December 1, 2014

Berry Thankful Weekend

Hi guys!

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Okay, I wasn't going to put up a post until I got back to Lagos, but I've been admonished twice in a row (you know who you are). Sooooo, I'm currently away with my family in my other home (Atlanta). I'm having the most marvelous time with my siblings, mum, church family and most especially the cutest nephew of all time!!! I've been here for over a week and I'm wondering how to teleport Cakes over here, so we don't have to deal with Lagos traffic and Nigeria wahala.

Anyways, the highlights of the past week/weekend were Thanksgiving and a family outing yesterday to Atlantic Station (one of my favorite places in Atlanta - I wish I lived there actually). I'll put up pictures from the outing another time :)
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I wish I could say that I cooked anything on this table. 


Sweet potato casserole with marshmallows

God's gift to the world

Mac and cheese

Okay, I contributed to this one. I made the seasoning rub :D

Chicken pot pie

Honey Ham

Shrimp coconut rice

Shrimp salad

I always bring 2 or more cakes from Cakes whenever I come home

Me and my mum!!!

The only picture of myself. I'm slacking these days o.
Let me share some things I'm thankful for :)

  1. Family - My old family, my new family, my future family - you are God's other ultimate gift to me.
  2. Friends - I may not have as many close friends as I used to, but I thank God for those I have now, and those I had in the past, as well as new ones I'm making.
  3. God's love, mercy, kindness, FORGIVENESS, plan, purpose, will, etc
  4. Plantain - I mean, come on! How can anyone not be thankful for plantain?!?!?
  5. You - my blog readers, are wonderful! Thanks for the love and support and honest, constructive criticism. I hope for a bigger and better 2015 for the blog.
  6. My camera - yup, I love it
  7. Blogging - it's opened me to a whole new world, new friends, and lots of opportunities. 
  8. Hair - this actually occurred to me yesterday. A lot of cancer patients lose their hair, so if you have any hair on your head, be thankful.
  9. An income - A lot of people are unemployed. If you have a job, that's more than a lot of people can say. 
  10. Too many to mention!!! Maybe I should have a recurring Thankful series next year.
Alrighty, I have to go and eat some leftovers. Have a berry happy week. Love ya!


  1. Finally got u to do a weekend post. I want some mac and cheese! Nothing beats family. The lagos heat wave this past week is something else berry! Lucky u not to experience it. Am trotting about in my birthday suit......

    1. LOL, you sure did. Chai, the heat. I'm afraid of that heat :(

  2. Fooooooooooooooood!!!!!!

  3. That table looks like a Martha Stewart spread:) Welcome home!! Next time you go to Atl, make sure I am back :)

  4. Pls can I get the chicken.pot pie recipe,I have been wanting to try ot

    1. Well, we bought it, but I can get a good and easy recipe for you.

  5. Pls I need the recipe for the shrimp salad, looks tastt

    1. All you need is your leaves - I like lettuce, cabbage, spinach; shrimps and dressing. You can mix mayo with black pepper and add anything else you like (I would prefer olive oil or avocado spread with onions). And voila!


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