I'm so short!!!

      And anyways, I might be shy-er than you at the end of the day.

  3. Great links. I agree with #3 - it's easy to take her article to an extreme sha. But I believe she addressing the tendency to lose oneself in your children and forget about nurturing the marriage. I have heard enough lessons to know it is a serious thing,

    1. I feel like it's easier said than done, but there has to be that distinction that shows the spouse comes first.


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