March 30, 2015

Berry Twirly Weekend

Hey baby, hey baby, HEY!

And just like that, the elections are over!!! Oh wait, not quite. We're still not sure as of this moment who won, and there are still State elections coming in 2 weeks. Oh brother, can it all be over already? I'm sick of all the political ads on radio and all over the streets. Anyways, I didn't get to vote - see what had happened was... I never registered. Shame on me! Cakes voted though and I say "BRAVO, BRAVA" to everyone else who did. May there be no rigging and may there be peace throughout the land.

On that note, movement was largely restricted this weekend, so I didn't get up to much. I actually was sick of staying home and couldn't wait to leave the apartment on Sunday. Cakes and I went to The Waterbrook Church yesterday - the sermon was very much needed. I feel like it's been a long time since I got to sit and learn/receive. The main point of the sermon was basically coming [back] to God, instead of worrying about one thing or another. Pastor Mobo said, "WHY WORRY WHEN YOU CAN PRAY?" (Isaiah 41:10; Philippians 4:6-7)

After church, we went to deliver some cakes and dropped off one of the Nuella Michaels Giveaway items, since it was closeby. Then we headed to Johnny Rockets for lunch - review coming tomorrow. For me though, the highlight of my weekend was finally getting to wear my Toju Foyeh dress. I bought it during her store opening, but I was 10 pounds heavier then and the dress just didn't fit - it was a little tight, but I really liked it anyways. It fits a lot better now, so yay me! It's so pretty and girly and I wanted to twirl all over the place - I did twirl, but you have to check out my Instagram account (I had a little Marilyn Monroe moment!)

By the way, Toju's currently having a HUGE SALE at her store up until the rest of the month. So you have until tomorrow to get some nice pieces. Her store is located in the Sleek Square Mall, opposite Silverbird Galleria on Ahmadu Bello Way in Victoria Island.


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P.S. Pardon the look of some of the photos - I usually don't edit my photographs but decided to try using Lightroom for this post. I have a lot to learn, but I'm continually trying to improve my blog for your reading and viewing pleasure. Bear with me during the growing pains enh :D

So that was my largely quiet weekend. There's a lot happening next weekend in Lagos (Easter holiday) but Cakes doesn't seem interested in doing anything at all - boooooooooooo!!! Ah well. Have a loverly week my dahlings!

*air kisses*


  1. Great look, have a nice week ahead!

  2. A really gorgeous dress. Love the poses. need to learn a few of them form you. Hola!


  3. one word- I LOVE LOVE LOVE THAT BAG

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  4. cute dress hahaha the video was too funny.....

  5. Your dress looks really lovely Berry and I love how it swirls. I didnt vote too o cos I didnt get to register either *covers face*. But I will definitely participate in the next elections by God's grace.

  6. The dress looks beautiful on you. I like how your boobs look in the dress.

  7. Berry, you should dress like this everyday!!! This is one of the best i have ever seen you look. The fitted upper part balances out your bossom, and also showcases your toned bod, and the bottom half is a perfect length, just enough to accentuate your nice legs. You should definitely invest in more dresses like this. You can even switch things up by wearing a similar fitted top and an A-line midi skirt, both in plain colours, no print, except maybe the skirt.
    Lol... sorry for the epistle. Im just excited about this look on you :-)

    1. Hahahaha, I can feel the excitement. I quite agree that the silhouette looks nice for my body.

      But I like pencil skirts too... :( And prints sometimes...

  8. I love your dress.
    Great look !!

  9. Yay to losing weight! You look great.

  10. Hilarious!! I was actually praying the twirling should not land you on the ground or with your hem above your head. Phewwww!! Thank God for lightroom. Disaster averted!! You look nice as always Berry.

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