March 12, 2015

Berry and Cakes Trek to Ibadan - Part 1

Earlier this week, in my usual weekend update, I mentioned that Cakes and I went on a Naija Treks excursion/trip to Ibadan. I didn't share all the photos and give any gist about the trip because there were just too many of them. In fact, I've decided to break the trip down into different posts because I want to share stories as well. So brace yourself now! Take your time and grab a cuppa tea, coffee, or wine and enjoy a few sights from Ibadan.

Before I start, let me introduce Naija Treks. I found them some time in 2013, I think, via the Nigerian Blog Awards (or maybe it was Social Media Week Lagos). Either way, I saw their link and decided to check it out, and the world explorer/Indiana Jones in me leaped for joy! I found that they routinely hold excursions to different parts of the country - mostly near Lagos. The trips range from day trips to weekend jaunts. Since I enjoy travel and think that Nigeria's failing very badly at Tourism, I determined to go on one of their excursions in the future. I wanted to go on their trip to Epe last year, but I was out of the country :(

Anyway, let's get on with the actual Ibadan trip. It was funny that they chose Ibadan, because the week before I got the email notification, I had seen Agodi Gardens on Instagram and asked Cakes if we could drive down to see it. As soon as I got the email, I forwarded it to Cakes and basically said I was going to go and asked if he was interested - he lovingly agreed to. The trip was to cost N7500 per person and this covered the hired bus, and entry into any attractions that had a fee.

BERRY FUN FACT: Agent Smith aka Elrond aka Hugo Weaving was born in Ibadan :)


On the morning of the trip, we were supposed to meet at 6:30am at the rendezvous point, so we could leave at 7am on the dot. Cakes and I got there a few minutes after 7am, but we weren't the last to get there (just one other person was left). There was a little issue with parking, as the place where we thought we could park informed us that their business hours are from 9am, and couldn't let any cars in. Well, let's just say that eventually, 4 cars were allowed in :D We took off at about 7:30am using Epe road - Redeemed Camp and APC Rally traffic were NOT going to happen to us.

Our tour guide, Dolapo introduced herself shortly after we left. We made the rounds, introducing ourselves, and then she asked us if anyone would decline the Amala, Ewedu and Gbegiri in Ibadan... this led to 2 hours of laughing and gisting about weird food likes and dislikes (different post for another day). A point to note is that I assumed the hired driver knew the roads within Ibadan, but we had to rely on Cakes' Google Maps app, and asking a few questions.

Our bus. Not the most comfortable contraption but we made do

Our first stop was Mapo Hall. I had never heard about it before, and honestly still don't know much about it. Dolapo had to haggle with the guys at the gate to let us in and take photos. It would have been nice if the different points were expecting us ahead of time, but the way Nigeria is set up...

Anything I learned about Mapo Hall is stuff I got online. The "staff" who walked with us barely said anything unless asked specific questions. Regardless though, it is a very beautiful structure, built in 1929 and renovated in 2008 if I remember correctly.

Look! A payphone!

First Lady Berry

Cakes for President!

They told us that the hall is used for events nowadays. After taking photos inside, we were led to the roof to take even more photos. We could see a large part of Ibadan from the roof.


There was a wedding happening next door.

I don't think we got enough information about Mapo Hall. Another article I read online mentioned that there is a mini museum inside the hall, and that the photos of all Olubadans are posted - we didn't see any of those. Remind me to do my research and homework BEFORE embarking on future trips. It's also unfortunate that we didn't get to see or take pictures from the front of the building.

Here's a short video collage we took while there :)
*Thanks to the commenter who mentioned editing the original videos. I hope this is better.*

Coming up next time will be Irefin Palace, and maybe Agodi Gardens and our Lunch, so stay tuned.


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  2. So adventurous, Berry! Must be nice to have such a supportive husband who's willing to try these things out with you. I'm surprised to hear you guys were using Cakes' google what if you guys weren't there? lol

  3. Berry! Berry! Berry! I am appalled that you used Ndubisi to show the main concern of Igbo businessmen and their containers. Don't you know that Ndubuisi does not sound right. Emeka or Okechukwu is best: "Emeka, warris this? Where is my mo-ney?" ;)

    Nice photos.

  4. Kudos for being adventurous.
    Imagine!i haven't even been there.
    I didn't know the building was so beautiful.

  5. I think it's amazing that you took this trip and show cased more of our culture. Kinda putting my comments from part 1 n 2 here. It's so sad that much isn't done to preserve our heritage. I barely know much growing up in lagos even when my parents grew up in Epe. Now with kids I want to know more so post like this makes me want to have conversations with my parents n do some Google research too.

  6. The interior of the hall is very grand


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