March 25, 2015

Berry Lovely Links

Hi guys n gals!

Hope your week's going well :D

  1. I know we all itch to travel and discover new places, but here are 10 Ways to Be a Tourist in Your Own City.
  2. Ran into my cousin over the weekend. She just started a column, The Econominx. Here's Ballin on a Budget.
  3. This may be kinda random but some of us have asked What If You Don't Find Your Husband (or Wife) Attractive? I actually think singles should read this too because a very common excuse for not dating someone is usually that you're not physically attracted to them - which is a good reason, yes, but shouldn't necessarily be the end. Generally speaking, I think people become easier on the eyes the more and longer you get to know them. 
  4. Check out this Rice Cooking Trick that Cuts Calories in Half. It's a long process sha. 
  5. Saw this one via Facebook - 27 Tips For Mastering Anything.
  6. We all know I can be random, but the question of The Correct Way to Hang Toilet Roll really used to bug me. 


  1. Heehee, I like her column SV (ECONOMINX)... Catching up to my Top 3 on Style vitae behind (Zina, Ibukun).

  2. I totally loved all of these lovely links, they are all things dear to my heart...including the toilet paper conundrum. Lol.
    May the lovely links live on! :)

    - Su


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